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DYM Chapter 767

Ye Mo walked to the entrance of the village and stopped a few young girls who were picking tea and politely asked, “A few girls, may I ask if Shi Jingqin’s family lives here?”

Originally, when Ye Mo first came out to stop a few young girls, those few young girls were extremely bold and stared at Ye Mo, and even their eyes were fiery. This showed that the folk here were very open, and these young girls were all daring to hate and love.

But when Ye Mo asked the three words Shi Jingqin, these girls immediately turned pale and turned around Ye Mo one after another, lowering their heads and leaving. Their speed suddenly became faster and they soon disappeared at the entrance of the village.

Ye Mo was somewhat baffled, could it be that Shi Jingqin was so unpopular in the village? Or did these girls simply not know who Shi Jingqin was? But from the way these girls behaved, Ye Mo knew that they must have known Shi Jingqin’s family.

Ye Mo’s divine sense however noticed that after a few girls left, one girl however broke away from the tea picking group and sneaked around into the village. Ye Mo smiled faintly, this small movement would not be able to fool him.

The next moment, he had followed the girl to an incredibly dilapidated thatched hut.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept in and found a thick eyebrowed teenager in the house, dressed in very shabby clothes, who was tending to his herbs.

“Shi Tie, those people seem to be here again, the same as the two who came last time, they are looking for your sister, so hurry up and hide first.” This young girl came to the door and said urgently.

So this teenager was Lu Yue’s younger brother, Ye Mo dawned on him. But who was it that was coming to find trouble with Lu Yue, and even dragging her brother into it?

“Why do I have to hide when I come here?” Ye Mo suddenly stood in the doorway. Smiling slightly, he asked.

“Ah ……” The young girl who reported the news suddenly let out a scream when she saw the sudden appearance of Ye Mo, she was very careful when she came, she didn’t expect to be known by this person and brought him here. Her face turned pale all of a sudden, Ye Mo could even see her body rustling and shaking.

Shi Tie, however, put down the work at hand and grabbed an axe and said coldly to Ye Mo: “This matter has nothing to do with Sister Yu. Whatever tactics you have are coming at me.”

Ye Mo frowned and said to himself, “I just brought Lu Yue to the house for a visit, why should I come at you. But he knew that there might be some kind of misunderstanding happening in between.

Thinking about it. Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Shi Tie, you misunderstood me, I came over without malice. I am your sister’s friend, and I was asked by your sister to come over and take a look.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Shi Tie’s expression became odd, but he was still alert and grabbed the axe.

Suddenly Ye Mo’s eyes changed and he suddenly said, “Shi Tie, believe me, what I said is true, there is no malice towards you, I am indeed your sister’s friend. You wait for me here for a while. I have something to leave first, I will come over in a moment.”

Ye Mo turned around and left after he finished speaking, and soon he disappeared from Shi Tie and Sister Yu’s sight.

“Shi Tie, he’s gone, so hurry up and escape. If he comes back then it will be the end.” Seeing Ye Mo leave, a pale Sister Yu said to Shi Tie once again.

Shi Tie shook his head and said, “I don’t want to run away, he said he had something to do with my sister. I miss my sister very much, but I haven’t heard from her. If he’s with those people from last time, I’ll fight them. Sister Yu. Thank you, you can go first.”

The young girl with a somewhat white face thought for a while, but still admonished Shi Tie and left first.


The reason why Ye Mo suddenly left Lu Yue’s house was because his divine sense had swept Ji Mei and she had stumbled past the edge of Shi Feng Village. It was reasonable to say that she still had a green eagle, but Ye Mo didn’t see where the green eagle was either.

Although Ye Mo already knew that Ji Mei was mostly a Qi Practitioner cultivator, but a Qi Practitioner was almost invincible in this place. Who would be able to defeat her? And to injure her like this?

Ye Mo immediately followed him too, he was curious to know when this kind of powerful guy came out of the small world again. He was not a reckless person, since that person who was chasing Ji Mei only injured her and did not kill her, and let her escape here, it was evident that it could not be much more powerful than Ji Mei.

If he was not much more powerful than Ji Mei, Ye Mo was still not afraid of the other party.

Ji Mei did not have to flee far when a chirping sounded and a green eagle had landed in front of her. On top of the green eagle came down a man who looked to be only in his fifties.

What made Ye Mo wonder was that this green eagle was obviously Ji Mei’s mount, how did it become this man’s? Moreover, judging from the long sword he was carrying, Ji Mei was still injured by him.

“What the hell do you want? The Green Eagle has already been taken over by you, do you still want to drive it to extinction?” Ji Mei’s eyes were stern, but her tone was clearly a little lacking in strength.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, and he immediately saw that this man was practicing ancient martial arts, except that his cultivation level was all about the same as Li Cheng’s, or even beyond it. It was a true Innate, or above the Innate as it was said inside the small world.

No wonder Ji Mei was no match for him. Although Ji Mei was a cultivator, her understanding of cultivation was not yet very thorough, and she did not have a magic weapon to take advantage of. So there was no way to bring out her true strength, and it was normal that she was not a match for this man.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that there was only one person who was truly above the Ascendant, but he did not expect to meet another one here.

The man looked Ji Mei up and down carefully for a moment before saying, “You are so young, but your cultivation is so powerful. It is inconceivable that you could escape here in my hands, and I could not even catch up with you without the Green Eagle. You know that when I strike with all my might, even Senior Nephew Leng hermeneutics would not be able to stop a few moves, but you managed to do it.”

Ji Mei said in a cold voice, “I have no enmity with you, why did you suddenly strike at me? You even stole my Green Eagle?”

The man said in a light voice, “It was your Green Eagle? How did I hear that this Green Eagle belongs to the ‘Sea Merchant School’? Although I have just come out of the mountain, I also know that the head of the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ was killed by you, right?”

Ji Mei grunted, “Feng Neng of the ‘Sea Merchant Sect’ had designs on me, so why shouldn’t I kill him? And what does this have to do with you?”

The man sneered, “It is unrelated, but as far as I know, Feng Neng gave you a task. It was for you to kill a young man called Ye Mo, I guess you didn’t complete this task. You tell me where Ye Mo is now, and maybe I can spare you for once.”

“Ye Mo?” Ji Mei froze for a moment, if she had been looking for him yesterday, Ye Mo would still be in Shi Lin Town, but now she couldn’t even find Ye Mo, how could she tell this man?

The man’s hateful voice came out, “That’s right, it’s Ye Mo, he wiped out my Taiyi Sect, and his hatred with me is unbreakable. I have been in seclusion for a long time, but I learned of this man’s ferocity from a descendant of the Taiyi Sect called Mo Youshen. I never thought that I would not return for thirty years, but as soon as I did, I learned the terrible news that the Taiyi Sect had been wiped out. I will never be satisfied until I have chopped this man Ye Mo into pieces of meat. If you can’t reveal Ye Mo’s whereabouts today instead, you will go ahead and bury yourself with the Taiyi Sect.”

Ji Mei froze for a moment, she couldn’t imagine that this Taiyi Sect guy would be so unreasonable, what did this matter have to do with her? At this time for her to go to Ye Mo, where would she go to find it.

“Of course, you have another way out, your cultivation is good, you can marry that new disciple of mine, Mo Youshen. And then a*sist him to expand my Taiyi Sect, in that case, I certainly won’t make things difficult for you. That disciple of mine, as you can see, has some resemblance to Ye Mo, and he is good looking, so you can’t be wronged.” The man saw Ji Mei dazed and added once more.

Ji Mei dawned on her, she then realized that this latter sentence was his main purpose, how shameless.

She said in a cold voice, “You want me to marry that Mo Youshen? Just like him?”

Ji Mei was secretly hating in her heart, when she saw Mo Youshen, she thought that was Ye Mo, but when she found out that it wasn’t Ye Mo, she couldn’t get away anymore. This old guy was not letting her go and his kung fu was so powerful. It turned out that when she grabbed Mo Youshen, she called out to Ye Mo and he actually heard her. Moreover, after he heard his name, he also knew about him helping the ‘Sea Merchant School’ against Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had fully understood by now, it turned out that this guy was a senior of the Taiyi Sect, because he had been hiding in the deep mountains to cultivate, but when he came back, he found that the sect had been wiped out. That was why he was so furious, that Mo Youshen was really capable, to have befriended such an expert.

From this man’s mouth Ye Mo also learned that he did not know about the existence of Li Cheng yet.

Since he had met an expert of the Taiyi Sect, Ye Mo’s heart had long since risen to kill. He would never let him leave because Little Yun was also here, in case Little Yun met this kind of guy one day then it would be the end. There was also that Mo Youshen, it would be best to go and waste him later as well.

Since he decided to make a move, Ye Mo took out his flying sword and slowly walked out.

Ji Mei’s injuries were not light, and she was anxious about how to escape this guy’s hands when she saw Ye Mo walking over. She froze for a moment, and immediately her heart was just overjoyed.

“This senior, the person you are looking for has come, there is no more business for me here, I am leaving.” After saying that, Ji Mei turned around and left without looking back. As for whether Ye Mo was dead or alive had nothing to do with her, she didn’t even bother to think about how Ye Mo had appeared here.

Moreover, she didn’t have any psychological burden in using Ye Mo as a shield, this Taiyi Sect guy was originally looking for Ye Mo. She only fell into his hands because she mistook Mo Youshen for Ye Mo.

This man also saw Ye Mo at the same time, and he immediately understood in his heart why Ji Mei had mistaken Mo Youshen for Ye Mo. It was because at first glance there was really a resemblance, but with a little bit of attention, it was clear that these were two completely different people.

“You’re Ye Mo? It was you who destroyed the Taiyi Sect?” After this man saw Ye Mo, he had long since stopped caring about Ji Mei’s escape. He believed that when he killed Ye Mo, it would be just as late to catch Ji Mei.