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DYM Chapter 699

Yu Yu Yan’s top quickly came off, even just leaving behind her pink underwear. Just when Ye Mo thought, was she going to take off all the clothes on top as well, she actually stopped. Ye Mo secretly thought in his heart that this was indeed the case. If Yu Yu Yan really wanted to strip off her own clothes, Ye Mo would not mind, let alone stop it, what business was it of his if she wanted to expose herself.

Yu Yuyan, who had taken off her top, quickly sat down on the bed, and surprisingly began to cultivate with her luck. She didn’t seem to care that Ye Mo was in her bed, which made Ye Mo’s heart puzzled.

After ten minutes, Ye Mo’s divine sense clearly felt that she was indeed cultivating, and there were already fluctuations of internal qi. Seeing that she did not continue to toss herself, Ye Mo did not bother to pay attention to her, while taking out a spirit stone to start recovering his true qi. He had already recovered a trace of his true qi, so it would be much easier to continue recovering now.

As the circumference ran, Ye Mo gradually entered into a state of mind, and even Yu Yuyan next to him had forgotten about it.

Ye Mo didn’t know how long had pa*sed when he suddenly felt some softness against his body, he was awake through and his true qi was even more fluid. Ye Mo estimated that with one more lotus flower together with the spirit stone, there would be two to three days for him to fully recover, and he might even go further. Even now, he would be able to cast the invisibility technique to leave.

The one posted to her was Yu Yu Yan, who was also running her internal qi to cultivate. Ye Mo, however, understood what was going on, it turned out that he absorbed the spirit stone to cultivate, and the spirit stone was overflowing with spirit energy because of his own absorption. This woman was good at picking up bargains, she seemed to have sensed that the speed of cultivation by leaning on herself was too much greater than the original, so she came to rub the spiritual qi.

Thinking of this. Ye Mo didn’t hesitate to put his spirit stone away. He didn’t even have this spirit stone, so how could he possibly have his spirit energy rubbed away by someone else?

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, only to find that it was already dawn outside. Just when he wanted to get up, a group of people unexpectedly came outside the courtyard, led by a young man of less than thirty years old, his skin slightly dark and not short. The light in the corners of his eyes was somewhat upturned. And with a kind of condescension in the corners of his eyes, as if the rest of the world was superfluous except for him.

This is a self-centred guy. However, this guy seemed to be of not a low status, with two guards behind him, and even a middle-aged man accompanying him. That middle-aged man, Ye Mo, looked vaguely like he had the outline of Yu Yuyan. He was probably one of Yu Yuyan’s family members or something. And one of those two guards Ye Mo knew, was the guy who had heckled him on the road and didn’t even give Yu Yu Yan face.


“Liao Wei is already here from so far away, why isn’t Yu Yan up yet? It’s really getting unbecoming.” The middle-aged man scolded the two maidservants, although he was scolding the maidservants, it was obvious that he was going to tell Yu Yan to get up.

After the middle-aged man finished, he said again, “Why don’t we go to the living room for tea first, this girl Yu Yan is really, ugh ……”

Liao Wei, however, laughed and didn’t seem to mind much. One of the two maidservants hurriedly ran towards Yu Yuyan’s room. The other maidservant, however, said with some panic, “Miss drank a little too much last night ……”

As this maidservant said this, she seemed to feel that this was not the right thing to say and hastily covered her mouth.

“You said that Yu Yan drank last night? Why did she drink?” Liao Wei frowned and suddenly stopped the servant girl and asked.

The maid saw Liao Wei’s expression and was even more alarmed in her heart. She hurriedly stammered, “No Miss, it was that Mo Ying who wanted to find Miss for a drink last night, no, not ……”

Just before she finished her words, Liao Wei had already rushed towards Yu Yu Yan’s room. The middle-aged man seemed to change his face drastically. Hurriedly, he followed.

Ye Mo’s divine sense observed all this and sneered in his heart, he was really being used by this Yu Yuyan. But he didn’t care, the only thing he didn’t know was why this woman was using him.

Sure enough when that maid knocked on the door, Yu Yu Yan not only didn’t panic and get up to put on her clothes, she lifted the covers and squeezed into Ye Mo’s arms. This was not all, she even pulled down a piece of the red underwear on her body and then messed up her hair.

“Bang ……” Following closely behind the maid, Liao Wei rushed into the room.

Yu Yu Yan sat up abruptly, and after she saw Liao Wei, her face showed panic before reaching out to cover her chest. Ye Mo sneered and slowly sat up, then unhurriedly picked up his own clothes and began to put them on.

A lean and strong man and a woman with messy underwear and hair slept in the same bed for one night, even a fool would know what they had done at night.

“You, you ……” Liao Wei pointed at Yu Yu Yan, you halfway through the day suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood, and immediately fainted.

“You, you unfilial thing ……” The middle-aged man likewise pointed at Yu Yuyan and became furious, his gaze turned back to Ye Mo and then coldly snorted, “You guys get out of here right now.”

Yu Yu Yan looked at Ye Mo who was already dressed and was a bit strange in his heart, according to this situation, this Mo Ying should have panicked and then said that it was none of his business. How come he acted as if nothing was wrong and there was no fear on his face?

If at this moment Ye Mo said that it was none of his business, he himself could take the opportunity to get angry and then say that he was blind and beat this Mo Ying to death with a messy stick. But he didn’t say anything, so that instead made her feel wrong and strange.

Ye Mo and Yu Yuyan were quickly taken outside to the garden, Liao Wei had already come back to his senses by now, his face was blue and his forehead was bruised, staring at Yu Yuyan and Ye Mo with hatred.

The middle-aged man’s face looked ashen, he seemed to have aged a hundred years as he said breathlessly and asked, “Yu Yan, you were brought up to be a lady, and Liao Wei of the Liao family is a dragon among men, where is he not worthy of you, why did you do such a scandalous thing? Why did you do such a scandalous thing? How dare you get involved with a servant? It’s a disgrace, you say, say it ……”

At the end of the sentence, this middle-aged man’s face was getting greyer and greyer, almost pinching the veins in his hand to burst.

Ye Mo, however, sneered, this middle-aged man was so angry on the surface that he wanted to go kill himself, but his internal breath was calm, without the slightest bit of anger. f*ck this father and daughter not going to Hollywood to develop, it was simply a waste.

“Your name is Mo Ying, isn’t it. You are a subordinate, how dare you make a move against your master, how dare you, someone, pull him out and cane him to death.” The middle-aged man finished without waiting for his daughter to answer and once again scolded Ye Mo angrily.

“Don’t hit my Sangha ……” Before Ye Mo could speak, Mu Xiaoyun ran out from nowhere. A hand hugged Ye Mo, and reached out to stop the two household servants who were coming to drag Ye Mo away.

Ye Mo was indifferent at this point, he already had his ID card. His true qi had also recovered a small amount. If he wasn’t afraid of making too much of a scene and facing some yellow rank, he could have killed them before leaving.

“Your Sangha? Do you know what your Sangha has sat on? He dared to seduce the lady of the Lord’s house. He even dared to do such a treacherous thing. Such a shameless person, what is the point of keeping him if he is not beaten and killed? Someone, beat and kill him, and drag his woman down and lock her up.” A cold woman’s voice came out, and with it came in a middle-aged woman in her forties.

“Please don’t make things difficult for my husband, the slave girl is willing to work as a slave and a maidservant, please ……” Mu Xiaoyun was about to kneel down after she finished speaking, her eyes full of panic. Only Ye Mo reached out his hand. And he pulled her back. He thought that Mu Xiaoyun should not care much about him, but he did not expect her to care so much.

“Mother ……,” Yu Yu Yan saw the middle-aged woman scream, then whimpered again.

“Enough ……” the man called Liao Wei shouted with a blue face, then stared coldly at Yu Yuyan and said, “Yu Yuyan, where has my Liao family wronged you? Where did I, Liao Wei, wrong you? I gave you Yu Yuyan a place in Mount Shangqing as a bride price. But you are so unfaithful to women. How dare you get involved with an ugly subordinate. You, you ……”

Yu Yu Yan bent down and gave a salute to Liao Wei, then sobbed, “I, I, I’m sorry ……”

Liao Wei laughed, but there was no half-hearted smile on his face. He pointed at Yu Yuyan and said, “Yu Yuyan, you don’t need to be sorry with me, at first my Liao family took you the place card of Shangqing Mountain and let you join Shangqing Mountain. Now we have nothing to do with each other, you return the quota plate to me, and then we have nothing to do with each other.”

Yu Yu Yan sobbed and said, “I’m sorry, Brother Liao. Mo Ying and I were just confused for a moment, I still have you in my heart, Mo Ying he, he’s at your disposal for punishment. If I could, I would rather send the sign to you right away. Then go to your Liao family to be a subordinate to redeem myself, but this sign has already been given to Shangqing Mountain by me, I, I ……”

Ye Mo had completely understood by this time, so that was what was going on. Liao Wei’s family should have a quota plate for Shangqing Mountain, and with this plate, one could join Shangqing Mountain. But for some unknown reason, the Liao family gave this plaque to Yu Yuyan as a bride-price, the condition was presumably for Yu Yuyan to marry Liao Wei. And after this Yu Yuyan got the plaque and joined Shangqing Mountain, she immediately started to backtrack.

She knew Liao Wei’s character well, so she acted out the drama of being caught in adultery, so that the Liao family would voluntarily give up the marriage. And not only did she get a place on Shangqing Mountain, she was also completely free from Liao Wei’s pestering. This Yu Yu Yan looks innocent and simple. Unfortunately, she was not only thick and dark but also mean and ruthless.

Ye Mo guessed that if she hadn’t met herself, it must have been another person who was sacrificed, only to immediately capture herself as a pa*serby after meeting her on the road and sacrificing her like that.

Liao Wei was just about to speak when suddenly the guard next to him whispered a few words in his ear. Ye Mo, however, heard it clearly, that guard said that Yu Yu Yan and himself had known each other for a long time, and it was not just a day or two ago. Sure enough after hearing this guard’s words, Liao Wei’s face became more and more ugly.

In his heart, Ye Mo secretly praised this woman’s heart, the kind of acquaintance she had shown when she met herself on the road to make people think that she knew her had really paid off now. This Liao Wei’s temper must be incredibly high and proud, his own woman and another man had not only committed adultery, but had been doing so for such a long time, while this woman was still lying to him about the accidental situation. His forehead was bruised and he could not bear it any longer.

The fact that she had known the cheating man a long time ago was just adding a bucket of oil inside today’s scenario. In this situation, it was impossible to get Liao Wei to reintroduce the marriage, once Liao Wei did not want Yu Yuyan, then her purpose was achieved.