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DYM Chapter 698

Mu Xiaoyun, who washed and cleaned, did not change into new clothes and wore the same set of rough clothes with many patches. But this set of coarse cloth dress was like a Luo Tian immortal dress on her body, reflecting her amazing and uncommon appearance.

The first thing that came to Ye Mo’s mind was Luo Ying. When he saw Luo Ying in that small hut in Anli Village, Luo Ying was also dressed in a rough cloth dress, but she was like a fairy from the sky.

Although the Mu Xiaoyun in front of him was not as beautiful as Luo Ying, it reminded Ye Mo of Luo Ying who had been separated not long ago. His eyes were suddenly filled with longing, he should have gone back sooner to reunite with Luo Ying and Qing Xue.

Mu Xiaoyun saw Ye Mo’s eyes softening down, even with a hint of longing. Her eyes immediately showed surprise, although she was only a village woman, but she could still read the longing in Ye Mo’s eyes.

It was only a woman’s sensitivity that soon made her understand that the lovesickness in Mo Lang’s eyes was not her. Although he looked at himself, but his gaze did not gather to his own body, it was obvious that Mo Lang was thinking of another woman.

Mu Xiaoyun lowered her head, and a glimmer of gloom flashed in her eyes. She was a traditional woman, although her mother-in-law treated her badly, although her husband treated her badly, yet she did not think of running away.

After a long time, Ye Mo came back to his senses, he looked at Mu Xiaoyun who still had her head down and frowned.

Ye Mo did not ask her where the blood marks on her neck came from, after all, he was not her real husband, although she had admitted she was wrong, he would still tell her when he left.

It was just strange for Ye Mo to wonder why he could change into new clothes Mu Xiao Yun didn’t change, but still had to wear this old dress? But this kind of thing, Ye Mo still did not ask, he is not someone who likes to gossip, since she did not change then she has her reasons, there is no need to ask.

“Mo Lang, I …… I …….” Mu Xiaoyun seemed to want to say something, just to start, but did not know what to start with.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Sit down first and be able to say what you have to say. Is it time to go back? If you go back, you can also Chapter 698 – The Woman You Want to Sleep With ah, when the wind has pa*sed in the past few days and Magnet West Town is not so strict, you can go back.”

“No…” said Mu Xiaoyun, “I don’t dare to go back alone, but I’m not quite comfortable living here. After all, Bi Gui… …”

“Just say what you want to say, there’s no need to stammer.” Ye Mo looked at the stammering Mu Xiaoyun who was somewhat speechless.

Seemingly sensing Ye Mo’s displeasure, Mu Xiaoyun hurriedly said, “After all, this is the Yu Mansion, and Mo Lang is from the Yu Mansion, if the family members are also staying here, I’m afraid that the housekeeper will say… …”

Ye Mo finally realized that it turned out that Mu Xiaoyun was afraid that this job of his was not very secure. Once she lived inside her room as well, it might cause others to be jealous and this job would be even more insecure. And as much as she wanted to leave, she was probably afraid that the triangle-eyed man would pester her. In this way, she was caught in a dilemma.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, there was no way he could really stay in the Yu Mansion to do his job. As soon as these people left, he would immediately leave the mouth of the Yu Mansion. Besides, he also understood that that little, sister Yu had brought him back, definitely not to make him a subordinate of the Yu Mansion. As for why, even he didn’t know now.

“You don’t need to worry, stay here first, I will send you back when the time comes.” When Ye Mo finished and was about to say something else, the personal servant girl beside Miss Yu came over.

She stood in the doorway and gave Ye Mo a somewhat disgusted look, but said in a polite tone, “Mo Ying, my miss has a request for …….”

When Mu Xiaoyun heard that the young lady was looking for her husband, she hurriedly stood up and carefully stood to the side.

However, Ye Mo smiled at her, “You don’t need to worry, just wait for me here first.” After saying that, he immediately followed the servant girl and left.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at Ye Mo’s back as he left, her eyes showing doubt, she felt that her own Mo Lang was so different from before.

Originally, her own Sangha was very gloomy and seldom spoke, but now he looked cheerful. It seemed that he didn’t take anything seriously, and now his character and gloominess didn’t go together at all.

The main thing was that today Mo Lang had lied to at least one person, and if not to her, then to the man in red.

He told the man in red that he didn’t have the face to go back because he had lost his money, but what he told himself was that he didn’t go back because he had been beaten up and then his memory was blurred and he couldn’t remember who he was. Moreover, he said inside the hotel that he had made a lot of money from his business, and now he was saying that his money had been robbed, which was completely inconsistent.

Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and walked over to Ye Mo’s bedside and pulled Ye Mo’s quilt away. No matter what, she liked the Mo Lang in front of her more in her heart, although disfigured, but it was so much better than that gloomy face.

Ye Mo did not expect to be brought to Miss Yu’s boudoir. In his opinion, although this place was not quite the same as the feudal society of the past, it should not be the case that any woman would just bring a strange man into her boudoir.

Although he had known this Miss Hand for a few days, he was a relative stranger to both parties.

“My name is Yu Yu Yan, and I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m looking at you differently. Come on, have a drink with me first.” Yu Yu Yan said as she pointed to a few small, plates of dishes and a pot of wine that had been placed on top of the table.

Ye Mo did not ask what was going on, even if Yu Yu Yan had poisoned them, he was not afraid. What’s more, he believed that Yu Yuyan wouldn’t poison him, because in Yu Yuyan’s opinion, to deal with him, Ye Mo was simply a handful, there was no need for such a trick as poisoning.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t ask any questions, he just sat down and took the initiative to fill up his gla*s of wine. Yu Yu Yan’s eyes showed a smile of satisfaction as she raised her cup and giggled, “Mo Ying, come and drink, Chuan?

Ye Mo smiled faintly very dry, as long as Yu Yu Yan toasted, he simply did not nonsense, came and drank. Soon a pot of wine was already gone, but Yu Yuyan immediately touched out a pot of wine again.

When Ye Mo saw this action of Yu Yu Yan, he immediately understood that she was trying to get himself drunk. Although he didn’t know what she wanted to do, Ye Mo was already slowly speaking a little tongue-tied.

He would be a fool not to ask questions at this time. Ye Mo seized the moment and immediately asked about Shangqing Mountain and the Kun Qian Sect.

A hint of disdain and disgust appeared in Yu Yu Yan’s eyes, but she still said with a smile, “Shangqing Mountain is an affiliated sect of the Kun Qian Sect, one of the three Inner Hidden Sects. The core disciples of Shangqing Mountain are such that even the city lord of Lanhua City wouldn’t dare to offend them.”

Ye Mo was startled in his heart as he thought of the three sisters of the Lok family. Faye Lok had never said that they had such a high status in the Inner Hidden Sect. What Ye Mo didn’t know was that truly these disciples of the great sects spent their time among cultivation and rarely came to show off themselves among the world. So it was the ordinary disciples of the hidden sects who were really proud of themselves.

“Then you will soon join Shangqing Mountain, your status must be very high ……,” Ye Mo asked through his drink.

A hint of pride appeared at the corner of Yu Yu Yan’s eyes before she said, “Although I have joined Shangqing Mountain, I am still an outer disciple at the moment, but it is only a matter of time before my qualifications will enter the inner sect. Even if I am an outer disciple, I am still an existence that no one dares to offend in Lan Hua City.”

“Is it hard to join Shangqing Mountain? Then isn’t it even harder to join sects like the Taiyi Sect? Then do you know where the Taiyi Sect is?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

The disdain in Yu Yuyan’s eyes grew even more, he still thought he was joining the Taiyi Sect.

But Yu Yuyan still answered, “Every three years the big sect in the Hidden Sect will come out to recruit disciples, unless you become a disciple in the Hidden Sect, no one knows where the Hidden Sect is. No one dares to reveal the location of the Hidden Sect at will even if the disciples of the Hidden Sect are out on a training trip, once they violate it, they will immediately be hanged. Of course, if you want to participate in the Hidden Sect’s disciple campaign it is also possible, at the beginning of next month, the disciple recruitment for the major Hidden Sects is held in Hang Shui City.”

Ye Mo looked at Yu Yu Yan strangely and asked, “Since the disciple recruitment hasn’t started yet, how come you’re already an outer disciple of the Shangqing Sect?”

“That’s because I have a Shangqing Mountain outer disciple place card, and when you met me on the road, it was on my way back from delivering the place card to Hang Shui. So at the beginning of next month, I don’t need to take part in the sect disciple recruitment, I just need to go directly with the people from Shangqing Mountain.” Yu Yu Yan finished indifferently and once again gave Ye Mo a toast.

Ye Mo knew that Yu Yuyan shouldn’t know much either, and although he didn’t understand where her place card came from, there was no point in asking any further.

After understanding this, Ye Mo began to get drunk.

“Mo Ying, I actually had a crush on you as soon as I saw you. I think this might be love at first sight. Tonight, I’ll sleep with you…” seeing that Ye Mo was almost drunk, Yu Yu Yan said softly in Ye Mo’s ear after toasting another gla*s of wine to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, this woman lied without a word. Although this Yu Yuyan was good looking, Ye Mo didn’t have any idea about her. He was curious to know what this Yu Yuyan would do next.

But what Ye Mo didn’t expect was that after he was drunk and lying on the table, she actually carried him to her bed and started to undress for him.

Ye Mo’s heart was greatly puzzled, to say that this woman really liked him to such an extent that she would sleep with him when they met was something he definitely did not believe. But what this woman did was so out of his expectation.

When Ye Mo’s jacket was taken off, she actually even took off Ye Mo’s underwear on top. Ye Mo got a little hairy in his heart, if this woman wanted to take off his underwear underneath, he would never agree to it. Even if he was recognized, he would still have to stop it.

Luckily, to Ye Mo’s relief, this woman didn’t take off his clothes underneath, but only pressed Ye Mo’s firm pectoral muscles in confusion, then said to herself, “Is every man’s chest this firm?”

Her face reddened instead, and after a while she started to undress herself instead.

Ye Mo became more and more puzzled, this woman wouldn’t engage in reverse pushing, right?