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DYM Chapter 690

A child’s cry came, and Ye Mo suddenly had a heart-gripping feeling, his divine sense immediately swept out, and the back of a young woman holding a child hurriedly disappeared from inside his divine sense. That back seemed somewhat familiar, he frowned but could not recall for a moment, where he had seen this back. Probably she was afraid that her child would affect others and then left in a hurry, Ye Mo thought and was relieved.

“What’s wrong with you?” Luo Ying’s entire body and mind was on Ye Mo, and she immediately felt Ye Mo’s mood swings.

Ning Qingxue also felt Ye Mo’s emotions at the same time, she grabbed Ye Mo’s hand and looked at him with some worry.

Ye Mo looked at Luo Ying and Ning Qing Xue and suddenly smiled and said, “Our Luo Yue Lake has arrived, the wedding is about to start, perhaps I am a little nervous.”

Luo Ying smiled faintly and didn’t say anything, but it was only Ning Qingxue who was a little nervous after hearing Ye Mo’s words. Sister Luo Ying had said to her that today was her first time.


“Sister, so he’s so prominent in Luo Yue ……” An Zhiqi pulled a girl about her age who also came to see the biggest wedding in Luo Yue City, and she recognized Ye Mo right away.

An Ning let out a long breath, she was much more mindful than her sister. At this moment, she finally understood why Ye Mo could simply get her to Luo Yue, or Luo Yue’s famous Yu Miaotong to arrange it. She also understood why even the young master of the Qiu family, and Han Dan, were so scared when they saw him.

The only thing she didn’t understand was how come Su Jingwen, the one he was with at the beginning, wasn’t there? His two wives were both very beautiful, but that Su Jingwen wasn’t bad either. This Ye Mo was really a flirtatious seed, a guy who liked new things and hated old things.

If she was not wrong, she was sure that Ye Mo was definitely not as simple as the founder of a pharmaceutical company. As a woman, she was very observant, and City Lord Void Moon Hua’s attitude towards Ye Mo was definitely not the attitude of a superior towards an inferior. To be exact, it was the attitude of a subordinate towards a superior. This Ye Mo was most likely the one who was really in charge of Luo Yue.

An Ning drew in a cold breath when she thought of this. The person in charge of Luo Yue was Ye Mo? She even felt that her thoughts were a little crazy. She thought of the time when Ye Mo and her exchanged things, and how he could actually set a diamond into the top of the pendant by hand in a very short time. Was that something that an ordinary person could do? An Ning asked herself.

If one disregarded his flirtatiousness, the young talents he had originally known. To Ye Mo, who had the equivalent of a private country, that was simply a slag.


Luo Cang.

Ji Wanqing had returned to this place, from which she had left a few years ago. It had taken until now to return. That was not only because her company was here, but also because there were some memories of her here. She also knew that Ye Mo had lived in Luo Cang for a while, and another, that her mother had told her that in future the Chi family would all settle in Luo Cang.

She had planned to come back in the UK in two years, but her mother and father had repeatedly allowed her to come back only after she had finished her double master’s degree abroad.

She had lost contact with Ning Qingxue in the UK and was even more out of touch when she returned. Even Ning Qingxue could not be contacted, so it goes without saying that Ye Mo could not be contacted either.

Ji Wanqing returned to the army. Guo Qi had left, Lu Lin had left, and even that Fang Wei had left. As for where they had gone, she had surprisingly not been able to inquire in the slightest about them in the army.

“Maybe I’ve been away for too long ……,” Ji Wanqing muttered. Suddenly, she felt a sense of disinterest. She had left the army and returned to Luo Cang. The only thing that accompanied her now was the little wolf that Ye Mo had given her at the beginning. The little wolf had not grown bigger. But she was able to communicate with it through her consciousness.

“Brother Ye doesn’t know if he’s married to Sister Light Snow or her aunt, the one who is as beautiful as a god? Or maybe he hasn’t gotten married yet ……” Chi Wanqing sighed again, she suddenly felt like she had been lonely both before studying abroad and now.

She smiled to herself, she had come here today for a blind date, but she kept thinking about Brother Ye and the news of whether he was married. Ji Wanqing rubbed her head, she knew that whether Ye Mo was married or not, her family would not allow her to be with him. An outcast young man who had been kicked out of his family, she didn’t even have to ask, her family wouldn’t agree to it, no matter how capable he was personally, that was all the same.

“I have the courage to run with you, but I have no direction ……,” Chi Wanqing said to herself again, shook her head and walked into a somewhat posh lounge bar. If Ye Mo was willing to take her on a run, of course she was, but she knew it was impossible, not to mention that he had Light Snow and even that divine sister.

Ji Wanqing walked into the bar, she didn’t understand why the other party wanted to meet in a bar, such things were rare. Although the bar had a nice mood inside and it wasn’t noisy, she was still a bit disgusted.

It was just about dinner time and there were not many people inside the bar, only a few at the bar drinking beer.

The only thing that concerned Chi Wanqing was that there was a woman drinking alone in the corner of the bar. Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed, as if she had something on her mind. Moreover, her eyes were a little lax, as if she had already drunk a little too much.

What surprised Ji Wanqing even more was that it was actually a very pretty girl. Chi Wanqing was confident that she did not lose to anyone in terms of looks, except for Ning Qingxue and the divine sister she met last time, whom she felt was no match, there were really few people who could surpa*s her in terms of looks. But today, Chi Wanqing felt that this woman who was drinking was not inferior to her in terms of temperament and appearance, but even better.

That feeling could not be described, as if she had an immortalised aura about her that would make others feel a sense of self-abasement. Such a beautiful girl was hiding in a corner of a bar drinking? If she was emotionally wounded, I wonder which heartless man could even hurt the heart of such a woman.

“Wanqing, this way ……” Just as Chi Wanqing was still puzzled, a shout came from a table near the street scene.

Chi Wanqing turned around and immediately saw a tall, handsome young man standing next to the table smiling at her, and she immediately knew that this was the man she was going to meet today, Gu Yinsheng.

The Gu family of Luo Cang was now the largest family in Luo Cang, although compared to the five great families of China, the Gu family was nothing. But in Luo Cang, the Gu family is a family of honour, not only in Luo Cang, but also in Jiangnan Province.

Ji Wanqing knew why her family wanted her to meet Gu Yinsheng, it was because after the disarmament, the prestige of the Ji family was not as good as before. The family’s intention is to develop in Luo Cang, so a marriage with the Gu family in Luo Cang is necessary to maximise the benefits.

In his heart of hearts, Gu Yinsheng is a good seller, at least Chi Wanqing doesn’t hate him. But what Chi Wanqing hated was the way her family tossed her around like a cargo, which made her very uncomfortable. Over this matter, it is the parents who have always had a bad relationship that have come together. Even a few years ago she had left home to join the army in order to escape her marriage, but now she was past the age of escaping. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t need to run away, she just goes ahead and refuses.

Gu Yinsheng was disdainful of such things as matchmaking; he had never thought that his marriage would have to be settled through a blind date. So it was not a formal and serious place that he chose, but a place like a bar. This meaning shows that he doesn’t see much weight in the matter of matchmaking.

He didn’t even look at Ji Wanqing’s photo and came straight over.

But when he saw Ji Wanqing walking into the bar, his eyes immediately lit up. He had seen too many girls, but none of them were as youthful and beautiful as Chi Wanqing, who was the embodiment of innocence and beauty.

A figure of about six-foot-eight but not wearing high heels, her skin was fair and her eyebrows were picturesque. Her figure was as if she had been painted with a brush, with distinct curves but without losing her ladylike demeanour.

This girl I want, this is the only feeling Gu Yinsheng, he never thought he could meet such a beautiful girl even on a blind date.

As the next generation successor of the Gu family, Gu Yinsheng had seen too many women and had been with too many of them. There had never been a shortage of all kinds of women in his life, but this was the first time he wanted to keep the woman he married.

“Hello, my name is Gu Yin Sheng, I’m currently studying for a master’s degree in economic management at Luo Cang University.” Gu Yinsheng extended his hand directly after he finished.

He knew exactly what words to say when facing what kind of woman, and he was sure that since Ji Wanqing was going on a blind date with him, her family must have told her all about his status and identity. Instead, he didn’t need to brag about them all over again; to a girl like Ji Wanqing, who was innocent and hadn’t experienced love at first glance, he had to use the way she liked.

Ji Wanqing gave an apologetic smile and said, “I’m not quite used to shaking hands with strangers, that, sorry ah.”

The corner of Gu Yin Sheng’s mouth twitched a few times, but he quickly reacted and retracted his hand. If it was a normal woman, he would have left long ago, where would he continue to stay here.

“Want something to drink?” Gu Yinsheng’s expression adjusted quickly, he was confident that with his experience and tactics, there was no problem at all in taking down Ji Wanqing.

“Just a gla*s of juice ……” Chi Wanqing had just finished saying this when she heard a voice call out, “I don’t want you to deliver it, you’re not Ye Mo… …”

Ye Mo? Ji Wanqing suddenly turned around, only to see that the woman who had just been drinking seemed to have gotten drunk. She was leaning back in her chair, clutching an empty cup and saying something to a man standing in front of her table.