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DYM Chapter 696

To these soldiers, Ye Mo did not care about them, but once something happened. Jing Hu would know that he was in Magnetic West Town, and if there were Innate experts chasing him, then it would be absolutely impossible for him to escape with his current skills. Not to mention his current ability, even when he was in his prime, he would still have no chance of defeat against a few innate experts, unless he had already broken through to the late stage of Qi cultivation.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo could no longer remain calm, originally he wanted to return to the Yu Mansion, but he knew that if Jing Hu was investigating, even if he returned to the Yu Mansion, he would still be investigated.

Immediately, Ye Mo wanted to enter the restaurant, if the investigation outside was really going to be too strong, it would be better to just escape rather than return to the Yu Residence. Luckily, he came out to stroll around today, otherwise he would have died without knowing how he died.

It is really afraid of ghosts there is Chapter 696 Mo Lang ghost, Ye Mo was afraid that the Jing Hu Daoist nun would suspect that he had entered the small world and was injured and then pa*s him on, it seems that this has really happened.

Ye Mo was just about to cross into the restaurant when suddenly a cloaked woman lunged at him. Ye Mo was startled in his heart and immediately had to sacrifice his flying sword, but he immediately sensed that the woman had no killing intent. Moreover, there were many soldiers around here, once he made a move, it would immediately be known to others.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo stopped and he allowed the woman to grab his arm. At the same time, his divine sense carefully observed the woman, it was a woman of less than thirty, dressed as a young woman. However, Ye Mo felt that she didn’t quite look like a young woman, her face and neck had some pot ash on them. This was a very ordinary woman, her lack of qi and blood was caused by the lack of nutrition.

Plus her hands were very rough, and at a glance she was a woman who had done a lot of farm work. It was just that although her clothes were a bit muddy and dusty, yet Ye Mo did not smell any odour, and even had some faint body fragrance. From this, it could be seen that the dust on this woman’s clothes was most likely intentionally put on.

“Mo Lang, don’t you want me anymore, why don’t you go back? Mo Lang ……” The woman immediately cried out as soon as she grabbed Ye Mo Chapter 696 Mo Lang.

With a piteous expression and a sad tone, she was soon wetting her clothes with tears.

There was no change in Ye Mo’s demeanor, did this woman mistakenly recognize the wrong person? Identifying herself as her Mo Lang? This was impossible, his current self had been disfigured, he did not believe that her Mo Lang had also been disfigured.

The most suspicious thing for Ye Mo was how this woman knew that he was here with the surname Mo, the only people who knew his surname was the people inside the Yu family’s caravan.

Could it be that this woman was sent by someone else to test him? Or was there some kind of conspiracy against him? But that couldn’t be it. He had just arrived here only three days ago, and apart from the feud with Daoist Aunt Gaihu, he had no enemies yet. If it was Kaifu Daoist Nun who wanted to deal with him, Ye Mo would not have resorted to such tactics at all, but would have just done it.

The main thing is *Qihang text* Ye Mo knew from the woman’s tone and change of emotion that she was really sad to the extreme, and her sadness was not the least bit contrived.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out, he was eager to know who had made this bureau, he would never believe that he looked exactly like this woman’s molang.

Although Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, there were more and more people watching. When the people on the street saw such a pitiful woman pulling a servant of the Yu Mansion and crying, they understood what was going on in their hearts.

The man must have despised his wife because he had entered the Yu residence, so he had abandoned her, and his wife had found her way to the town of Magnetic West.

A servant of the Yu residence is much more respectable than a well-to-do family, and the Yu residence is one of the three largest families in the town. It is not just a random person who can be a servant of the Yu family. It is very common for a man who has climbed up the ladder to despise his former wife.

Many people shook their heads, although they were disgusted with Ye Mo’s behaviour, but no one would say anything more about the House’s underlings that they were not happy with.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept around, but found nothing unusual. However, when he saw the many soldiers, his heart suddenly moved and a good idea came to him.

He patted the woman who was still pulling his arm and said, “Is there no more rice at home?”

“Hmm.” The woman hmmed, but her stomach growled, it was clear that she hadn’t *Qing Yi Er Ya* eaten in a long time.

“I’ve just joined the Yu House, now let’s go in first and have something to eat, then go back.” Ye Mo said and pulled the woman into the restaurant.

The people who were watching saw that Ye Mo seemed to have made up with his wife and applauded, seeing that sympathy was everywhere. But at the corner where Ye Mo didn’t see, a triangle-eyed man stared at Ye Mo’s back with hatred, then coldly snorted.

“This big brother ……” When the junior saw Ye Mo enter the restaurant with his wife whom he had just met, he hurriedly came up to greet him.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Help us find a quiet compartment, we haven’t seen each other for a long time and have something to say. And get us a table with the best wine and food.”

“Okay ……” The fellow was very nimble and immediately took Ye Mo and the woman to a private room.

However, Ye Mo noticed that the woman’s eyes had a hint of panic in them and was a little suspicious. Could it be that she knew that she wasn’t her what’s-his-name Mo Lang and that’s why she was like this, or was there something about her what’s-his-name Mo Lang that she thought was the same as herself?

After the mate went out, Ye Mo immediately looked at the woman and asked, “I don’t remember a lot of things because something happened to me. Am I really your Mo Lang? Or did you remember wrongly?”

The woman’s eyes showed a hint of fear, and she was just about to speak when the door of the compartment opened and a junior brought in a pot of tea. And a triangle-eyed man at the door of the compartment looked towards the inside of the compartment, and when he saw Ye Mo and the woman, he immediately turned around and walked away as if nothing had happened.

When the woman saw the triangle-eyed man, she visibly shivered and immediately said, “Yes, I’m sure I can’t mistake you for Mo Lang. Three years ago …… you said you went out to do business, but you went out and didn’t come back, today I came to town and met you by chance, wouldn’t, wouldn’t look ……”

The woman had already shivered a bit when she said it, her tone was not even coherent, and her teeth could all hit together.

Ye Mo, however, already understood that this matter might have something to do with the triangle-eyed one just now. But now he happened to have one less identity, and if this woman insisted on recognising herself as her husband, then he would follow her out of the town first. Otherwise, with his current sliver of true qi, he would definitely not be able to go out invisibly.

Ye Mo nodded and said calmly in a beguiling tone, “I just said that I can’t remember what happened before because I have lost my memory. Tell me about it, I also feel that you are right, but the memory is very fuzzy.”

It was probably because Ye Mo’s tone was calm, the woman’s tension gradually eased down, and she gathered her thoughts before she spoke about what happened between her and Mo Lang.

This woman’s name was Mu Xiao Yun. Three years ago, her hometown was devastated. Hunger and riots had separated her family and she was taken away by an aunt of her in-laws when she was on her deathbed. The family moved away from home to Huangping village because her in-laws had also suffered a major disaster.

When the family arrived in Huangping village, only the mother-in-law and her husband Mo Youshen were left at the end because of the hunger and the pervasive plague. Mo Youshen was a scholar and because of the famine and poverty, he could no longer stay at home, so he left without saying goodbye three years ago. Ye Mo guessed that he did not even care about his old mother, let alone this fiancée.

The old mother left behind could only be cared for by Mu Xiaoyun, but her mother-in-law made sure to say that her son Mo Youshen was killed by Mu Xiaoyun, so she disappeared.

Later on, she even said that Mu Xiaoyun had been involved in the death of the adulterer. Her mother-in-law was always scolding Mu Xiaoyun, but she felt that her life was saved by her in-laws and was facing her mother-in-law. She always took care of her mother-in-law without complaint or regret until she died not long ago.

Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiaoyun who kept crying, although it was not very clear whether she recognized that she was not her husband. But from her tone of voice, Ye Mo could also hear that she had some misery in her heart and did not miss herself much as her husband.

Although Mu Xiao Yun didn’t say the latter words, Ye Mo guessed that it should be that after her mother-in-law died, she wanted to leave Huangping Village, but ended up being targeted by that triangle-eye.

There were two possible reasons why she found herself, one was that she really did look exactly like her Mo Lang, and she had identified herself as her husband through her own methods. Another was that because she was wearing a set of the Yu family’s subordinate’s clothing, she could, in her opinion, be completely unafraid of that triangle-eyed man.

If it was the second reason, then perhaps it was because she thought that if she scared off the three-cornered eye, she would be able to escape. It was just that she had not expected that the three-cornered eye would not be frightened off, but would follow her to the restaurant.

After understanding the circumstances of this matter, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t let Mu Xiaoyun tell the truth. He would not even ask how Mu Xiaoyun had recognised him, in case he was clearly identified, then where would he get his identity from if he was not her Mo Lang? This identity was simply something that had fallen from the sky, so he didn’t want it for nothing.

He immediately patted his head and said, “So I’m Mo Youshen, hey, back then I went out to do business and then I got hit on the head and forgot many things. Xiao Yun, it’s been hard for you all these years. Don’t worry, I will go back with you as soon as I have handed over the work at the Yu Mansion. I said I only remembered my surname Mo, but I forgot what my name was.”

After saying that Ye Mo was still thinking in his heart, what a coincidence, this one was fortunately also surnamed Mo. Of course if Ye Mo was really Mo Youshen, he wouldn’t have said the words about going back with Mu Xiaoyun, even if he had recognized Mu Xiaoyun. He would also say that he would let Mu Xiaoyun stay, and going back with Mu Xiaoyun would be absolutely impossible.