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DYM Chapter 685

What left Ye Mo speechless was that An Zhiqi’s suspicion that Teacher Guan was killed by Dongfang Wang was not wrong, but her guess of Dongfang Wang’s motive for the murder was all wrong.

Ye Mo reached out and extinguished the camera, then waved to An Zhiqi and said, “Let’s go.”

A roar from Dongfang Wang suddenly came from inside the room’s speakers, “Surnamed Ye, if you dare to touch a single hair on Zhiqi’s head, I will cut you into pieces and I will kill every dog and dog in your place.”

Ye Mo stopped in his tracks and snorted coldly, “Dongfang Wang, if I hadn’t planned to kill you, now you’re already dead for sure. No one can threaten me, nor can anyone from your Dongfang family. If I can kill Dongfang Qiu, I can kill you Dongfang Wang, no matter where you hide.”

That voice was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “As long as you don’t move Zhiqi, I swear I won’t go against you. Dongfang Tang did what he did, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Haha ……” Ye Mo laughed, “It’s not your turn to bullsh*t about which girl I’m going to move, you think too highly of yourself. Even if you are good at the internet, one day, I will be able to catch you out and drop you to death at will.”

On the other side, An Zhiqi was shaking with anger, and she suddenly said angrily, “Dongfang Wang, what kind of person am I to you, you are really shameless. I’ll sleep with Brother Ye tonight, so what if you do? You scum, scum, beast.”

“Ah ……” There was another loud noise, Ye Mo sneered, no longer bothering to pay attention to this Dongfang Wang, and walked out of this house.

“I’m sorry, big brother Ye ……,” An Zhiqi was in a very bad mood, she didn’t expect this to actually happen. Surprisingly, someone had treated her as a forbidden woman without her consent, or the kind that was intended for masturbation.

Ye Mo waved his hand, and was speechless at this Dongfang Wang. But it also showed that An Zhiqi was really high in his heart.

“I didn’t go through your consent just now. That’s because this man is really disgusting, and now I’m scared even thinking about it. Killing people at the drop of a hat, and killing innocent people at that. In his eyes, other people’s lives are not worth a penny.” An Zhiqi was in a terrible mood.

She thought of the two consecutive student suicides at Yan University over the past two years. It seemed that the people who committed suicide were all known to her. Now it seemed. It was likely that this matter had something to do with that Dongfang Wang again. Fortunately, Chen Guang already had a girlfriend and was together every day. Otherwise, maybe even Chen Guang would have been killed. This Dongfang Wang was a bit too perverted.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “It doesn’t matter, I didn’t suffer any losses anyway.” An Zhiqi’s young girl’s lips were soft and still carried some fragrance, so of course Ye Mo would not suffer a loss. As for saying that he would sleep with her at night, Ye Mo would not take it seriously even if he had heard of it.

An Zhiqi said with a slightly red face, “I don’t dare to stay in Yanjing, I have to leave here tomorrow with my grandfather. Originally, I talked to my sister. I’ll go back to her place next month, but with this kind of thing happening, I need to leave as soon as possible. Brother Ye, you should also be careful of this Dongfang Wang.”

“What’s your sister’s name?” Ye Mo suddenly felt that the departure An Zhiqi was talking about was to Luo Yue.

An Zhiqi smiled and said, “My sister’s name is An Ning, she is now in Luo Yue.”

So it was someone he knew, and Ye Mo thought about how the fish eye of the Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram that he had gotten back then was still exchanged from An Ning’s hand. According to An Ning, this fish eye was given to her by her grandfather. If An Ning was according to Zhiqi’s sister, then her grandfather would also be An Ning’s grandfather. Now that they had met. Ye Mo would love to pay this old man a visit.

Originally, the reason why Ye Mo did not mention this matter in front of An Ning was because this woman, An Ning, gave him a very annoying feeling.

Although An Ning was a bit prettier than her sister, but in Ye Mo’s eyes An Zhiqi was a lot nicer to talk to than An Ning. Thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly said with a faint smile, “Can I go to your house and sit down?”

“Ah ……” Hearing Ye Mo’s words, An Zhiqi’s face turned a little red, and only after a while did she stutter, “Brother Ye, I’m sorry for what happened just now, don’t misunderstand. I totally wanted to disgust that Dongfang Wang. Only then, only then ……”

Of course Ye Mo knew what An Zhiqi meant, he waved his hand and said, “Student An Zhiqi, I think you misunderstood, your grandfather seems to be known to me, I just went to visit your grandfather. Besides, I’m already married. Not as much as you think.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, although An Zhiqi was still a bit frightened in her heart, she was finally a bit quieter. Besides, she was also a bit worried about that Dongfang Wang, and it was safer for Ye Mo to go to the house with her.


The two daughters stayed in Yanjing because their parents had been doing business in Korea.

Seeing his granddaughter bring Ye Mo back, An Zaishan was surprised. Although An Zhiqi had many friends, she had never brought her boyfriend back.

“Senior An, I’m sorry to disturb you.” Ye Mo’s address made An Zaishan more and more strange, while An Zhiqi, who was making tea on the side, almost laughed out loud, but when she thought of that murderous Dongfang Wang, even if it was funny, she couldn’t laugh out loud.

The reason why Ye Mo came to find An Zaishan was because this time he had grabbed a wooden box from the top of the fishing boat, and inside the box were two pieces of the same Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram. Although he had not yet taken it out and put it together, he knew that this Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram was now just missing the last two small pieces.

Without waiting for An Zaishan to ask, Ye Mo took the initiative to take out the piece of Yin Yang Fish’s eye that he had obtained from An Ning and said, “Senior An, I came for this this time.”

“A fish eye? So you were the one who traded with my granddaughter in the first place?” An Zaishen asked in astonishment as he grabbed the fish eye that Ye Mo had placed on top of the table.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, senior An, I have a Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram, and now I have raised all five pieces, but it looks like there are still two fish tails missing. So I came today to ask senior where you got this Yin-Yang fish eye from?”

“Ah, Brother Ye, you know my sister?” An Zhiqi only understood at this time, although originally Ye Mo had explained that he was married and had no thoughts about her, she still didn’t quite believe it.

Because what did Ye Mo want to come to her house for no reason? However, she was a bit scared in her heart, so after Ye Mo made this suggestion, she did not object and agreed to Ye Mo’s request. At this time, she certainly understood why Ye Mo wanted to come, it turned out to be for his own business.

Ye Mo not only took out the original two pieces of the Yin Yang Fish Eight Trigrams Figure, but also the two pieces that he had just obtained on the fishing boat.

The four Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram fragments plus the fish eyes were really just missing two small pieces of the tail.

An Zaishen picked up these pieces of the Yin Yang Fish Eight Trigrams Figure and looked at them very carefully for a long time before putting them down and said with a sigh, “So that’s what happened, I didn’t expect that one day there would really be someone who had put together so many, hey ……”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched, although he had put together so many, he had no idea what this Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram was, while An Zai Shan meant to say that he knew what it was.

Ye Mo hastily stood up and cupped his fist and said, “Senior An, please also tell senior what this Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram is?”

An Zaishan gestured for Ye Mo to sit down before saying, “Decades ago, this fish eye was also given to me by an old friend of mine, his name was Zhang Zhihui. Originally he was a member of the Zhang family, but only later left the Zhang family in search of the Dao, and I haven’t seen him for decades.”

Ye Mo was stunned, not expecting this fish eye to come from Zhang Zhihui. While Zhang Zhihui Ye Mo was aware of it, he died in Qing Cliff Mountain for his errand. Because he did not know who his enemy was, his revenge had not been avenged for him by himself until now.

An Zaishen, however, did not notice Ye Mo’s expression as he said to himself, “More than fifty years ago, when we were both still in the army, that time when Old Zhang returned from a mission, he gave me this, along with a piece of fine jade. It was also after that mission that he seemed to have gotten something and subsequently left the army as well. Hey, you wait a little ……”

An Zaishan quickly entered the study and took out the piece of jade and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept onto the jade and immediately saw a few small words ‘Trigram into seven pieces, Fish leap to the Dragon Gate’.

When An Zaishan saw Ye Mo holding the jade and not saying anything, he took the initiative to say: “There are eight small words on this jade ‘The trigrams become seven pieces, the fish leap to the dragon gate’. Originally, I didn’t understand what it meant, but when I saw you bring these five pieces over today, I knew. It turns out that there are seven pieces to this Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram, and the fish eyes are just one of them. So, you are indeed only missing two pieces.”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Ye Mo to answer and took the initiative to say, “There is no use for me to keep this jade, so I will give it to you.”

Ye Mo was trying to figure out how to ask, but he did not expect An Zaishan to take the initiative to say this, he immediately stood up and cupped his fist and said, “In that case, thank you senior An, the junior still has one more question to ask senior, that is, where did senior Zhang meet this in the first place, does senior An know?”

An Zaishen shook his head, “I don’t know, at first Zhihui was on a secret mission, it was not public. I haven’t met him after that either, and I didn’t think to ask this question.”

Seeing that nothing more could be asked, Ye Mo took out two refined bracelets and gave them to An Zaishan and said, “These are two magic artifact bracelets, they can be carried on the body to ward off evil and cultivate the mind at the same time. Having received the benefits from senior, I have nothing to give to each other, so I can only give this.”

An Zaishen, however, was very satisfied with what Ye Mo had given him and made a point of standing up to thank him. An Zhiqi was also very fond of the bracelet, although she didn’t care about what Ye Mo said about warding off evil spirits, the bracelet was indeed really beautiful, and she also knew that Ye Mo didn’t seem to be an ordinary person.

Although Ye Mo wanted to leave Yanjing and return to Luo Yue immediately, but one was afraid that Dong Fang Wang would come over, and the second An Zai Shan was too generous to refuse, so he stayed at An’s house that night.

Although he stayed at the An family, Ye Mo studied several pieces of the Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram until midnight, and just as he wanted to sleep, he felt an aura of yin and cold.