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DYM Chapter 766

Besides, ‘Purple Snow Yingzi’ wasn’t something that had to be used for dan formation, right? With Ye Mo’s current knowledge of pills and medicinal herbs, he certainly knew the main function of ‘Purple Snow Yingzi’.

‘Purple Snow Yingzi’ was a top grade healing herb, no less than ‘Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed’. But what makes it better than ‘Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed’ is that it can be consumed directly, and the effect is even better than ‘Lotus Life Pill’. Apart from healing injuries, the ‘Purple Snow Yingzi’ has another function, which is to refine it into a ‘Purple Snow Pill’.

The ‘Purple Snow Pill’ was another pill that could increase the chances of building a foundation, apart from the ‘Foundation Building Pill’. However, the ‘Purple Snow Pill’ is far less effective than the ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’ and is no less difficult to refine than the ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’, so few people use ‘Purple Snow Pill’ to build a foundation.

Ji Mei said that Feng Neng had disrupted her dan formation, what was this about? If what Feng Neng snatched away was the ‘Purple Snow Yingzi’, then it wasn’t a pill for dan formation at all.

But no matter what, Ye Mo knew that it was the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ that wanted to trouble him, and for such a sect, Ye Mo really didn’t put it in his eyes. Feng Neng had coincidentally taken control of Ji Mei, and now that Ji Mei had recovered her cultivation, the first one to kill was Feng Neng, so he didn’t have to do anything.

But Ye Mo likewise didn’t dare to sweep his divine sense into the next room, even if his ‘Three Life Dictate’ was more heaven defying, it was still a floating cloud against a cultivator with a complete Foundation Establishment.

Ye Mo poured a cup of tea and sat down, he knew that if Ji Mei was really a Foundation Establishment Perfection. If he fled now, it was likely that he would be taken as having a weak heart. In case he was caught, Ji Mei would definitely lay a poisonous hand on him. Since this was the case, it was better to sit down and face it, no matter what, there was no hatred between himself and her.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo hid all of his true essence. It was just that if someone used their divine sense to check it, it would just be an ordinary late Xiantian stage.

Sure enough, Ye Mo did not have to sit for long. He felt a divine sense sweeping in, and it was obvious that this divine sense was checking his condition.

Although Ye Mo acted as if nothing was wrong, he still had some doubts in his heart. At most, this divine sense was only the divine sense of a complete Qi practitioner. Why did that Ji Mei say that she was a Jiedan? Or did she say that on purpose to make herself scandalized?

The next moment, there was a knock on Ye Mo’s room.

Ye Mo let out a secret sigh, what comes around must come around, he got up and opened the room, allowing Ji Mei to walk in. Although Ye Mo didn’t use his divine sense to sweep Ji Mei, he already knew that Ji Mei’s cultivation had fully recovered.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Ji Mei said with a faint smile, “Thank you so much for these few days, Master. I won’t be able to come and serve Master in the future, so I came to say hello to you, Master.”

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, it looked like Ji Mei didn’t have the intention to flip out.

After waiting for a while, he saw that Ye Mo didn’t mean to let himself go after dawn, nor did he make any questioning remarks because of his sudden odd words. This made Ji Mei sulk a little. She suddenly said again, “Master, what do you think of my looks?”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, he didn’t know what Ji Mei meant by this, but still said, “You are beautiful.”

“Oh.” Ji Mei smiled as if she had a meaningful smile, then said with some charm, “But I heard that Master is very lustful, since Master thinks I am beautiful. Why not let accompany you ……”

Ye Mo sneered, he knew Ji Mei wanted to find a reason to make a move, and said in his heart with a secret guard, “No wonder brother Fu doesn’t want you to follow, it’s only been a few days and you’ve revealed your true colors. I guess being chased by others that day was also a disguise for you. However, even if I’m horny, I have no interest in your cheap look.”

Since he was ready to tear his face off, Ye Mo didn’t have the slightest intention of compromising a woman. This woman had seduced him, probably just to find a reason to kill someone.

Ye Mo couldn’t help but think of Xiao Yun, the kind of genuine tenderness that Xiao Yun had for him, Ji Mei, a woman who couldn’t fake it no matter how much she pretended. Even if she had not regained her cultivation a few days ago, that kind of maid’s expression always gave Ye Mo a twisted feeling. It was also true that there was only one Xiao Yun in this world, how could Ji Mei be compared to her?

Hearing Ye Mo’s words Ji Mei froze for a moment and her face immediately showed anger, but strangely enough her anger quickly dissipated.

Ji Mei suddenly sighed and said, “I heard that you killed countless experts in a fit of rage and are a lustful man, but now it seems that the rumours are really not to be believed. It’s true, I was coerced a few days ago, but it’s true that I let someone chase me that day, and that person really paid for me. You and Fu Mai are both good people, and the fact that you were able to kill so many top Xiantian experts with a late Xiantian stage shows that you have a high talent in martial arts.”

When Ji Mei said this, she suddenly reached out and struck a fireball and said indifferently, “Although your cultivation level is good, but if I were to kill you now, it would only be a matter of lifting my hand. But for the sake that you are still considered an honest gentleman, I will spare you once.”

After saying that, the fireball in Ji Mei’s hand suddenly struck out and landed on the coffee table in front of Ye Mo, which was immediately surrounded by a ball of flame and began to burn.

When Ye Mo saw this fireball, he knew in his heart that he had indeed overestimated this woman, and that this fireball was far inferior to his fireball. This woman was definitely only at the peak of Qi cultivation and not at the peak of Foundation Establishment.

Moreover, she didn’t mean to say that when she said Jiedan, there must be another reason.

Ye Mo looked at the fire ball, his face unchanged as he said with a cold smile, “I never want people to spare me, I control my own life.”

A peak Qi practitioner, Ye Mo hadn’t put it in his eyes, if this woman dared to make a move, he didn’t mind killing her immediately.

Ji Mei suddenly puffed out a laugh, “They say that men with some ability love to stink and want to save face, now it really seems to be true. But if I said I’d spare you, I’ll spare you. A word to the wise: it’s better to be modest. Otherwise, there are times when you die without knowing how you died. Today you are lucky to meet me who is in a good mood.”

After saying that, Ji Mei dashed out of the room and disappeared from Ye Mo’s sight almost in an instant.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, he was sure that this Ji Mei was a gra*s-roots person, although he had cultivated to the Great Perfection of Qi cultivation, he did not understand many things about cultivation.

He remembered the cultivator he met at the South Pole, he said he was from Xingjia Mountain, this woman also said she was from Xingjia Mountain, could it be that they were together? No, the man said that it was his senior brother who had discovered the Cultivation Cave with him in the first place, not a woman.

One thing Ye Mo could be sure of was that although this woman knew a little more than the cultivator he had met at the South Pole, there was just as much that she didn’t know.

Ye Mo’s did not continue to think about it, since the matter had nothing to do with him anymore, there was no need for him to stay in this town. He stepped onto his flying sword and went through the window like a shooting star, disappearing into the night sky.

Ji Mei had just arrived at the top of the building when she seemed to think of something, and she came back to Ye Mo’s room the next moment. Just as she arrived at Ye Mo’s room, she froze, just now Ye Mo was still there, how come he disappeared in the blink of an eye?

Ji Mei snorted coldly and muttered to herself, “Want to leave? Since I’m looking for you, you’d better behave yourself and come back to me. Originally, I was going to leave it at that, but since you want to leave, then serve me for a few days as well.”

At the same time, her divine sense had already swept out, and with her current level of Qi training at its full completion, her divine sense could already reach eight or nine miles.

But soon her face changed, there was no shadow of Ye Mo within her divine sense at all. The reason why Ji Mei’s face changed colour was because she had left Ye Mo’s room and returned in less than half a minute, how could he have run away for miles in such a short time? Even if she was riding a green eagle, it would still be somewhat difficult.

Going to Handong City, Ji Mei did not return to Xingjia Mountain the next moment, but chose to go to Handong City. She knew that Ye Mo was going to Handong City, and she had to find out about this matter.


Ye Mo did not go to Handong City, he went to Shi Feng Village, which was under the jurisdiction of Handong City. Before Falling Yue entered Cixi Jingzhai her name was Shi Jingqin, and before she died she asked Ye Mo to take her back to Shi Feng Village for a look. Whether it was for the sake of Fei Lu and Lu Hustle, or because he himself knew Lu Yue, Ye Mo felt that he should help her fulfill this wish.

At this moment, Lu Yue had already been placed into a jade coffin by Ye Mo, these jade stones were still provided to him by Yun Ziyi, he refined a jade coffin and then placed it inside his Golden Page World.

Up to now, Ye Mo did not know what kind of world this Golden Page World was, but one thing Ye Mo did know was that the Golden Page World had not yet derived the world rules, so anything placed inside it would not break down. Of course, once the world rules are derived, then it will be the same as the outside world.

When Ye Mo arrived at Shi Feng Village, it was already dawn.

Shi Feng Village was so much bigger than Huang Ping Village where Mu Xiao Yun lived back then, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through it and there were over a hundred families in the front and back. However, the whole village looked old and dilapidated, except for a few families with green brick and tile houses, most of the families had some straw houses.

A few early morning cooking smoke hovered above the village, a few early rising shepherd boys led old cows to graze on the ridge of the field, and a group of cloth-clad girls or young women walked out of the village carrying a large bamboo basket.

As Ye Mo watched these, his heart suddenly became serene. He took a deep breath and slowly walked towards the entrance of the village.

Some familiar mountain songs came from the mouth of these young girls or young women to Ye Mo’s ears, “sister asked sister to go to the tea mountain, sister pushed sister Lang still sleep Yo …… next door under the yellow fruit tree, the little brother next door silly …… ”

That was the mountain song that Lu Yue was still singing before she died, it turned out to be an old mountain song here, perhaps when Lu Yue did not go to the Hidden Gate before, she was also carrying a bamboo basket like this and singing a mountain song to pick tea.