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DYM Chapter 695

“Hmph ……” When this guard saw that Ye Mo was not cooperating, he immediately just gave a cold snort.

Only before he could make a move, the young girl on top of the carriage had already hurriedly got off and walked up to Ye Mo and said, “Why don’t you get on the carriage with me, after all, you are a bit seriously injured. Don’t worry, I will help you heal up. In fact, although you are not good looking, you have a heroic spirit, I actually ……”

Speaking at the back, this young girl’s voice became smaller and smaller, and even ended up lowering her head.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, this woman had no shyness on her face half the time, but she had to lower her head and say she had a good feeling about herself. What a f*cking lie, although Ye Mo didn’t know what this woman had in mind, but it was definitely related to him.

One of the guards inside the caravan suddenly walked over and said in a cold voice, “If you don’t want to die, listen to the young lady and come with us, otherwise I can have someone kill you at any time.” The tone of his voice did not seem to have the slightest respect for that young lady.

However, Ye Mo saw that the woman who came down from the top of the carriage only frowned, but did not retort.

Ye Mo was furious, he had no enmity with these people, yet they wanted to kill him at every turn.

Although his true qi was all gone, his divine sense was still there. But he knew that even if he drove his flying sword, he would not be able to kill all of the dozen people here. Although the guard with the highest level of cultivation was the one who was about to kill him, he was only at the Yellow level, but it was not something he could deal with now, and the woman also looked to be at the Yellow level.

If he still had a little bit of true qi, it would be no problem for sure. But now he only had his divine sense, his internal injuries were too severe and his true qi had not yet recovered. It was almost impossible to kill these dozen people, and perhaps just that Yellow-ranked martial artist was too much for him to handle.

Just as Ye Mo was still calculating how he would sneak in once the other party made their move, the guard from earlier said once again, “Kid, our lady will soon be a disciple of Shangqing Mountain. It’s your destiny that she has a bodhisattva’s heart to save you, and you’re still pushing back. If you make our lady happy, you may be allowed to follow her in the future, and that will be a blessing for you for the rest of your life.”

Shangqing Mountain? Ye Mo frowned, was it a cultivation sect?

The guard saw Ye Mo’s expression and said with some disdain, “Shangqing Mountain doesn’t know about it, right? That’s right, it would be strange if you had heard of it. I said that you should know even less about the Kun Qian Sect …… Miss’ heart is really ……”

The guard shook his head and wanted to continue. But was stopped by the woman. She stared at Ye Mo. It seemed that she wanted to use her beauty to conquer Ye Mo.

Surprisingly, there was really a Kun Qian Sect, Ye Mo’s heart was greatly shaken. Of course he had heard of the Kun Qian Sect, that was what Lok Hustle had told him. The three major sects of the Inner Hidden Sect, the Taiyi Sect, the Kun Qian Sect, and the Cihang Jingzhai.

Did this guard still know about the Kun Qian Sect? He himself was not knowing anything, and if he got some information from him. Then it wouldn’t be that difficult to find the Taiyi Sect through the Kun Qian Sect.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo looked at this guard with some confusion and asked, “What is the Kun Qian Sect?”

“The Kun Qian Sect is one of the three great sects in the Divine Continent, and is known as the three great sects in the Divine Continent along with the Taiyi Sect and the Cihang Jingzhai. The Shangqing Sect that our lady is going to soon is a subordinate sect of the Kunqian Sect, it would be futile to tell you ……” The guard shook his head, seemingly looking down on Ye Mo for not even knowing about the Kunqian Sect.

Hearing the word divine Continent, a very absurd feeling suddenly surged in Ye Mo’s heart, he even felt that this place and the outside world were originally one and the same, only to be separated later for some reason.

He had read 5,000 years of Chinese history, and if there were really people of cultivation on Earth a long time ago. Then many things would be well explained. It was likely that later on, because of the lack of spiritual energy in heaven and earth, some great powers had separated some places where they could cultivate.

For example, Mount Shu, which was rumoured to have been an ancient resort for sword cultivators outside, but Ye Mo had also searched around and there was just not a single mountain out there called Mount Shu. For example, although there was a place called Penglai, Ye Mo never found any Penglai Island. It was completely a piece of land.

There were many more such places, could it be that all of these could be found in here? If they could be found, then was his guess correct?

Thinking of this Ye Mo suddenly asked, “Do you know where Mount Shu is?”

“Cut the crap and get in the car quickly, just like you. Still want to ask about Mount Shu.” Seeing Ye Mo dilly-dallying, the guard was a little impatient.

Ye Mo took a glance at the young lady. Suddenly, he smiled and surprisingly just got into that carriage behind him. Although he didn’t know why this woman had to drag him along, at least she didn’t have any real killing intent, which meant she wouldn’t kill herself. From this guard’s reply just now, Ye Mo roughly guessed that there was really a Mount Shu here.

It was evident that this small world might be the same as what he had guessed, a part that was covered up on Earth. Of course there was also the possibility that his guess was faulty and the small world was simply a 60xs place that had nothing to do with the earth.

The reason why Ye Mo agreed to go with this woman was because he could heal his wounds in any place. The main thing was that this woman was going to join Shangqing Mountain, which was also said to be a subordinate sect of the Kunqian Sect. After he recovered from his injuries, he would have to contact the Hidden Sect. He knew nothing about the Hidden Sect now, so it was good to learn about the Inner Hidden Sect through this woman.

Seeing Ye Mo enter the carriage, this lady smiled faintly, this guy thought how hard-boned he was, others intimidated him just a little and he gave in. Had I known this, I wouldn’t have had to pretend to be ambiguous.


Ye Mo didn’t speak in the carriage, but his ears were very sharp. Through the conversation of some attendants beside the caravan, he knew that the place the caravan was going to was called Magnetic West Town. And this caravan belonged to the Yu family, and the lady in the carriage in front was Miss Yu. The Yu family was one of the three largest families in Mag West Town, and from the conversations of these people, Ye Mo could hear that the Yu family was very prestigious in Mag West Town.

After walking for most of the day again, the caravan entered a not-so-small town at nightfall. Ye Mo reckoned that this was Magnetic West Town.

What was strange to Ye Mo was that the roads in this town were all paved with cement. Moreover, many of the buildings were similar in style to the outside. Apart from the invisible electric wires erected everywhere, it was really not much different from an ordinary township.

That Miss Yu did not come to bother him and had him arranged in a quiet room in the inner courtyard, and even called an old doctor to help him look at his wounds and prescribe some medicine.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know what this Miss Yu had in mind, he knew that this woman must have had a purpose for getting him back. However, Ye Mo didn’t put it to heart, as long as he didn’t have any killing intent towards him. The only thing he had to do now was just to recover his true qi and heal his injuries. Once his injuries healed, he would ask about things in the Hidden Sect from that Miss Yu’s mouth and then leave here.

For three days in a row, Ye Mo lived a very comfortable life, no one came to disturb him, and there was even a maidservant serving him. Of course Ye Mo did not need a servant girl to wait on him, he just asked this servant girl to throw things down and do it himself. It was just that in order not to let others see that he was special, Ye Mo still put on the clothes that the maidservant girl had sent him.

After three days, Ye Mo had only recovered a trace of his true qi. Although he had only recovered a sliver of true qi, Ye Mo knew what this sliver of true qi could do for him, and that was to protect himself.

He did not have the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ now, but he still had three spirit stones. In order to recover his strength as soon as possible, Ye Mo didn’t care about the loss of any spirit stones, he directly used one to recover his true qi. Although the spiritual qi in here was slightly better than outside, it was still thin for Ye Mo.

Three days later, Ye Mo, who had the ability to protect himself, walked out of the Yu family’s compound, he needed to get to know the place a bit. Then finish what he wanted to do as soon as possible and go back to be with his wife.

Three days ago, when Ye Mo entered Magnetic West Town, it was late in the day and he didn’t care much. But this daytime when he arrived at Mag West Town, he realised that it was still really lively. It could be said that it was far more lively than those towns he had seen outside.

There were shouting voices everywhere, and people were even coming and going on the streets.

Before Ye Mo came to the Small World, his perception of the Small World was similar to those of the Outer Hidden Sect. He thought that it was just a closed mountainous place, and apart from some sects that did not ask about the world and cultivated, there was nothing else.

Unexpectedly, what he saw was such a lively and prosperous scene, it was just a town, so it was evident that there must be many such towns in the small world. It was just that Ye Mo found that there was no paper money in the currency traded here, it was all copper and silver coins. Although he didn’t see anyone taking out gold coins, Ye Mo guessed that there must be gold coins here as well.

Since there were so many people, and since there were towns, it meant that there were rulers here as well. I just wonder if the ruling of this small world is similar to the ancient times in China, or if it is also a constitutional monarch or something like that.

Ye Mo was just about to enter a restaurant and ask about it when he saw many soldiers hurrying into the town. His divine sense swept out, but he found more and more soldiers coming from outside.

Ye Mo, who was a bit strange in his heart, pulled a fellow and asked, “What are these soldiers doing?”

The fellow took a look at Ye Mo, and when he noticed the logo on Ye Mo’s clothes, he immediately changed to a very polite smile and said, “So it’s the steward of the Yu Palace, I didn’t see it just now, please forgive me. I heard that the top is going to check the accounts and all people of unknown origin are going to be taken away, so it’s very tense now ……”

Ye Mo’s heart was shocked, he was brought back from the road by the Yu family’s people, so it was certain that he was the person of unknown origin. Moreover, Ye Mo strongly suspected that this was what Jing Hu had made, she probably suspected that she had also come here, so she wanted to use this method to make him show up.