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DYM Chapter 637

“Yes, is Luo Ying okay, is she there?” Su Jingwen took the initiative to ask, so Ye Mo had to ask on her words.

Su Jingwen suddenly let out a laugh and said, “You don’t need to worry, she is fine. Be honest, did you not talk to Luo Ying about the matter with Light Snow? Ye Mo, I really admire you, how come you can find such beautiful girls like Luo Ying and Qing Xue, it’s hard to meet one of these girls, yet you found two, you are really ……”

Ye Mo coughed dryly a few times, if he didn’t have news of Luo Ying yet, he would have pretended he couldn’t hear the sound and hung up the phone. Now that Su Jingwen asked this, he had to say awkwardly, “Actually, you’re pretty too, don’t always talk about them.”

“……” Su Jingwen was surprisingly silent for a while after hearing Ye Mo’s words before she suddenly asked, “Ye Mo, do you mean that I’m the same as them?”

“Ah ……” Ye Mo’s current emotional intelligence was not low, he immediately heard out what Su Jingwen meant.

Ye Mo was not sure how to go about explaining when Su Jingwen suddenly said once again, “Luo Ying is a little uneasy about you, so she went to Jincheng to look for you, Bei Wei’s mobile phone is now on her, it is estimated that in half an hour, she will come out at Jincheng airport.”

“Really, good, I’ll go pick her up right away.” Ye Mo didn’t expect Luo Ying to come to Jincheng, he was lucky to have made a phone call, otherwise, he would have headed to Ninghai, just in time to come on the wrong side of Luo Ying.

Seemingly feeling that he was overacting a bit, Ye Mo hastily added, “That Jing Wen are you guys okay in Ninghai, I’m going back this time, do you want to go to Luo Yue with me?”

“It’s not like I’m any of your people. What’s the point of going to Luo Yue?” Su Jingwen’s tone was a bit impulsive.

“That ……” Ye Mo was tempted to hang up the phone and go see Luo Ying, but he was afraid that Su Jingwen would think he was overdoing it.

Suddenly Su Jingwen let out a laugh, “You should go see your wife quickly, she is so beautiful, there must be many wolf eyes staring at her. However, Ye Mo, you have already been bigamous ……”

Ye Mo was finally relieved when he heard Su Jingwen’s tone lighten up. He immediately let out a laugh, “Luckily I’m in Luo Yue ah, now Luo Yue hasn’t enacted the marriage law yet, there shouldn’t be a problem with marrying two wives. At most, I’ll just rush to get married before the marriage law is enacted in Luo Yue, hehehe ……”

“What about three?” The caller suddenly asked.

“……” Ye Mo was stunned with the phone, what did it mean? But the other end of the phone had already been hung up.

Ye Mo shook his head. Putting these things aside, he had a good feeling for Su Jingwen, but it didn’t mean he had to marry her. With Luo Ying and Qing Xue, he was already very satisfied. If Ning Qingxue did not appear, he would even only marry Luo Ying alone. Or if Luo Ying appeared before Ning Qingxue, perhaps the ending would be another one.

When Ning Qingxue appeared, and even went to the Divine Dragon Shelf to look for Ye Mo, Ye Mo did not know that Luo Ying was also here. In this aura-poor place, perhaps it would have been such an uneventful life, and accepting Ning Qingxue, who had come looking for him despite her life, would have been water under the bridge.

But that was because Ye Mo didn’t know that Luo Ying was here yet. If he had known that Luo Ying was here, would he still have gone to accept Ning Qingxue? There are times when that is fate, and those who are meant to be are always meant to be, and those who are not meant to be cannot be forced.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Although his face was just a flash, it was undoubtedly Ye Mo. However, that figure quickly entered the security check and then pa*sed through the boarding lane again without hesitation, and the one he entered was surprisingly the flight lane to Yanjing.

“Ye Mo ……” Luo Ying immediately called out.

The figure seemed to hesitate for a moment, and even looked around, but finally walked in quickly.

Luo Ying called out a few more times in succession. The person in front no longer seemed to hear her, so she immediately chased after him without hesitation, but was stopped by two staff members, as Luo Ying’s message was for Jincheng.

“Excuse me, I met an acquaintance, I need to go in and say hello to him.” Luo Ying felt that although that person’s face looked like Ye Mo, it was always a bit strange because she didn’t have that feeling of cordiality. But having seen it already, she had to go and confirm if that person was Ye Mo, she didn’t believe there were people who looked so much alike in this world.

“I’m sorry, this pa*senger. The pa*sage you are going to is on the other side, this pa*sage is for Yanjing, we cannot let you pa*s,” the staff member stopped her even though she was amazed at Luo Ying’s beauty.

Luo Ying hurriedly said, “I’m just going to ask a question, it’s only two minutes at most.”

The staff still shook their heads and did not allow Luo Ying to pa*s. In the end, it was really because Luo Ying was too good, which made her say helplessly, “You can only pa*s through here if you have purchased a ticket to Yanjing. The flight to Yanjing will be leaving in twenty minutes ……”

What this staff member meant beyond words was that there were only twenty minutes left, you just couldn’t buy a ticket even if you were to go and purchase one.

Luo Ying, however, did not think about so much, she only wanted to go and see if that person was Ye Mo or not, if not, she would re-purchase the next flight to Jincheng.

So she immediately rushed out and went to the ticket window to buy a ticket to Yanjing.

“Sorry, today’s ticket to Yanjing is already sold out, and the plane will be leaving soon, the next flight will take tomorrow at noon.” The staff at the ticket window said very clearly.

Luo Ying turned around disappointedly, if Ye Mo had really gone to Yanjing, what was she doing going to Jincheng alone?

Just at this time, a middle-aged woman hurriedly came to the window with a plane ticket and said, “I’m sorry ah, I can’t make it to Yanjing today, I want to return this ticket ……”

“Ah, that’s just right, someone just now, that’s right, she’s the one who wants the ticket for Yanjing, you can just give her the ticket ……” The staff immediately called Luo Ying back and handled the transfer procedure for the two of them.

A few minutes later, Luo Ying had gotten her ticket to Yanjing. She couldn’t imagine that her luck was so good that someone came to return the tickets.

The first thing Luo Ying did was to come on top of the plane and look for the man who looked just like Ye Mo, if it wasn’t Ye Mo, she would get off the plane immediately.

After Luo Ying got on the plane, the plane was still a few minutes away, but as soon as Luo Ying came up, she saw the man she was looking for heading to the bathroom.

After all the hustle and bustle just now, Luo Ying had calmed down. She sensed that something was wrong and it was not the first time Luo Ying had travelled on a plane. It was reasonable to say that when the plane was about to take off, it was not allowed to enter the bathroom. Another thing was that the ticket purchase just now seemed to be a bit too coincidental, one happened to need a ticket to Yanjing and someone came to return it?

The main thing was that since Ye Mo had come to Ninghai, the first thing he must have done was to contact himself, even if he had something to do and couldn’t come to see her, he wouldn’t have not even made a phone call.

These were all problems, Luo Ying thought of this and immediately had to get off the plane. She lacked the experience of living in the world, but that didn’t mean she was stupid. On the contrary, she was very smart, and she was only like this just now because she missed Ye Mo too much. In other words, if it was someone else, she would have definitely thought of this a long time ago.

“Hello, please fasten your seat belt and sit down on top of your seat, the plane will be taking off soon.” A stewardess politely came in front of Luo Ying and asked her to sit down.

Luo Ying was just about to speak, but she felt some vibrations, she knew it was useless to say anything else, the plane had already moved.

At this moment, Luo Ying was equally sure that all these coincidences combined together, that is, she had been tricked, that person just now was definitely not Ye Mo. She should have thought long ago that the familiar and intimate feeling that Ye Mo gave her was not something that a similar face could bring.

But why would these people lie to her? What did she have to be deceived about?

Apart from because of her beauty, it was because of Ye Mo. Luo Ying knew that the vast majority of the reason she was tricked into coming up was probably because of Ye Mo. Otherwise they wouldn’t have sent someone to impersonate Ye Mo and then deliberately attract her attention.

Thinking about this Luo Ying instead completely calmed down, the reason why these people did this was of course to catch her to threaten Ye Mo, or to exchange something from Ye Mo, she absolutely could not let these people get their way.

It suddenly occurred to Luo Ying that if these people were targeting her, did that mean that Bei Wei was also being targeted? When she thought of this Luo Ying was suddenly shocked. She herself didn’t mind because she still had a powerful pistol given to her by Ye Mo, but what about Bei Wei?

At the thought of Bei Wei being in danger, Luo Ying no longer cared about the fact that she was still on the plane and had to make a call to Bei Wei. But when she opened her phone, she found that there was no signal and the plane was already high in the sky.


Ninghai, the small courtyard where Ye Mo used to be.

Su Jingwen had her head down and kept fiddling with some flowers and plants around the flower bed, but Tang Beiwei could still tell that she was feeling a bit hard inside, only that Tang Beiwei didn’t know what words she should use to comfort her.

“By the way, Beiwei, you said that your brother and Luo Ying hadn’t even spent as much time together as he did with me, am I too stupid or am I too ugly?” Su Jingwen suddenly raised her head and looked at Tang Beiwei and asked.

She knew that Ye Mo liked Ning Qingxue because Qingxue had once risked her life to save him, but from what she knew about Ye Mo, Luo Ying hadn’t even spent as much time with Ye Mo as she had with her. Moreover, she knew Ye Mo before Luo Ying, or rather she knew Ye Mo not only before Luo Ying but also before Light Snow, so why was Ye Mo getting married and yet there was nothing about himself?

Was it because she was not good at expressing herself? But could that kind of thing be said? The matter between Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo was something she had heard Li Mumei talk about, and it could even be said that she was the only one who still insisted on believing in him when they all doubted Ye Mo. Although she had wavered for that little bit of time under Su Mei’s words, she immediately chose to continue believing in Ye Mo.

Perhaps it was really because she was not good at expressing herself. When she was sure that she liked Ye Mo, Light Snow had even been able to give her the bracelet instead of Ye Mo. But if there was another time, she would rather have the three ugly jade beads than the bracelet that Ye Mo gave her later.

Tang Beiwei froze and looked at Su Jingwen, she knew that Su Jingwen had some bad feelings in her heart, but what should she say?