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DYM Chapter 763

“What, you’re saying that Ye Mo has arrived in Hang Shui?” Feng Neng, the leader of the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’, looked at Fang Kuan in some disbelief. The boat to the outside secular world had just left ten days ago and was still at sea, so how did Ye Mo get to Hang Shui? Could it be that he could not fly?

Fang Kuan nodded with an odd expression. He thought for a while before saying, “Big brother, back when Ye Mo was in the Hidden Sect, he could destroy several sects in a day. Originally, I always thought that he also had a flying mount, but now it seems that he shouldn’t have one. Without a flying mount, the only explanation for this sudden long-distance appearance is that he can fly himself.”

“He can really fly?” Feng Neng was even more appalled than Fang Kuan in his heart. He had already cultivated to the late Xiantian stage, so of course he knew how difficult it was to fly, not to mention the Xiantian, or even beyond the Xiantian, I heard that he could not fly, at most he could just lift his Qi and glide in the air, and the distance would not exceed ten miles. From the Hidden Sect world to the outside mundane world, that was already not known how many ten miles.

Feng Neng quickly understood what Fang Kuan meant, and he looked at him with an excited expression, as if he wanted to ask something.

Fang Kuan nodded and said, ”Big brother, after we take control of Ye Mo, we can waste him first, but there is no need to rush to kill him. If I’m not wrong, Ye Mo should have a shocking secret in his body. He is barely thirty years old, but he can already easily obliterate an Innate expert, and he can also fly. This shows that he is definitely not cultivating an ordinary ancient martial arts technique.”

Feng Neng let out a long breath, he had held his breath until now, just to hear this answer. Now it really seemed to be the case. If he was still afraid of Ye Mo originally, now, he had already given up, the rich and powerful, once he really obtained the gongfu method that Ye Mo cultivated, what would happen to him? Would he dominate the entire Hidden Sect world, or the entire Divine Continent? Feng Neng hardly dared to think about it.

However, Fang Kuan continued, “The reason why I am saying this. Even if that Ye Mo is a genius among geniuses, at best, he is only the same as Du Du Tian, right? And Du Dutian was only forty-five years old before he advanced to Xiantian. What makes him Ye Mo surpa*s the peak of Innate at such a young age already?”

“And ……” Fang Kuan glanced at Feng Neng and continued, “I’m sure it wasn’t us who discovered this, Feng Lou of the Ice Lake should have discovered this as well. With Feng Lou’s sinister and cunning and old selfishness, no matter what disciple Mu Xiaoyun is of Ice Lake. She wouldn’t have van risked confronting the many hidden sects and openly sided with Ye Mo to save Mu Xiaoyun. This possibility is zero, absolutely non-existent, but it just happened.”

“Xiandi Fang, what do you mean?” Feng Neng stared at Fang Kuan excitedly, waiting for Fang Kuan’s answer.

Fang Kuan hummed and said, “Big brother, I’m sure that Feng Lou knows that Ye Mo is not practicing an ordinary ancient martial art, moreover, Feng Lou has also guessed that Mu Xiaoyun is practicing what Ye Mo has taught her. She took away Mu Xiaoyun just to force out what Mu Xiaoyun was practicing. Therefore, if Ye Mo didn’t find Mu Xiaoyun, it was because Mu Xiaoyun was hidden by Feng Lou, or had all been killed.”

“Big brother, the old saying says that riches come in small packages. What’s more, when we have Ji Mei, this kind of wealth is within our reach, so we can’t give up even more, so I would like to ask big brother to use the green eagle to send Ji Mei to Hang Shui.” Fang Kuan finished his speech and looked at Feng Neng, waiting for Feng Neng’s statement.

Feng Neng did not hesitate this time, he nodded and said, “We have a resting tower in the sea. The Green Eagles will take a break midway, and we should be able to reach the other side in a day’s time. However, we must also go to Hang Shui immediately. I think that Ye Mo is probably cultivating something that was pa*sed down from the ancient times, he really got lucky to get this kind of good technique.”

Fang Kuan smiled heatedly, “Big brother, even if he gets more gong methods, they will still be ours in the end.”


Ye Mo stayed at the ‘Blue Sea Hotel’ for three days, and on the fourth day, Ye Mo decided to leave Hang Shui. Continuing to stay here would just add to the sadness.

Ye Mo had just gone downstairs and walked to the entrance of the ‘Blue Sea Hotel’ when he saw a fierce strong man running after a woman in rough clothes. The strong man was holding a bamboo stick in his hand, and while chasing after her, he cursed, “b*tch, I’ll let you run.”

As soon as he finished saying this, the bamboo strip struck the woman in front of him, and the woman let out a scream and flung herself right into the doorway of the hotel.

The people around saw this scene, but no one dared to come up and say anything. That fierce looking strong man was not a good person at first glance, if anyone came out, in case they angered him, it would be a death wish.

Ye Mo frowned, he had just seen that this woman was obviously an extremely beautiful woman, despite her cloaked hair and some sludge on her face. Such a woman was actually being chased by a fierce big man on the street, this big man was indeed fierce enough.

The vicious big man came in front of the woman and did not wait for the woman to get up, he swung the bamboo stick to beat her again.

Ye Mo just wanted to ask what was going on, but before he could say anything, a blue-shirted man stepped out next to him, reached out to stop the strong man’s bamboo stick, and said in a very calm tone, “This friend, in the face of a weak woman, why do you, as a man, have to strike so viciously?”

The strong man stopped his bamboo stick, looked carefully at the blue-shirted man with squinted eyes and said with a cold smile, “What business is it of yours if I beat the woman I bought back? Get out of the way, or I’ll beat you up too.”

The blue-shirted man smiled faintly, and the people around him did not see him move before they noticed that the bamboo strip in the villain’s hand had reached the blue-shirted man’s hand. The man suddenly rubbed the bamboo strips in his hands so quickly that they soon turned into a pile of powder and floated to the ground. When the wind blew, the powder disappeared.

The people around were stunned, even forgetting about the poor woman on the ground, and looked at the blue-shirted man in shock. To be able to rub hard bamboo strips into powder, this man was at least an Earth-level cultivation martial artist.

In Hang Shui City, a martial artist with an Earth level cultivation was already quite powerful, and was even an existence that could speak directly with the City Lord.

This strong man also seemed to be stunned by this blue-shirted man’s amazing cultivation, and he stared blankly for half a day before stammering, “Are you so powerful that you’re going to rob me by force?” In his eyes, this woman was something he had bought, so it was his.

This blue-shirted man laughed coldly, “It is obvious that you are a person, but you are saying that it is your stuff. How much did you pay for it? Say it.”

“Fifty …… No, it didn’t cost a gold coin.” The strong man looked at the blue-shirted man with some panic and no longer dared to mention the gold coins.

The blue-shirted man took out five gold coins and threw them at the strong man, saying in a calm tone, “Take the gold coins and get out of here, if you dare to stay here for one more breath, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

The strong man was so aroused by the blue-shirted man’s murderous aura that he winced and didn’t even dare to take the few gold coins that had rolled down on the ground, turning around and walking away, not even daring to stay behind with a harsh word. As for his extra forty-five gold coins, he didn’t even dare to mention them.

The people around him laughed and saw that there was no more fun to be had, so they left.

At this time the woman on the ground had already climbed up, she walked up to the blue-shirted man and bent down to salute him before lowering her head and saying in a very respectful whisper, “Ji Mei thanks this big brother for saving ……”

Her voice was as clear and melodious as an oriole’s, but her tone was so sad and self-pitying that one could almost cry out in sympathy if one heard her.

The first person to come out was not Ye Mo, but this blue-shirted man, which made her a bit surprised. This didn’t seem to be what she had expected.

What a pitying woman, when Ye Mo saw this Ji Mei, his heart pined for Mu Xiao Yun even more, when Xiao Yun first met him, it seemed to be the same scene. He shook his head and turned around to walk out of the hotel.

The body of that Ji Mei seemed to be very tender, she just said one word and then seemed to have no strength to continue to stand and staggered and fell down again.

Ye Mo had just walked to the door when the direction this Ji Mei fell down was surprisingly his side. A faint aroma entered Ye Mo’s nose, Ye Mo frowned and immediately took a step back, while extending his foot to hook Ji Mei who had fallen to the ground.

The reason why he used his foot to hook Ji Mei was that he felt that the timing of Ji Mei’s fall was a little too coincidental. And although his divine sense did not observe Ji Mei carefully just now, given the way this woman was running just now, her body should not be so soft that she could not even stand, right? However, Ye Mo didn’t think much of it, after all, it was normal for the body to be tired after a long run.

Ji Mei was blocked by Ye Mo’s foot, she hurriedly stood up straight with force and bent down to Ye Mo with a terrified face and said, “This big brother, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to do that just now, thank you, I, I ……”

She was so panicked that she couldn’t even get a complete sentence out.

Ye Mo looked a little closer this time, and in his heart, he couldn’t help but secretly marvel at Ji Mei’s stunning beauty. She was even three times more alluring than Mu Xiaoyun, with that innate sense of softness that I felt sorry for when I saw her. At this moment, Ye Mo actually recalled Lin Daiyu, ‘like a pretty flower shining in the water when she is idle, and like a weak willow when she acts’.

The woman’s eyes were downcast, but her charm was natural. Her rough clothes and skirt could not hide her beautiful face. The messy hair on her head adds to her sense of alarming beauty, and her slender, soft waist makes her hips look even more shapely, an absolute natural beauty.

Such a woman was only worth fifty gold coins, Ye Mo was even a little surprised.

However, he then calmed down and said in a light voice, “It’s alright.” After saying that, Ye Mo was once again about to walk away.

A trace of surprise flashed in Ji Mei’s eyes, she had just deliberately let Ye Mo see her face. However, she only saw some surprise in Ye Mo’s eyes, not the shock she imagined, and then the lustful eagerness to strike up more conversation with her, was this man really a horny man?