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DYM Chapter 689

The good thing is that although she couldn’t inquire anything important, she did know that Ye Mo was from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and was still a very important person in ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.

Song Yingzhu was aware that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was in Flowing Snake, what she didn’t know was that her information had long expired. The news that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had moved to Luo Yue was something she had never heard of.

So the first place she went to was Flowing Serpent, and it was good to know that Flowing Serpent was now very different from what it used to be. Moreover, there were still some of the properties of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ here in Flowing Snake. Although she didn’t find Ye Mo, she did inquire about ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ moving to Luo Yue. If ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had moved to Luo Yue, then Ye Mo would definitely go to Luo Yue as well.

It was a good thing that Luo Yue had just experienced the war and was preparing to attract a large number of immigrants. So the port docks were all open and Song Yingzhu was able to come to Luoyue.

But what she didn’t expect was that the first news she got was that Ye Mo was getting married. The person who gave her this news was also Ye Mo’s sister, Ye Ling, so in this instant, she was almost dumbfounded.

Even though she knew that Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s fiancee, at this moment she was still a bit bewildered. She suddenly felt like a redundant person, because of her outstanding qualifications, the Song family had sent her to the ‘Heavenly Group’, with the purpose of course of contributing to the Song family in the future, a pawn of the Song family to be exact. But her master then simply ignored her, and later even left without saying goodbye.

And as the Song family’s vast family fortune was divided up among the Song family, none of them thought of the fact that there was still a Song Yingzhu. Not a single person thought to share anything with her, not even a single person who greeted her, but she didn’t think much of any of this.

No one from the Song family remembered to take revenge, and she was the only one who held back and secretly participated in the Great Competition of the Hidden Clan. She broke into the underground tomb at night for the Song family’s revenge, and almost died underground.

But what was even more tragic was that her body was occupied by Ye Mo, the enemy she wanted to kill. That is, until she became pregnant with Ye Mo’s child. Then she gave birth to Mo Mo, and because of Mo Mo, her heart gradually filled with some desire for life.

She completely forgot about the feud between the Song family and Ye Mo, and with Mo Mo all Song Yingzhu could think about in her heart was surprisingly only Ye Mo. Occasionally, she would even think back to the short time she was with Ye Mo and had Mo Mo, and the time inside the cemetery when Ye Mo shoved the night pearl at her. Then he scolded her for not getting lost and standing there. When she thought of these, she would be lost in thought for a long time. Then her heart would be filled with the desire to see Ye Mo.

But it was all illusory, not to mention whether Ye Mo would see her, and when she came, Ye Mo was surprisingly getting married.

Ye Ling, who was originally staring at the child, suddenly felt the young woman in front of her seem to sway again, and she hurriedly came over to hold the young woman and asked, “Big sister, what’s wrong with you? Are you alright?”

Song Yingzhu shook her head, “I’m fine. Maybe some anaemia, I’ll be fine in a while, thank you, I’m going to go now.”

“Huh, Xiao Ling, look at this little girl’s eyes, do they look like her brother’s, they really do, tsk ……” Tang Beiwei also walked over, the first thing she saw was the eyes of the child in Song Yingzhu’s arms. They were simply the exact same as Ye Mo’s.

Ye Ling also saw it, and she said with the same delight, “It really is, if this child was being held by brother, I would have thought it was brother’s child.”

“Brother will soon have one too, maybe next year ……” Tang Beiwei said and lowered her head, not knowing what was going through her mind.

“Little sister, so cute, come sister give you this ……” said. Ye Ling took a string of bracelets off her hand and placed them on the little girl.

Song Yingzhu hastily stopped and said, “This is not allowed, the first time we met. How can you accept such an expensive gift ……”

The first time we meet, we can’t accept such an expensive gift. Her eyes look like my brother’s. This bracelet was given to me by my brother, and it is a fate that I give it to her.”

Hearing that this bracelet was given to Ye Ling by Ye Mo, Song Yingzhu surprisingly didn’t push it back again and just said a few words of thanks.

Tang Beiwei was just about to ask the little girl’s name when her mobile phone rang. After listening to the call, the two of them hurriedly said goodbye to Song Yingzhu and left.

Song Yingzhu looked at Ye Ling and Tang Beiwei, who had left in a hurry, and was silent for a long time before she carried the child to a pier on the roadside and sat down.

After searching for months, she found Ye Mo when he was getting married. At this time, what was she doing looking for Ye Mo with a child in her arms? To break up his marriage?

What had Ye Mo done to her? Not to mention the feud between the Song family and Ye Mo, even if the Ye family had touched someone close to him, wasn’t he just as unkind to the Ye family? She no longer wanted to think about these things, it was Ye Mo himself, who had saved her Song Yingzhu more than once.

It was not until the night had sunk that Song Yingzhu let out a long sigh. She touched the night pearl inside her pocket, which was the only thing Ye Mo had left for her. Although she wanted to leave Luo Yue City that night, from the bottom of her heart she surprisingly wanted to see Ye Mo once, or rather wanted his daughter to see her father.

“Maybe he never thought he already had a daughter ……,” Song Yingzhu smiled to herself, stood up and walked to a nearby inn.


On the first day of the new year, the entire Luo Yue City was hung with a joyful big red colour. Only those in Luo Yue City knew that today was the day of the wedding of Ye Mo, the founder of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ in Luo Yue City. In order to thank ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ for its contribution to Luo Yue City, the city lord, Void Moon Hua, would be the bridesmaid on this day, accompanying the two beautiful brides through the main street of Luo Yue City.

It had actually been Ning Qingxue’s wish to see the development of Luo Yue City with Ye Mo on her wedding day. She wanted to let Ye Mo know what he had accomplished. Without Ye Mo, there would be no Luo Yue City. She was also trying to express her inner happiness and joy. She had always thought of wearing a wedding dress one day and strolling around inside her city with her beloved, and today her wish finally came true.

Accompanied by the City Lord and Vice City Lord, this big wedding was a lively affair from the start. The main street of Luo Yue City was packed today, and we heard that not only were there two beautiful brides and an incredibly handsome groom pa*sing by, but even the Lord of the City would be accompanying them. Those who came to the main street early wanted to see the beautiful bride and the handsome groom.

Listening to the enthusiastic congratulations and applause all around, even someone like Ye Mo, who did not like the hustle and bustle, felt some pride. This city was built by him, the name of the city was for Luo Ying, and the purpose of building the city was for Qingxue.

Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were happily snuggled up to Ye Mo’s side as the caravan slowly made its way to their Luo Yue Lake. At this moment there were no words that could express the happy feeling in their hearts, no words that could express their happiness.

None of them were flamboyant people, but in front of their husbands, inside their husbands’ city, so what if they were flamboyant once? Besides, they had only come to see their city, to see the place where they would later belong, this peaceful, quiet and happy city.

With her daughter in her arms, Song Yingzhu stood among the many onlookers. When she saw Ye Mo, standing far above the luxurious wedding carriage, and the two brides beside him, she suddenly felt the tip of her nose sour. He had actually married two beautiful brides at once, but there was no her in the middle.

Ning Qingxue she had seen before, only she was even more beautiful now, she was wearing a white wedding dress, from afar she looked as beautiful as a fairy from beyond the nine heavens. Her face was written with happiness and pride, and she was beaming with smiles all over. Her hand even grabbed onto Ye Mo’s hand, not wanting to let go for a moment.

The woman on the other side of Ye Mo, rather than saying that she looked like a fairy, how could a fairy be compared to her, her wedding dress was also white. Song Yingzhu believed that she had never seen a more beautiful woman than that one, and her smile was serene, with a hint of quiet gentleness. Even without noticing her eyes, she knew that her whole body and mind was on Ye Mo beside her.

It seemed that Ye Mo was everything to her, and there was no reason for this feeling.

As if sensing Song Yingzhu’s gaze, the woman surprisingly looked over to her. Song Yingzhu hurriedly lowered her head, a deep feeling of inferiority rising up from the bottom of her heart. She felt that she was an ugly duckling compared to the two girls beside Ye Mo.

A sourness that could no longer be stopped rushed from the tip of her nose into the corners of her eyes, and the droplets from her eyes dripped onto her daughter’s face and then slipped into her mouth. Perhaps because of the bitterness that entered her mouth, the daughter in her arms burst into tears, and the lively and happy wedding seemed a little out of place because of this cry. Song Yingzhu hurriedly retreated into the crowd, wiped her eyes and began to coax her daughter into her arms.

She turned around and patted her daughter while coaxing, “MoMo don’t cry, MoMo don’t cry ……”.

But her daughter didn’t listen to her at all, still crying on her own.

“MoMo …… Yimo …… if you cry again, mommy will leave you here.” Because her daughter’s crying had affected others, Song Yingzhu began to threaten her daughter.

Only the more she threatened, the more her daughter cried, Song Yingzhu’s heart got sad, she could no longer care about threatening her daughter and coaxed softly once again, “Yimo don’t cry, Yimo don’t cry, mommy will take you home ……”

But her tears grew and fell on her daughter’s face again, and she cried harder and harder.

Some people around had already started to get upset and asked Song Yingzhu to take the child farther away so as not to interfere with the others watching the ceremony.

Song Yingzhu hurriedly coaxed her daughter while holding her in her arms and hurriedly left the lively and busy street, she did not dare to remain here, she felt a torment.