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DYM Chapter 772

The legendary figure in cultivation before all the hidden sects in the Divine Continent was ‘Du Du Tian’ of the Du Tian Sect. Du Du Tian, despite the prerequisite of having tested out no qualifications, surprisingly advanced to the Ascendant before the age of forty-five, and then he also founded the Du Tian Sect after advancing to the Ascendant. This miracle of cultivation has not been broken by anyone since.

But now Du Du Tian’s miracle had surprisingly been broken, and it was a young woman who was not much younger than him who had broken his record.

Yun Ziyi of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ had advanced to Xiantian when she was in her twenties, becoming the youngest Xiantian master in the Divine Continent. This was not to mention the fact that the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ still relied on Yun Ziyi to rea*semble itself alive despite the disappearance of Yun Dongman, and annexed the ‘Sea Merchant School’ half a year ago, with its strength rising instead of retreating.

It can be said that Yun Ziyi not only broke the record left by Du Du Tian in terms of cultivation, but also the great achievement of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is no less than the ‘Du Tian School’ started by Du Du Tian. Of course, another thing that was worth getting people talking about was that Yun Ziyi was actually also a disciple of the ‘Du Tian School’.

When Ye Mo arrived at Sandalwood City, he casually asked around and knew that the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was already one of the biggest powers in Sandalwood City. Apart from a few first-cla*s hidden sects, the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was the boss.

Moreover, several first-cla*s hidden sects seemed to know that the rise of ‘God Chamber’ Yun Ziyi had something to do with Ye Mo, and all took the initiative to back off. So in Sandalwood City, it was actually the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce”s world right now.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and immediately spotted Yun Ziyi, who at that moment was at a late Heaven level cultivation. Ye Mo then knew that the other ‘Great Peel Pill’ that he had given to Yun Ziyi, Yun Ziyi had not sold it either, but used it for her own cultivation.

Yun Ziyi twirled the cup of tea in her hand, three pills that pulled her from the peak of the Xuan level to the late Xiantian stage. Not only had she become the youngest Innate expert in the Divine Continent, but she had also become the fastest to advance from the early Innate stage to the late Innate stage.

This was something she wouldn’t have even dared to imagine if it was before. But now it had turned out to be true. Everyone else was thinking that her natural talent had suddenly exploded, but only she knew that the real youngest number one expert was not her, but that young man called Ye Mo. What was even more terrifying about him was that a mere three pills had sent her to the late Xiantian stage, which was obviously a little too heaven defying, not to mention that ‘Face Preserving Pill’.

“Just how many secrets are hidden in him?” Yun Ziyi sighed and muttered. She knew that Ye Mo didn’t have any thoughts about her. If Ye Mo had thoughts about her, she had said that last time. Ye Mo would definitely have shown something, but it was as if he hadn’t heard it.

In terms of looks, she was not inferior to Mu Xiaoyun, but why was Ye Mo so dead set on Mu Xiaoyun? And didn’t feel anything for her?

Yun Ziyi sighed again, she had some vague understanding in her heart, she just didn’t want to admit it. She wanted to get close to Ye Mo, not because she was in love with him. What she brought with her was utilitarianism and the idea that it would be beneficial to her. If Ye Mo wasn’t that capable, could she possibly get close to Ye Mo? That was definitely not possible. Besides, with Ye Mo missing, Mu Xiaoyun would look forward to Ye Mo’s return every day, and if she was given the cloud purple dress, she would at most just sigh.

“What’s the secret?” An abrupt voice appeared at her door, Yun Ziyi was startled in her heart, she looked up and immediately spotted Ye Mo who pushed the door in.

“Ah, it’s you, big brother Ye.” Yun Ziyi’s expression immediately became surprised. There wasn’t even a transformation in between.

Of course Ye Mo knew how Yun Ziyi treated him, but Ye Mo didn’t care, the relationship between him and Yun Ziyi was originally a trade.

“Last time I asked you to help me acquire some medicinal herbs and ores, I wonder how it’s going?” Ye Mo asked straight to the point, he didn’t intend to stay for long, he could get the herbs sooner and leave here sooner.

Yun Ziyi hurriedly said, “It’s all ready, big brother Ye. You come with me.”

Yun Ziyi brought Ye Mo to the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce”s medicinal herbs warehouse, and when Ye Mo arrived at the small warehouse, he was still satisfied in his heart. These medicinal herbs were well preserved, although the medicinal properties had lost quite a lot. But it was good enough for him.

There were really quite a lot of good things, there were even spirit herbs of the rank of blood oar seed and purple-backed green lily. On top of that, there was a large piece of Geng Iron Essence, not smaller at all than the one Ye Mo got last time.

Ye Mo pushed Yun Ziyi away as he loaded all the medicinal herbs and ores inside the warehouse into his ring. Although Yun Ziyi felt strange about Ye Mo suddenly taking these things, she knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, so she didn’t even ask.


Yun Ziyi did not ask Ye Mo for more money, Ye Mo left behind two ‘Great Peel Pills’ and after telling Yun Ziyi to take care of Shi Tie by the way, he refused Yun Ziyi’s invitation and left Sandalwood City.

He had done all that he could about coming to the small world. Mu Xiaoyun’s disappearance did not make him feel very good in his heart, compared to the ‘Bitter Decade’ not being found which was a secondary matter. There was also the fact that that Jing Hu hadn’t been killed, which left Ye Mo with a nagging feeling, but the Divine Continent was so big and he knew that finding Daoist Aunt Jing Hu would be difficult.

He had to go back, his longing for Luo Ying and Light Snow made Ye Mo not want to stay here for a moment.


Shenzhou Mountain, there were no medicinal herbs or unique places here, and it was also a forbidden place for the Hidden Sect. Therefore, apart from some big activities of the Hidden Sect, there are few human traces here throughout the year. The Hidden Sect was so vast and sparsely populated that no one would want to come to such a barren place.

Instead, at this time, Ye Mo came to the Divine Continent Mountain once again, he did not come to look for medicinal herbs this time, he came to break the ‘Seven Star Formation’ and then try to get out.

There were nine peaks on the periphery of the Divine Continent Mountain, and Ye Mo dug a cave house on the one in the middle. And a concealing formation was arranged around the cave.

Ye Mo knew that although his understanding of formations had reached a certain level, it was not a simple matter to get out through this ‘Seven Star Formation’, so he had already prepared for a long battle.

Digging a cave dwelling in the nine peaks of the Divine Continent Mountain would definitely not be allowed if people from the Hidden Sect knew about it. But Ye Mo was digging a cave here, not to mention that no one knew about it at all, and even if someone knew about it, no one would dare to come and stop it.

Ye Mo knew about the ‘Seven Stars of the Big Dipper Formation’, which was arranged in the order of the upper three “Yu Chong” stars and the lower three “Xuan Gui” stars, according to the seven directions of Tian Shu, Tian Xuan, Tian Gui, Tian Quan, Yu Heng, Kai Yang The seven directions are arranged in the formations. The seven directions can then echo each other and form a reciprocal flow.

But this ‘Seven Star Formation’ in front of him was obviously not a simple ‘Seven Star Formation of the Big Dipper’, Ye Mo found the seven gates of this ‘Seven Star Formation’ through several months of research, and they were located on each of the seven mountain peaks. However, when he was about to break it, he found that these seven mountain peaks were surprisingly far from being as simple as seven directions.

These seven mountain peaks were actually linked to the starry sky, changing according to different seasons, different directions and even different times of the day.

It could be said that the reason why the Hidden Sect was able to leave once every fifty years was because this ‘Seven Star Formation’ happened to be at a moment when the formation was opened. After figuring this out, Ye Mo knew that if he wanted to get out, he had to find the moment when the formation was loosened. It was as if people in the Hidden Sect knew that this formation also had a small loosening once every twenty years, and that small loosening could also force one’s way out. Ye Mo thought that there must be remaining times in between when it loosened, even if it was only for a moment, it would be fine for him.

Alone on Shenzhou Mountain studying the formation, Ye Mo almost forgot about time. Another year pa*sed and he had already cultivated to the middle of the eighth level of Qi cultivation, but there was nothing he could do about this ‘Seven Star Formation’.

It wasn’t until one day when Ye Mo found the formation gate again on the remaining two peaks that he realised that it wasn’t a ‘Seven Star Formation’ at all, but a ‘Nine Star Formation’, which meant that what he had studied before was completely meaningless.

At this point, he already knew that the remaining two peaks were not for show, but were equally useful things.

Ye Mo had no choice but to come to Sandalwood City again and have Yun Ziyi help him buy a large number of formation books, then return to Divine Continent Mountain and continue his research on the ‘Nine Star Formation’.

The nine stars of the Big Dipper are: Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tiangui, Tianquan, Yuheng, Xuangyang, Dongxing, and Yinyuan, which can also be called Greedy Wolf, Giant Gate, Locus, Wenqu, Lianzhen, Wuqu, Broken Army, Left a*sist, and Right Butt. Seven of these nine stars appear and two are concealed, with the two concealed stars being the Cave Star and the Hidden Star. In order to break this formation, one must understand the door of the Dong Xing Xing and Hidden Yuan Xing.

Time was like lightning, the days and months were like a shuttle, Ye Mo kept interpreting the formation every day, forgetting even everything, not to mention cultivating.

After repeatedly and constantly deducing and calculating, Ye Mo found two ways. The first was to use a large amount of top quality spirit stones to forcefully communicate with the nine star formation gate. The advantage of doing this was that it was simple and convenient. The disadvantage was that one Ye Mo did not have so many spirit stones, and the second Ye Mo did not have such a great ability.

To communicate with the nine star formation gate, what was needed was not only spirit stones, but also one’s own cultivation level should be through the roof. Otherwise, if the formation backfired, not only would the formation be destroyed, but the person who broke the formation would have no bones left. It could be said that this method, although Ye Mo had thought of it, was of no use to him.

He could only choose the second method. The second method was to set up another formation, simply communicate up the nine formation gates, and then constantly search inside his own formation with true essence. Once he found the occasional loose gap in the formation, he immediately used the loose gap to get out of the formation.

This method is very stupid, and the spirit must be concentrated at all times, otherwise the loose gap will flash by and it will be a waste of time. However, Ye Mo could only use this method, other than this, he could not find any way to get out.


At this moment, in a canyon in the Transverse Mountain Range of China, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei were standing next to a huge rock, looking at the huge rock in front of them.

“Sister Luo Ying, you said that my brother left from here?” Tang Beiwei looked at the boulder for a long time before asking in a somewhat strange manner.