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DYM Chapter 775

“A few of you may have just arrived in Sandalwood, if you don’t mind, I can be of service to you and show you around Sandalwood.” Lu He Kun had an expectant face after answering Tang Beiwei’s words.

“No need, thank you.” Tang Beiwei waved her hand and returned to her seat with some disappointment.

Still undeterred, Lu He Kun walked over and cupped his fist, “If a few of you are looking for senior Ye, I can help, as the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is the Purple Flower Fairy of my Du Tian School …… ”

This time Lu He Kun’s words were interrupted by a crisp female voice, “Senior Lu, retreat, there is no more business for you here.”

Lu He Kun stopped his words at the sight of the woman walking in at the door and hurriedly said, “Yes, Senior Sister Yun.”

Yun Ziyi walked towards Luo Ying and the others, but in her heart she was secretly surprised, she got the news that there were several women looking for Ye Mo, she thought it was Mu Xiaoyun, but she didn’t expect it wasn’t Mu Xiaoyun, but none of these women had a worse temperament and appearance than her.


When Ye Mo’s feet landed on the ground, his divine sense immediately swept out, and the next moment his heart became excited. Sure enough, he was back, this seven-star formation was not so much an entrance as it was a teleportation door.

But with Ye Mo’s current formation level, he quickly saw the difference. It was nice that this was the location of the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper deep in the Sea of Clouds in the Transverse Mountain Range, but this formation seemed to have just been opened again, and it had been destroyed.

Ye Mo quickly remembered that when he was at the Divine Continent Mountain, there was a sudden loosening of the formation door in the middle of the ‘Nine Stars of the Big Dipper’ formation, so it seemed that someone had really tried to open this ‘Seven Stars Formation’ here and ended up helping himself. But it was also possible that he had helped the other party.

Those who could understand this formation and knew that there was a ‘Seven Star Formation’ here, it seemed to Ye Mo that most of them were from the Hidden Sect.

Ye Mo shook his head and let go of these thoughts, what he wanted to do most now was to return to Luo Yue immediately.

Ye Mo’s divine sense was now considered powerful, and when he stepped onto his flying sword. When his divine sense swept out, he immediately found a different place on the outside of the canyon, where there was a concealment formation?

In terms of divine sense, Ye Mo was now more than ten times stronger than before, and in terms of formation cultivation, he was also now more powerful than before by an unknown amount. So a concealment formation was the first thing he saw.

He found the concealment formation deep in the sea of clouds in the Hengduan Mountain Range. Ye Mo immediately rushed into this formation, although this formation was difficult for him to discover in the past. But to the current Ye Mo, not only was it easy to find, it was also easy to enter.

The concealment formation was on a platform of a cliff, and on this platform there was only one tree with ten red fruits on it.

When Ye Mo saw this tree, the excitement in his heart was beyond words. He had searched and searched inside the small world, almost all over the small world, but it was so simple to get.

This was clearly a ‘Bitter Decade’ tree. Ye Mo was sure that this was the ‘Bitter Decade’ that Meng Jiushan’s ancestors had found. But such a tree was surprisingly far away and close at hand.

Eight hundred years of ‘Bitter Decade’ ah, Ye Mo thought in his heart that if this tree was transplanted to the small world and he then sold ‘Bitter Decade’ exclusively in the cultivation world he would be very rich.

However, Ye Mo quickly calmed down, not to mention whether the tree could be transplanted or not, the key was that he did not have a place to transplant the tree yet. He didn’t have a spirit medicine garden, even in the cultivation world, those with spirit medicine gardens were usually at least at the late Jiedan stage of cultivation.

Although he had a heaven-defying Golden Page World, it was still a grey and gloomy world, so not only could he not plant anything. It was that he couldn’t even enter it himself. The only thing that could be done was just to store things that would not break.

But no matter what, having obtained the ‘Bitter Decade’, Ye Mo’s heart was still exceptionally excited. He took out ten jade boxes, carefully engraved a formation, then put the ten ‘Bitter Decade’ fruits into the jade boxes, and then put the jade boxes into his Golden Page world.

After doing this, Ye Mo once again arranged several formations around the ‘Bitter Decade’ tree. Just because he couldn’t dig the tree up now, didn’t mean he couldn’t come and dig it up later.


Luo Yue City, at this time, had long been different from the Luo Yue City that Ye Mo had left several years ago. The population of Luo Yue had now reached around two million. Because of Luo Yue City’s advanced technology and reasonable planning. So at this time, Luo Yue City had become a place that anyone in the world would want to come to.

At this time, Luo Yue City seems to be very calm, but in fact, there are turbulent waves. Because the top leader of Luo Yue City, Ye Mo, had been missing for almost ten years, and Ye Mo’s wife, Luo Ying, and Ning Qingxue did not care much about the power of Luo Yue and had left Luo Yue two years ago with Ye Mo’s sister, Tang Beiwei, to look for Ye Mo.

Therefore, the real power of Luo Yue was in the hands of Xu Yuehua and Xu Ping, both of whom were cultivation fanatics, and after Luo Yue became stable, almost all of their time was spent on cultivation. Besides, Xu Yuehua and Xu Ping knew that the city belonged to Ye Mo, so when Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling rose to power, no one felt bad about it.

Void Yuehua was a little better, still caring about the construction of Luo Yue, while Xu Ping put almost all of his energy into cultivation.

But the recent events had offended both Void Moon Hua and Xu Ping, so all the top bra*s of Luo Yue City held a general meeting once again. Although the a*sembly was brought up by Void Moon Hua, she had a feeling of unease.

City Lord Void Moon Hua, Vice City Lord Dong Xu Zhen, Vice City Lord Ye Zifeng, Vice City Lord Ye Ling, Army Commander-in-Chief Xu Ping, Commerce Minister Shen Qian Qian, Navy Commander Shen De, Army Commander Ye Shi Hua, Science and Technology Minister Dong Nana, and Foreign Affairs Minister Dong Chong ……

Void Yuehua looked at the conference room full of people and suddenly had a lonely feeling in her heart as she realised that so many of them were surprisingly unfamiliar faces. Where were her partners back then, Yu Miaotong and Zang Jia Yan? Where was Huang Yiniang, the Navy Commander back then? Where were Guo Qi, Li San Dao and even Luo Yue’s technology madman Ye Xing?

At this moment Void Moon Hua suddenly felt that she had failed Ye Mo’s expectations and had unknowingly allowed Luo Yue to turn into such a state. She only cared about developing Luo Yue’s technology and vigorously went about building Luo Yue City’s infrastructure. The rest of her time was spent on cultivation, and she had no idea that the top echelons of Luo Yue had unknowingly become like this.

If she hadn’t been Ye Mo’s appointed City Lord, and if Xu Ping hadn’t been Ye Mo’s second brother, would the two of them still be in this position? Or if it wasn’t for the fact that both himself and Xu Ping had peak Earth-level cultivation, would they have been able to keep their positions today?

And to Dong Xu Zhen who was superficially under one person and in fact had more power than herself she was surprised that she didn’t know where he came from. Didn’t even know when he had climbed to such a high position.

Void Yuehua was still in a daze when Vice City Lord Dong Xu Zhen tapped the microphone just before Void Yuehua and said, “Today’s meeting will be chaired by me and City Lord Yuehua, because of Minister Ye Xing’s departure, it is surprising that much of the information in our science and technology department is not even readily available for full access by the new Science and Technology Minister Dong Nana …… ”

A wave of anger rose in the heart of Void Yuehua who was fuming, this Dong Xu was really too unbridled.


Ye Mo stood in the bustling and lively Luo Yue City and suddenly felt some emotions in his heart. He had been gone for several years, and during these years, Ye Xing and Void Moon Hua had obviously lived up to his expectations, and Luo Yue City was still being built up well.

Surprisingly, he had a feeling of being near his hometown, he wanted to see Luo Ying and Light Snow eagerly, but did not know how he should face them when he saw them.

There was a loud noise coming from the street in front of him, and Ye Mo looked at the sound, but saw that someone was smashing inside a clothing shop.

Immediately, Ye Mo frowned, this kind of thing was actually happening in Luo Yue City, what was Fang Wei, who was in charge of law and order in Luo Yue City, doing?

“Yuan Gong, is that you?” After Ye Mo squeezed in, he surprisingly found out that he knew the owner of this shop, it was Yuan Gong who first went to the Flowing Serpent with him to start ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, he also had a sister called Yuan Meixiang. It was on the train to Flowing Serpent that Ye Mo met him, his sister and Zang Jia Yan. He did not expect that he would open a shop in Luo Yue now, and with a patriarch like him opening a shop in Luo Yue, there were still people smashing his shop.

At this moment, Yuan Gong was holding an iron bar with red eyes, and a few patrol pickets were ready to confront him, and behind him was an ordinary woman, who should be Yuan Gong’s wife.

When he heard Ye Mo’s shout, he turned his head to look at Ye Mo. The moment he saw Ye Mo, he was frozen, he froze for a long time, he didn’t even know that the iron bar in his hand had fallen to the ground.

“What’s going on with Yuan Gong?” Ye Mo asked once again.

Yuan Gong suddenly knelt on the ground and sobbed, “Big Brother Ye, is it really you, Big Brother Ye, you’re back?”

Ye Mo pulled Yuan Gong up, then asked in a cold voice, “What is going on? Why did the smashing of the shop happen? Where is this b*****d Fang Wei?”

This time, without waiting for Yuan Gong to answer, the few shop smashing pickets had already surrounded Ye Mo, and the picket leader at the head walked up to Ye Mo and looked him up and down a few times before asking in a gloomy voice, “Who are you again? How dare you meddle with Luo Yue’s law enforcement? Don’t you want to live anymore? Arrest him first.”

Ye Mo snorted coldly, he didn’t even bother to ask why, lifting his foot and breaking all of these people’s legs with just a casual sweep. Regardless of who was right or wrong, this kind of law enforcers he would not want.

A few of the patrolling pickets did not expect Ye Mo to be so powerful and even more unreasonable than them, he kicked off the legs of a few of them without even asking any questions. In a flash, several people were wailing on the ground.

Ye Mo was so annoyed to hear that he once again kicked a few feet, kicking all the teeth out of several people’s mouths, and if there weren’t too many citizens here, he would have gone over with a few fireballs to extinguish them.

“What’s going on? Yuan Gong you tell me.” Ye Mo’s tone was icy cold, he definitely would not allow the oppression of the people to occur in his city, he would kill whoever dared, there was no explanation.