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DYM Chapter 773

Luo Ying nodded, “I think so, I remembered a lot of things after I reached the ninth level of Qi training, this should be a ‘seven star formation’. Senior brother had told me that this should be the place to go to the small world, besides, last time Luo Fei also said that they came in through here.”

“Then how do we get in?” Ning Qingxue looked at Luo Ying with some anxiety, she was divided between love and hate, and her thoughts of Ye Mo made her look even thinner. Unlike Luo Ying, her longing could be kept in her heart, she wanted to see Ye Mo immediately every moment of the day.

Luo Ying took out seven spirit stones and said, “This ‘Seven Star Formation’ requires seven spirit stones, but the spirit stones we have found over the years are too low grade. So after I put the spirit stones into each position later, the three of us will use our true qi to inject them at this position, which is the Heavenly Pivot, so there is a slight possibility of opening it. But after that this formation door will probably be completely ruined.”

“Sister Luo Ying, why is that?” Tang Beiwei looked at Luo Ying strangely.

Luo Ying pointed to the dead bones next to her and the blood marks on the platform and said, “Because this formation was sacrificed in blood several years ago, plus we forced it open, afterwards this formation is almost like a complete closure to death, there is no way to open it again. Unless there is a great power to rearrange this formation.”

Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered something, she bit her lip and said, “I already told my parents when I came out, it’s fine even if I don’t come back, but, but ……”

Tang Beiwei took Ning Qingxue’s hand, “Sister Qingxue, are you worried that if brother is not inside, we won’t be able to get out again and see him in the future?”

Ning Qingxue nodded her head. If Ye Mo was inside the small world, it didn’t matter if she got out or not, but if Ye Mo wasn’t there, then if she couldn’t get out, wouldn’t she never see her husband again?

“Well, what’s Fay Lok doing here?” Among the three, only Luo Ying was used to letting out her divine sense, although Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei were both at the eighth level of Qi cultivation. However, they were not used to letting their divine sense out. Therefore, Luo Ying was the first to see someone coming here.

The next moment Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei also saw the person who had come over.

Tang Beiwei immediately greeted them and asked, “Sister Fei Luo, why did you come over too?”

Fei Luo’s face was originally a little gloomy, but when she saw Luo Ying and the other three people. Surprise appeared in her eyes once again, and immediately rushed over and said, “You guys are really here, I ……”

Although all three of them guessed what was going on, but Luo Ying and Ning Qing Xue had nothing else in their hearts but Ye Mo, only Tang Beiwei asked, “Sister Fei, are they okay, Sister Xu Er and Sister Yuehua.”

Fei Luo nodded without answering.

Instead, Luo Ying said, “Wait until I go to put in the spirit stones. Everyone send true qi into the heavenly pivot position together, remember not to be eager, we can try it slowly first.”


If there were people who were familiar with Ye Mo, they would definitely not recognize the Ye Mo at this moment. He now had dark circles around his eyes, both eyes were red, and his hair was disheveled as if it was straw. Apart from his eyes which were still nervously focused on his formation, he had completely forgotten everything else.

He didn’t even know how long it had been, and for a long time he had only relied on the Purgatory Pill to feed his hunger. The way he had thought of it was very labour intensive. It had been so long ago that he didn’t want to lose all his efforts.

Because he had to keep an eye on everything inside the formation all the time, Ye Mo’s divine sense and true essence were consumed a lot. Every time his divine sense was depleted, he immediately replaced it with true essence to continue probing and then quenched his divine sense.

In the long run, his divine sense had not only become incomparably condensed, but had also risen from the original 7,000 metres to a distance of over 20 miles. Moreover, his true essence had likewise become condensed, although it was not yet at the ninth level of Qi cultivation. But it was not far off. This was still the reason why he hadn’t been cultivating. If he had started cultivating every time his divine sense and true essence were depleted, he would have started cultivating immediately. Perhaps he would have reached the late stage of the ninth level of Qi cultivation by now.

This was a very impressive advancement, knowing that although the ‘Three Life Technique’ he cultivated had the fastest speed of absorbing spiritual qi. However, the difficulty required for him to advance had likewise increased a lot, and the later he got the harder his advancement became. If others needed ten top quality spirit stones to advance to the next level, then he would need a hundred or more.

To put it more simply, he absorbs spirit energy faster than others, but his cultivation speed is slower than others. This sounded contradictory to others, but Ye Mo knew that it was not contradictory at all, he was an eight spirit root, and eventually he could even derive a ninth spirit root, the dark spirit root. This kind of qualification predestined that there was no way for him to cultivate faster. The cultivation advancement of each spirit root also needed to be balanced, and once this balance was broken there would be no way to continue cultivating the ‘Three Life Technique’.

At this moment, Ye Mo’s divine sense paid attention to every loose trace inside his formation, after the initial anxiety, now Ye Mo’s mind was very calm, he would not look anxious just because there was no movement in the formation, on the contrary, he was calm.

This was because he knew that the loose gate of the ‘Nine Stars of the Northern Dipper Formation’ would never be found at random. Moreover, after such a long time of deduction and calculation, Ye Mo also roughly knew which formation gate would be slightly loosened at what time, just that those loosening were not enough for him to leave.

Ye Mo knew that there should be no loosening of the formation gates for the next period of time, so he used his divine sense to control it while he took a grain-preventing pill and threw it into his mouth.

However, just as Ye Mo swallowed the pill, he felt the Tianxuan location formation gate start to loosen, and this loosening was getting bigger and bigger.

This was impossible, Ye Mo was frozen, how could the Tianxuan position be loose at this time? Even if it were to loosen, it would be the shaking light formation door that would loosen, but that kind of slight loosening would not be able to leave at all.

But the truth is that the Tianxuan position formation door has not only loosened, but the movement is also getting louder and louder.

What was going on? Although Ye Mo did not know what was going on, he immediately seized the opportunity and started to inject true essence into the Tianxuan Bit, he wanted to seize this opportunity to make the Tianxuan Bit loosen even more.

Ye Mo had not studied formations for a day or two, and his formation level had reached a certain level and was so self-contained that some formation masters in the cultivation world were not necessarily more powerful than him.

He quickly understood the reason for the Tianxuan position formation door to be loose, and this reason would only be one, that outside the formation corresponding to the ‘Nine Star Formation’, someone was trying to open the Tianshuang position formation door. Ye Mo immediately remembered the ‘Seven Star Formation’ outside, could it be that someone was trying to come in from the Heavenly Pivot Position in the formation outside?

Who could this be? The one who knew about that ‘Seven Star Formation’ outside in the depths of the sea of clouds should also be from the Hidden Sect.

Although he was very puzzled, but Ye Mo knew that there was only one chance, and he would not give up this chance even more.


At the same time.

Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei and Ning Qingxue and Luo Fei were all sweating like rain, they felt that when their true qi was injected into the heavenly pivot position, the true qi was completely out of their control, it was like the true qi was pouring in without money.

Luo Ying’s face changed, she immediately knew it was over, she only knew the way to break the formation, but she had not thought that the four of them could not control the activation of this formation even if their True Qi was added together.

If she was alone, she would have been fine at this point, she could have fought against the internal qi backlash and gotten hurt, then broke away from the formation. But now there were four of them, and once one of them broke away, it would be the same as allowing the remaining three to be strangled by the formation immediately.

Tang Beiwei’s face turned pale as she said with difficulty, “Sister Luo Ying, are we going to die? If we continue to suck like this, our cultivation will be completely gone.”

Fei Luo was even more unable to hold on and a mouthful of blood spurted out, her entire body trembled as she felt her internal qi was about to run out.

Ning Qingxue glanced at Luo Ying, her eyes were a little bleak, it wasn’t that she was afraid of dying, but she was resigned to not having a glance at her husband Ye Mo before she died.

“Huh, Sister Luo Ying, I seem to feel that my true qi is once again under my own control.” Tang Beiwei was pleasantly surprised to find that the earlier phenomenon of her true qi being out of control was suddenly gone, and she was once again in control of the initiative.

Luo Ying and the others also felt this, and Luo Ying said with a sigh of relief, “Although I don’t know what’s going on, but since this is the case, it means that this formation door is about to open. Fay Lok, are you alright?”

Fay Lok shook her head with a pale face, “No, fortunately it’s not like it was just now, if it was still like that, I guess it would be over.”

“What’s going on?” Ning Qingxue also felt very strange, this kind of thing happened very suddenly.

Luo Ying pondered for a moment and said, “Maybe there’s someone helping out over here at this formation too not sure. But this is good for us, so let’s not get distracted and take the initiative to put in more effort.”

The four of them once again injected their true qi, and soon a faint glow radiated around the huge stone they were on, and it was accompanied by a buzzing sound.

“The formation is about to open, so the four of us grab our hands, lest we go out in a different place.” As soon as Luo Ying’s words fell, he grabbed Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei’s hands, while Tang Beiwei pulled on Fay Lok at the same time.

A powerful suction force suddenly appeared above the boulder, as if it was a huge door, and swept the four of them into the door in an instant.


Just at this time, Ye Mo saw the formation door of the Tianxuan position completely loosened, true essence suddenly burst up and sent into the Tianxuan position formation door, the next moment, he had completely rushed into the Tianxuan position.

A powerful suction force rolled in, and Ye Mo’s heart was relieved that he was finally out.


“Sister Luo Ying, what is this place? What a tall nine peaks.” Tang Beiwei climbed up from the ground and let out a gasp of amazement as she looked around at the nine peaks, any one of these nine peaks would be several thousand meters above sea level, right?

Luo Ying shook her head, and the next moment she said, “There is even an air ban here, is this the cultivation world? It’s not where senior brother came from?”

The stunned Fei Luo came to her senses at that moment, and she looked around and said, “This is the small world you are talking about, the Divine Continent. The place where we are standing is called the Divine Continent Mountain, and it was from here that we left the Divine Continent for the outside world in the first place.”

“I seem to have felt Ye Mo’s aura.” Ning Qingxue suddenly murmured.