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DYM Chapter 686

After sensing the Yin Cold Qi, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out. What caught his eyes even surprised Ye Mo a little, if it was a Yin spirit, it would be fine, it was not the first time Ye Mo had met a Yin spirit. What Ye Mo saw were actually two paper figures, and these two paper figures actually crossed the fence like a gust of wind, and then slowly floated towards his house.

Of course Ye Mo knew that it was impossible for the paper figures to walk on their own. His divine sense immediately knew that the paper figures were not walking on their own, but were controlled by two Yin souls. And these two Yin souls were controlled by someone.

Moreover, the reason why these two paper people could attach to the Yin souls, some of the production inside seemed to carry a kind of formation. But this kind of low-level formation method, Ye Mo had not really come into contact with it.

Ye Mo immediately remembered the woman in red who was in the 12th floor of that haunted house of the King of West Tang in Chapter 686 when he was in Chun’an. She was an ancient martial cultivator who raised Yin souls, and he didn’t expect to find people who raised Yin souls again after the September View was destroyed by him.

Because he had come into contact with this kind of thing several times, Ye Mo knew a little about raising Yin souls, and the ‘Yin Destruction Pearl’ he had with him was the best thing to warm up Yin souls. However, Ye Mo also knew that it was impossible for everyone to have something like the ‘Yin Destruction Pearl’.

There was only one way to nourish a Yin Soul without the ‘Yin Fury Pearl’, and that was to extract the soul that had not dissipated from a person who had just died. If it is used to harm people, the greater the grievance of such a soul, the better. This shows that this person who raises Yin souls must also be a ruthless guy, and he must have a lot of blood on his hands.

During the daytime, Ye Mo and An Zhiqi were together, and Dongfang Wang also knew about this matter. In addition, An Zhiqi said that she was going to sleep with him tonight. That Dongfang Wang must have wanted to kill him in his anger. From this, it could be seen that these two ghostly paper figures were made by Dongfang Wang.

Ye Mo didn’t expect Dongfang Wang to know this, so he really didn’t know what kind of divinity he was. Ye Mo did not wait for the two paper figures to come to the window, he took the initiative to get out of the window and stood inside the courtyard.

The two paper figures even froze for a moment when they saw that Ye Mo had actually come out of Chapter 686 – The King of Western Tang. It seemed that they did not expect that there were still people who were not afraid in the face of the paper people’s intimidation, and even came out on their own initiative. But they quickly lunged towards Ye Mo with terrifying faces.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, a mere two tiny Yin souls wanted to make a move on him. That was too much to look down on him, Ye Mo. He stood still, the faint moonlight shining on the two paper figures, if any, looked miserable and frightening.

The two paper figures soon floated in front of Ye Mo, and the gloomy and cold aura became more and more intense. If it was an ordinary person, this kind of insidious coldness would have been too much to resist. Under normal circumstances, if one was suddenly attacked by such paper figures, one would definitely be scared. Once scared, this kind of Yin spirit would easily invade the victim.

But Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, he raised his hand and sent a fireball, one of the paper people did not even last for a few seconds under the fireball. It went up in smoke.

A shrill scream came from the other paper man who seemed to have sensed Ye Mo’s power and actually dared not continue to charge at him, instead he turned around and left.

Ye Mo did not stop the second paper man, he just immediately followed this paper man out of the An family’s compound. If this paper man was put out by Dongfang Wang. He only had to follow this paper man to find Dongfang Wang.

An Zhiqi was already unable to sleep because she was worried, and after hearing the scream, she immediately opened the window to look at the courtyard, only to find that there was nothing inside the courtyard. It was just a moment. She then saw Grandpa coming out. Since grandpa was standing at the entrance of the courtyard, she immediately ran out as well.

“Grandpa, what was that thing screaming just now that sounded so gloomy and scary?” An Zhiqi came out and immediately asked, because she had seen her grandfather, so her heart was not as scared as it was just now.

An Zaishan looked at the courtyard wall, then said, “Go back inside first, you go check on Mr. Ye, see if he is alright.”

An Zaishan did not have to sit for long before An Zhiqi hurried over and said, “Grandpa, Brother Ye is not in his room, I knocked on the door for half a day but he did not open it. I pushed the door in and his room door was open, but his person was not there.”

There was a moment of silence before An Zaishan nodded and said, “I have asked Ning Ning, he is not a simple person, even among the upper echelons of Yiyanjing, he has great influence. Tell me how you met him?”

When An Zhiqi finished speaking about the process of meeting Ye Mo in Antarctica, An Zaishan became more and more sure that this Ye Mo was not simple.

“Qiqi, you go to sleep first, someone like Mr. Ye will definitely not be in trouble.” After An Zaishan let his granddaughter go to sleep, he himself could no longer fall asleep.


The speed of the paper man was like nothingness in the moonlight, floating very fast, like a gust of wind.

And behind his invisibility, Ye Mo was like a leaf, following this paper man unhurriedly. The paper man did not go far, but floated about three to four kilometres before flying into a hotel room, and Ye Mo followed him into the room at the same time.

Inside the room was only an old man in his sixties, looking thin and bony, and his face was covered in black Qi. As soon as Ye Mo took a look at the old man, he knew that he was just a very ordinary person who had not even practiced ancient martial arts. However, his body revealed a cold and gloomy death aura, and it looked like the two paper figures with Yin souls attached to them were his. The cold and gloomy death aura on his body was also caused by his long-term dealings with such Yin souls.

When this old man with a black face saw that only one paper figure had floated in, he immediately slapped the cupboard in front of his bed and shouted angrily, “Who is it, who dares to kill my yin pets so boldly? If I don’t make you into a new yin pet, I swear I won’t be a man.”

It turned out to be this old fellow’s stuff, Ye Mo’s figure suddenly appeared inside the room, then said in a cold voice, “It was me who burned your paper man, what do you think? I burned this paper man along with it, so what about you?”

After saying that, Ye Mo didn’t hesitate to burn the paper figure that had floated into the room with a ball of flame, and a scream was once again emitted from inside the room.

Ye Mo suddenly appeared and with another blaze burned his paper man. It made this old man retreat several steps back and even forgot to blame himself for the paper man, instead he stared at Ye Mo with a shocked expression, “You, you can be invisible? And you can send out fireballs, you? You ……”

Ye Mo ignored the old man and instead asked directly, “You were sent by Dongfang Wang, right, tell me, where is Dongfang Wang?”

“You don’t think so ……” The old man’s reaction was considered quick, he had already awakened from the shock and disbelief he had just felt. He already knew that he had no half chance of winning against this man.

His greatest weapon was to use his Yin soul to kill people, and the Yin soul was not even a wisp of smoke in front of this man, so how else could he fight others?

But asking him to betray Dongfang Wang was out of the question. This old man did not even need Ye Mo to ask him again, he immediately wanted to kill himself.

Ye Mo noticed that there was something wrong with the old man’s eyes, and he immediately pointed a finger of wind at the old man’s brow. The old man’s eyes instantly became confused. Only then did Ye Mo send a sigh of relief, he almost made him commit suicide, this old thing was still really wary. I wonder what this Dongfang Wang was capable of, that he could control a person to help him sell his life and wouldn’t reveal his whereabouts.

“What’s your name? Where are you from?” Seeing that this old man’s mind was already confused, Ye Mo immediately started interrogating him.

“Dongfang Chong, from West Tang …..”

West Tang again, Ye Mo’s heart was even more interested in this West Tang to know exactly where it was.

“Where is West Tang? And who is Dongfang Wang to you?” Ye Mo then asked.

“Xi Tang is in Xi Tang, and Dong Fang Wang is the young master.”

“I asked you what location West Tang is near and what kind of young master is Dongfang Wang?”

“West Tang is in the southwest, and Dongfang Wang is the 19th generation of West Tang’s West Tang King ……” After this old man said this sentence, a trace of struggle actually flashed in his eyes. It was just that Ye Mo was thinking about where exactly the southwest was and surprisingly did not pay attention.

“Tell me where Dongfang Wang is now?” Ye Mo asked again.

The old man suddenly showed a trace of black blood at the corner of his mouth, and he surprisingly committed suicide after Ye Mo asked this question. And as Ye Mo looked at the black smoke and fishy smell coming out of this old man’s chest, he knew that this old man had not committed suicide by poison, but by a secret method.

The unpleasant smell made Ye Mo a little nauseous, and he didn’t wait for the old man to die completely, he directly pa*sed a fireball, and the old man quickly turned into nothingness inside the fireball.

Although he didn’t ask about Dongfang Wang’s location, Ye Mo learned about Dongfang Wang being the King of West Tang, and another thing was that West Tang was in the southwest of China.

What amazed Ye Mo was that this old man didn’t know how to be awake, right? This old man’s spiritual power must have been extremely powerful, because Ye Mo knew that when he cast the God Control Technique, there was no way for an ordinary Yellow Grade martial artist to struggle to wake up. And this old man who was raising a Yin soul in front of him actually woke up early, so it was evident that any technique, whether it was malevolent or not, had a uniqueness.

There was only a wooden box inside the room, and the wooden box looked very old. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the wooden box, which was full of some talismans and low-level magic tools, and even a few skeletons. Apart from that, there was a book, which Ye Mo knew at a glance was something for raising Yin souls.

Ye Mo did not have the slightest interest in these things, he raised his hand and sent a fireball, burning up all the contents of the wooden box.

After Ye Mo returned to the An family compound, but he knew that someone had come to his room. With some fragrance left inside the room, Ye Mo estimated that it should be An Zhiqi who had come. It was probably An Zhiqi who heard the screams and then came to see him.

When he got up the next morning, Ye Mo was still thinking about what he should say if the An family asked, but he didn’t expect that neither An Zaishan nor An Zhiqi asked about what happened last night. Although Ye Mo was also surprised, he certainly wouldn’t take the initiative to talk about it if others didn’t ask.

The Dongfang Chong of Yanjing had already been killed by himself, and Ye Mo reckoned that Dongfang Wang should not dare to do anything to the An family anymore. So he left the An family early the next morning and eagerly returned to Luo Yue.