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DYM Chapter 776

“Two years ago, after Lord Ning left Luo Yue City, the new Chief Financial Officer said that there were problems with my sister’s financial accounts at ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and put my sister in jail. I bought this shop when Luo Yue City was first established. Because of my sister, I couldn’t continue to work at ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and had to open this shop on my own.” Yuan Gong’s tone was a little sad, probably because he was thinking of his sister.

Ye Mo frowned, Light Snow had left? His divine sense immediately swept out, and sure enough, he didn’t see Light Snow or Luo Ying, not even Bei Wei.

He only saw Void Moon Hua presiding over the meeting, but he surprisingly didn’t know most of the attendees, where was Sister Yu? And where was the naval commander, Old Huang? Neither Zang Jia Yan nor Guo Qi was there. Even Ye Xing he didn’t see.

The more Ye Mo looked at them, the more uncomfortable he became, his divine sense swept through a twenty-mile area and still didn’t see these few people.

Yuan Gong, however, didn’t know what Ye Mo was thinking, but continued, “Originally, I opened my shop and it was quiet, but then Brother Fang Da was imprisoned for some unknown reason as well ……”

“What? You said that Fang Wei was imprisoned?” Ye Mo’s eyes went cold. Yuan Meixiang was the one who worked in ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ as a financial officer in the first place, saying that there were problems with her accounts, which Ye Mo didn’t investigate, but the possibility existed. But Fang Wei being locked up was unusual, Fang Wei’s personality Ye Mo knew very well, he was very loyal to Luo Yue and would never do anything illegal, why would he be locked up?

Yuan Gong nodded, ”Yes. Just because Big Brother Fang is locked up, these people are unable to. These guys were sent by people from the East Family, which is now the biggest power in Luo Yue City. One of the people under the East Family took a fancy to my shop and then tried to snatch it over ……”

Ye Mo’s face grew colder and colder as he kicked away a few patrol soldiers at the entrance of the shop with a few kicks, then said to Yuan Gong, “After all that happened, did the Void City Lord not know about it at all. Or did she know and didn’t care?”

Yuan Gong shook his head and said, “I’m not sure about that. I wrote a letter to Lord Void City, saying that my sister was wrongly accused. But there was no news. Last year, there was a family of Europeans who had just moved in, because they had a beautiful daughter. Then the East Throw of the family took a fancy to it. He wanted to marry that family’s daughter, but they didn’t agree. But the next day all the people in that family died and their daughter was stripped naked and raped and killed. Later when the police came and checked it out, they came out with the conclusion that the family had all committed suicide.”

“Haha, committed suicide, good.” Ye Mo’s eyes, however, did not have a half smile in them, and Ye Mo never wanted to stay here for a moment after he finished.


“I disagree with the words of the East City Lord, the confidential documents of the science and technology department are not even free for me to view except for the Void City Lord. How long has it been since Minister Dong Nana came to my Luo Yue? Unless my third brother signs the order himself. Otherwise no one is allowed to come and go at will.” Xu Ping immediately retorted Dong Xu Zhen’s words.

Dong Xu Zhen said with a cold smile, “General Xu, if I put forward this opinion, it has already been pa*sed, otherwise I would not have had to bring it up. City Master Ye, you can propose a vote and decide everything with the number of votes.”

Void Yuehua knew that. If there wasn’t a jade token that was required to enter and exit the confidential information room, Dong Xu Zhen wouldn’t have needed to come to the meeting to decide at all. When Ye Xing had left, the jade token for the information room had been placed with her.

Army Commander Ye Shihua suddenly stood up and said, “I agree with Lord Dong’s proposal, and I think it is not good for me, Luo Yue, to keep the position of City Lord unchanged. I suggest that the future city lord be elected once every four years, just like the president of Rice. This time we happen to re-elect a new City Lord as well.”

Void Moon was furious, although she had been in a high position for a long time. But at heart she was not a politician, her likes and dislikes showed in her colours, no one had ever dared to say to her face that her city lord should be replaced. This city lord was given to her by Ye Mo, she didn’t care about this city lord position, what she cared about was that she had let Ye Mo down.

Seeing Void Yuehua’s great anger, Dong Xu Zhen’s heart even smiled coldly, a few bumpkins, how dare they take charge of such a big city, even putting their joy and anger on the surface, no wonder they snatched 70 to 80% of Luo Yue’s power in a few years’ time.

Ye Zifeng coughed, stood up and said, “The position of the Lord of the Void City was handpicked by my brother, this is better left untouched, if my brother comes back, I ……”

When Fang Nana heard Ye Zifeng’s words, she immediately said charmingly, “Zifeng, now we are discussing big matters, this kind of matter is not too much to say that it is a national matter, you can’t say this because of your personal feelings. We’ve been married for a few years now, do you see if I’ve ever bothered you over a personal matter.”

“Yes, City Master Zifeng, Ye Mo hasn’t come back for the past few years, in case something happens outside, could it be that our Luo Yue is still wrapped up in this? Besides, our Luo Yue’s military also agrees with the idea of replacing the city lord.” Dong Xu Zhen said with a heated smile.

Xu Ping immediately said in an angry voice, “When did I agree? I firmly disagree on behalf of the military.”

“You represent the military? Then what else do Ye Shihua and Shen De represent?” Dong Xu Zhen said sarcastically.

Ye Shihua and Shen De each stood up and said in a cold voice, “We represent Luo Yue’s army (navy) in support of Lord Dong Cheng’s proposal. Whoever disagrees, ask our soldiers first, that is, if Ye Mo comes back immediately and disagrees, ask our soldiers as well …….”

“Very well, I just don’t agree, bring your soldiers to me to ask.” An icy voice rang out, and all the people in the conference room looked towards the door.

The heavily guarded conference room had allowed others to come to the door without any alarm. All the people inside the conference room were startled by the voice and stared together at the person who walked into the conference room.

“Chairman ……”

“Third brother, you’re back ……”

“Brother ……”

“Brother Ye ……”

One by one, surprised voices rang out, making Ye Mo feel some warmth, after all, there were still so many people who were thinking about him.

“Ye Mo ……” Dong Xu Zhen froze for a moment, but he quickly reacted and stood up to clasp his fist and said, then continued, “This is now a meeting of Luo Yue’s senior management, why don’t I have someone take you to rest first, when after we finish the meeting …..”

Ye Mo glanced coldly at Dong Xu Zhen and said in a cold voice, “What are you? Who told you to sit here?”

“Big brother, Brother Xuzhen is now the First Vice City Lord of Luo Yue City, this was elected by everyone.” Ye Zifeng hurriedly stood up and said.

Ye Mo swept a glance at Ye Zifeng and didn’t answer his words, instead he looked at Dong Xu Zhen with cold eyes.

Dong Xu Zhen’s face was cold and he shot a wink at Ye Shiva, but at this moment, Ye Shiva was already trembling when he saw Ye Mo, so how could he care about Dong Xu Zhen’s wink, his head was already too low to be lowered.

Seeing that Ye Shivalu did not answer him, Dong Xu Zhen coldly snorted and said indifferently, “My name is Dong Xu Zhen, although I am the city lord of Luo Yue City, but since I came late, it is normal that Mr. Ye does not know me. However, although you, Mr. Ye, are an honored guest of my Luo Yue City, but this is an important meeting, so I can only ask you to be condescending, someone ……”

As soon as Dong Xu Zhen’s words fell, three men immediately turned out from the back of the meeting room, surprisingly two were half-step Xiantian, and one was a supernormal ability expert, according to Ye Mo’s judgment, this supernormal ability expert was at least supernormal ability level eight or above.

“Take him down and shut him up first.” Dong Xu Zhen waved his hand at the three men.

Ye Zifeng suddenly turned red and said, “Lord Dongcheng, this is my big brother, Luoyue City is my big brother’s, what are you talking about.”

Dong Xu Zhen waved his hand at Ye Zifeng and said, “Zifeng, public to public, private to private, just now Nana has also said it. Luo Yue City is not Ye Mo’s, it’s everyone’s, don’t worry, I’m just stopping him from influencing our meeting, I won’t hurt him.”

“You’re the proprietor of the biggest power in Luo Yue City now?” Ye Mo looked at him coldly for half a day and suddenly spoke.

“You can talk about these words when our meeting is over, Mr. Ye.” Dong Xu Zhen’s tone was bland, as if everything was under control.

Immediately after Dong Xu Zhen finished speaking, he closed his eyes, and the three experts were already lunging towards Ye Mo. Xu Ping was immediately about to stand up and make his move, but Ye Mo waved his hand at him.

After telling Xu Ping not to worry, Ye Mo coldly snorted, no wonder he was so confident that he could net such experts, it was not easy to take out just one of these experts. And this Dong Xu Zhen could even take out three of them, in addition to the fact that he could even sit in the presiding position of the meeting, it was evident that Dong Xu Zhen’s origin was definitely not simple. With such strong strength, it was normal for Void Moon Hua to be brought down by him.

The only thing that made Ye Mo dissatisfied was Ye Zifeng’s attitude, as his own brother, Ye Zifeng was actually helping Dong Xu Zhen. Although Ye Ling did not say anything, Ye Mo could also see some guilt from inside her eyes. From this, it could be seen that maybe Ye Ling had even helped this Dong surnamed.

If before Ye Mo entered the small world, these three experts could really make Ye Mo suffer a big loss, but now, these three were just like three ants in front of Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo’s true essence stirred, the three experts who pounced on Ye Mo immediately felt like they had pounced into a big, sticky mud pit, and it was extremely difficult for them to move.

These three knew immediately that something was wrong, but before they could reflect, Ye Mo brought his hand with him and three wind blades brought three heads rolling down to the ground.

Dong Xu Zhen was frozen, these three people were brought by him and he certainly knew the power. It could be said that if these three struck at the same time, no one under the sky could stop them, but now, these three barely dodged a single move in front of Ye Mo, what was going on?

Not only was Dong Xu Zhen frozen, but everyone present was frozen. Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua were already at the peak of the earth level, and they vaguely knew how powerful these three were, but they were killed by Ye Mo as if they were chickens.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Dong Xu Zhen to react, he walked up to him, reached out and picked him up, threw him into the air, and casually made a few more strokes.

A shower of blood sprayed out in the air, and when Dong Xu Zhen landed on the ground, his limbs were already gone.

Ye Zifeng looked dumbfounded at his uncle, who had just been the second most powerful man in Luo Yue, but in the blink of an eye, his limbs had been cut off by his elder brother, and he looked like he was not going to live.