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DYM Chapter 764

However, the blue-shirted man came over to Ye Mo and cupped his fist, “My friend is good at fighting, my name is Fu Mai, if my friend doesn’t mind, let’s go have a drink.”

Just now, Ye Mo backed up and stretched his feet, his movements were all in one go, without a hint of dragging. With the blue-shirted man’s vision, of course he could see at a glance that Ye Mo was unusual. As for why Ye Mo backed up, his opinion was that Ye Mo was a decent man who did not care to take advantage of a weak woman.

Originally, according to Ye Mo’s thoughts, he was going to make a trip to Beizi Mountain and then visit Huangping Village. But Fu Mai’s words reminded him of Liu Lei.

“Good, my name is Ye Mo, since Brother Fu is free, let’s go have a drink.” Ye Mo then nodded his head and agreed.

After Ye Mo and Fu Mai walked out of the hotel, the woman who had been saved by Fu Mai surprisingly Chapter 764 Maid Ji Mei also followed him. Fu Mai turned around and looked at her somewhat strangely and said, “This girl, you can go anywhere you want, that guy I have already paid him, I believe he won’t dare to do anything to you again.”

In fact what Fu Mai meant was that that guy should not dare to look for trouble with Ji Mei again after seeing his body.

Ji Mei’s eyes were red as she said in a weak voice, “Ji Mei is already homeless, even if she leaves big brother Fu, she will still end up being caught and sold by others. If Brother Fu does not mind the trouble of a small woman, Ji Mei is willing to follow Brother Fu as a slave and a maidservant.”

“This ……” Fu Mai looked at Ji Mei with some difficulty, his goal was to travel the entire divine continent mountains and rivers, and to cultivate while traveling, so of course he couldn’t bring a woman with him.

Seeing Fu Mai’s expression, Ye Mo was a bit impressed. No matter what angle one looked at, Ji Mei was a stunning woman and it was impossible for a man not to be impressed. He had Luo Ying, Qing Xue and Xiao Yun, so of course he had no thoughts about Ji Mei, but Fu Mai was surprisingly unmoved, so it was clear that this Fu Mai must be a person with a firm nature.

“Big Brother Fu ……” Ji Mei saw the hesitation of Fu Mai, and her eyes immediately became anxious. At the same time, she looked her gaze towards Ye Mo. It seemed as if she wanted Ye Mo to help her say a word about Chapter 764 – Maid Ji Mei, and as if she expected Ye Mo to accept her.

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, this kind of thing, Fu Mai would definitely make up her own mind.

Sure enough Fu Mai thought for a while and said, “How about this, Miss Ji Mei, you go eat something with us first and then we will talk about the rest.”

“Yes. Big Brother Fu, Big Brother Ye.” Ji Mei followed the two of them in a very good manner.

The three of them entered a nearby restaurant, although Fu Mai had ordered a table of dishes. But no matter what Fu Mai said, Ji Mei just stood to the side very fearfully, not daring to sit down, and even took the initiative to lift the wine jug to pour wine for the two of them.

Fu Mai sighed, he guessed that this Ji Mei should have grown up serving people, that’s why she behaved this way.

Because of Ji Mei, the two of them, Ye Mo and Fu Mai, were not very happy with their drinks. From Fu Mai’s mouth. Ye Mo learnt that Fu Mai had been travelling around all these years. Fu Mai was very open-minded and he didn’t hide anything just because he was meeting Ye Mo for the first time. He also said that the reason he was able to advance to the late earth level at less than forty years old was entirely because he had met some precious medicinal herbs during his travels over the years.

Obviously, the matter of Ye Mo’s great power in the Inner Hidden Sect was not known to Fu Mai at the moment.

After the meal was finished, Ye Mo also got up and intended to say goodbye, but Fu Mai pulled him back and said, “Brother Ye, you know that I am wandering around. Ji Mei is just suffering from the hardships of following me. Although Ji Mei is not of high birth, I can see that she is still a gentle girl.”

Saying this Fu Mai once again turned to Ji Mei and asked, “Miss Ji Mei, if I let you follow brother Ye Mo, would you be willing to do so?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, he was just about to make a sound to refuse. However, Ji Mei replied before him, “Brother Fu, you saved my life, I will follow whoever you say I should follow.”

After saying that, Ji Mei walked to Ye Mo and bent down in front of him and said with low brows, “Big Brother Ye. From now on you are Ji Mei’s master, Ji Mei is at your disposal.”

Fu Dai saw Ji Mei simply agree to his request. Immediately, he laughed out loud, he was also very satisfied with the result.

However, Ye Mo’s heart moved, he sensed something was wrong, according to the saying, the person who saved Ji Mei was Fu Mai, it had nothing to do with himself. It was only natural for Ji Mei to follow her saviour, but she hadn’t even waited for him to say anything, just one word from Fu Mai and she agreed to follow him, that was a bit too fast, wasn’t it?

He didn’t wait for Ye Mo to say anything else, but Fu Mai directly stopped Ye Mo’s words, “Brother Ye, Ji Mei is also a lovely and gentle woman, so you shouldn’t push back. Ji Mei is also right, in this kind of world, it is really difficult for her, a weak woman, to survive without someone to take care of her, and she will eventually be reduced to someone else’s plaything.”

“Brother Ye, I will be very obedient and listen to you, please don’t leave me behind, Brother Ye.” Ji Mei’s tone was so poignant that it made people shrug.

Ye Mo sighed, he knew that what Ji Mei said was true. Leaving her here as a woman was not much different from killing her.

However, bringing Ji Mei with him was indeed not very convenient for him. Ye Mo subconsciously looked at Ji Mei, while his divine sense swept her slightly.

Suddenly Ye Mo noticed something wrong. When he first saw Ji Mei, her face and hair were covered in dust, and at a glance he could tell that she had not washed her face and hair for a long time. However, after his divine sense saw her hair just now, he found that the dust on her hair was only on the surface, the inside of her hair was clean, even a little too clean. Not to mention the dust, there was not even a single piece of dandruff.

Thinking of the scene where Ji Mei suddenly fell down at the entrance of the hotel, just on his side, and the fact that Ji Mei had just promised in one breath that she would follow him, Ye Mo had some suspicions in his heart.

His divine sense no longer had any scruples about sweeping into Ji Mei’s body, even including the inside of her clothes.

Her skin was as white as snow, and the underwear she wore inside was worn out, but it was clean. Suddenly Ye Mo’s hand shook and he immediately withdrew his divine sense, but his heart was in shock.

This Ji Mei was actually a cultivator, and her cultivation level was far higher than his. She was at least a Qi cultivator at the full level, and Ye Mo did not know if his divine sense had been discovered by Ji Mei just now.

But there was one thing he could be sure of, Ji Mei must have a plot to follow him around. Moreover, Ye Mo could see that this Ji Mei seemed to have been injured and had lost all of her cultivation. Even though he knew that Ji Mei had lost all her cultivation and her divine sense could not be released, Ye Mo did not dare to continue sweeping her with his divine sense, this woman was a bit scary.

Ye Mo thought to himself, if he hadn’t cultivated the “Three Life Dictates” and his divine sense had already surpa*sed the Great Perfection of Qi cultivation, he might not have been able to discover that this Ji Mei was hiding so deeply.

To be exact, apart from the people around him, this was the second cultivator he had met. Ye Mo’s heart instantly became alert, why did a cultivator like Ji Mei have to follow him around? He was even acting so realistically.

Ye Mo was quite sure that if his divine sense wasn’t strong, he would not be able to discover that Ji Mei was a cultivator at all. If this woman were to act in a movie, Hepburn would only be able to rank behind her.

“Brother Ye, what do you mean?” Seeing Ye Mo lowering his head in contemplation, Fu Mai immediately asked again.

Hearing Fu Mai’s words, Ye Mo immediately thought in his heart, could it be that Fu Mai was also with Ji Mei? However, Ye Mo quickly dismissed his thought, Fu Mai’s tone was sincere, he should have been at the right time. It should just be that this kind of thing happened to be met by him, if Fu Mai didn’t invite himself for a drink, this Ji Mei would still find him in the end. Besides, Fu Mai trained in ancient martial arts, while Ji Mei was a cultivator.

Since Ji Mei had lost her cultivation level and had a purpose for coming to him, Ye Mo was equally curious to know what Ji Mei wanted to do? Could it be that she also knew that she was a cultivator?

Besides, Ji Mei had already lost her cultivation, so he wasn’t afraid of her. Even if her cultivation level was restored and she was really a Qi practitioner, he could still control her. What worried Ye Mo was the person behind Ji Mei, what kind of expert should he be who could teach a cultivator like Ji Mei who was at the full circle of Qi cultivation.

If he couldn’t ask this expert out himself, in case this guy backstabbed him, he would really be in danger. The only thing that Ye Mo couldn’t figure out was why he had to use Ji Mei, a person who had ruined his cultivation, to approach him, what exactly was the purpose?

Thinking of this Ye Mo said with a smile, “Since Brother Fu doesn’t want such a beautiful beauty, then I won’t be polite. Ji Mei, from now on, you will follow me.”

“Yes, thank you, Master, and thank you, Brother Fu.” Ji Mei said with surprise in her eyes, she had already consciously elevated Ye Mo to the rank of Master.

Ye Mo knew that if his divine sense frequently probed Ji Mei’s body, even if her cultivation was ruined, there was a good chance that she would find out. Although Ye Mo did not probe his divine sense into Ji Mei’s body, he was still paying attention to Ji Mei at all times.

He really saw the disdain and sneer in Ji Mei’s eyes from the moment she lowered her head just now. At once, he understood two things in his heart, firstly, Ji Mei was indeed coming for him, and secondly, as long as his divine sense did not probe into Ji Mei’s〖Body〗, she could not discover his divine sense right now.


After bidding farewell to Fu Mai, Ye Mo took Ji Mei and rented a carriage. Originally, Ye Mo wanted to go to Beizi Mountain, but because he was carrying a woman with such a bad intention like Ji Mei, he chose to go to Handong City first.

Ji Mei said that she was originally a young lady from a big family, but then her family broke up because of an enemy and she had been living in exile. Caught by the strong man from before, she did not want to follow the strong man and escaped.

Ji Mei said Ye Mo listened, but Ye Mo didn’t believe a word she said. If it wasn’t because Ji Mei’s cultivation level was too high, and also because he was concerned about the person behind her, he even wanted to use a barbaric method to make her tell the 〖answer〗 directly.