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DYM Chapter 779

Ye Mo was a decisive person, and after he thought of the danger of the matter, he immediately knew that calling back Xu Ping at this time would only be futile, or only have the opposite effect.

The only way to find out was to check if Dongfang Wang had really set up a large number of bombs in Luo Yue City. If he did, the only way he could get rid of the bombs before they were detonated was by himself.

As Ye Mo thought about this, his divine sense swept out inside, just not even sparing the underground.

The good thing is that at this time his divine sense was already close to more than 20 miles, that is, he could enter several hundred meters into the earth even if he went under the mud.

Soon Ye Mo’s face turned ugly, he really found the bomb, and it was a time bomb. If there were a lot of these bombs, the whole Luo Yue City would be finished, this Dong Fang Wang was simply heartless.

Ye Mo calmed down, he felt that his measures were not ineffective at all. If these bombs were detonated by people within the city, then Dongfang Wang would have to be notified before he would do the detonation. Whether it was someone from the city or outside the city who detonated the bombs, Dongfang Wang had to be notified, so in that case, it would still be useful for him to cut off the communication of the entire Luo Yue.

The next moment, Ye Mo had already left the meeting hall, he had to dig these bombs away within the shortest time possible.

Ye Mo’s divine sense was powerful, his divine sense swept out over the sky, these bombs were almost one every ten miles or so, not only were they distributed reasonably evenly, but the more people there were the more such bombs there were in the more crowded places.

Ye Mo rose in anger, no wonder Fang Wei was being controlled. With the cooperation of the Lord of Luo Yue City and the various parties, it was indeed simple to place these bombs.

Luo Yue had to bleed. These people were extremely deep in concealment. Since Ye Mo had decided to strike, he would not be soft-hearted.

One by one, the bombs were dug up and thrown into the Golden Page World by Ye Mo, who knew that even if he had a remote control. He knew that even if he had a remote control, he would not be able to remotely control the signal inside his Golden Page World, so he was very relieved.

The bombs were placed in strange, even peculiar positions. Some were in the heart of a tree, some were in water, some were in the mud, and some were even in the middle of the road or in the walls of the square.

It can be said that if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, or anyone else, there would be no way for these bombs to be completely removed without an exact location. Without the support of the person in charge of a city, there was no way for these bombs to be installed at all. Just by virtue of the location of these bombs being installed, Ye Mo knew that this was definitely not something that could be done in a day or two. Dongfang Wang’s coveting of Luo Yue looked like it had been a long time ago.

These bombs were equal to small nuclear bombs in general. Each one of them was incomparably expensive, this Dongfang Wang was really rich. If these bombs were really detonated, it could be said that the people of Luo Yue would be hurt the most.

And to be able to make fissionable material in the form of a time bomb. The origin of this bomb was definitely not simple. Ye Mo thought. Even if he, Dongfang Wang, was smart, capable and rich. There was no way to do this. Unless Ye Xing, but it was impossible for Ye Xing to do so. Although Ye Mo had not yet had the time to ask Ye Xing where he was going, he believed that Ye Xing would not do so.

From this, it was clear that Dongfang Wang must have a collaborator, and his collaborator was also very uncomplicated, at least with the kind of technological strength of the ‘Northern Sands’.

With Ye Mo’s divine sense and his speed, it took half a day to get all the bombs out of Luo Yue City. There were fifty-nine bombs in total. After Ye Mo put these bombs into the Golden Page World, he checked them again and again to make sure there were no remaining bombs before he gave up.

After this incident, the first thing he had to do was to set up several automatic bomb inspection devices in the city, so that once such a thing was found, the whole city would immediately be alerted.

Ye Mo had just breathed a sigh of relief when a message from Xu Ping came through his communicator.

“Third brother, Yang Jiu who had originally been following Miaotong has now betrayed and killed several soldiers ……” Xu Ping knew that Ye Mo was very attached to his old days, Yang Jiu was someone who had defected to Ye Mo a long time ago, now he betrayed not knowing how Ye Mo would treat him.

Yang Jiu? Ye Mo immediately remembered that he had taken in Yang Jiu and Han Zai in Ninghai to come. They were both from the ‘Earth Furies’, and he had helped them pull out the parasites, but he didn’t expect him to betray as soon as he left. If Yang Jiu betrayed, what about Han Zai?

“I’m coming over.” Ye Mo finished speaking and immediately went to Xu Ping’s location.

At this moment, the outside had basically calmed down, and Yang Jiu had already been controlled by Xu Ping and was being tied to a pillar. Several soldiers had already been killed around them, but it looked like Xu Ping had the scene under control.

Yang Jiu was the one who was tied up and still had a look of disdain on his face. However, when he saw Ye Mo coming, panic flashed in his eyes, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo had returned. The oppression that Ye Mo gave him was no longer able to be driven away from his heart.

Not to mention Yang Jiu, even the soldiers in the square, when they saw Ye Mo coming over, each and every one of them held their breath and stood up straight. Almost ninety percent or more of them had never seen Ye Mo before, but Ye Mo was already a legend in Luo Yue City, an insurmountable legend. After so many years, the fact that Luo Yue was founded by Ye Mo had long since spread throughout Luo Yue City.

Ye Mo looked at the goat with cold eyes and asked in a light voice, “I remember you have a nickname called Ninth Uncle, I would like to ask you, when have I, Ye Mo, ever treated you badly? Or have I, Luo Yue, treated you badly? You want to betray Luo Yue?”

“I ……” Yang Jiu could not be afraid of Xu Ping, but there was no way he could not be afraid of Ye Mo.

Xu Ping sneered at the side and said, “Yang Jiu, didn’t you just say that I didn’t dare to kill you? Is Luo Yue City under your master’s control?”

Yang Jiu suddenly raised his head, and surprisingly, there was not much fear in his eyes, but he said through clenched teeth, “Yes, I did say that, Ye Mo, I know you are capable. But you can’t kill me, because I know that once you kill me, Luo Yue will be finished immediately.”

“Oh, then why is that, tell me.” Xu Ping looked at Yang Jiu with a sneer on his face, not taking his words for granted in the slightest. If he wasn’t afraid that Ye Mo wouldn’t want to kill Yang Jiu, he, Xu Ping, would have done it long ago.

Fear suddenly appeared in Yang Jiu’s eyes as he thought of that omnipotent person, that young master was simply a devil, he seemed to be able to do anything.

He had said he would take down Yu Miaotong, and he had succeeded in doing so. He said he would take down Army Commander Guo Qi. Same success. He said he would make Dong Xu Zhen the First Vice City Lord, and it turned out that the day after he finished. Dong Xu Zhen was the First Vice City Lord of Luo Yue.

So when he said that Ye Mo didn’t dare to kill himself, that was definitely true, and Ye Mo was also terrifying. But compared to that young lord, Ye Mo seemed much safer.

Ye Mo looked at Yang Jiu and knew that what he was worried about was not whether he was going to kill him, he was thinking about something else. Ye Mo suddenly felt no longer interested in saying anything more, he just asked, “Where did Han-chan go? Did you do the capture of Sister Yu?”

Yang Jiu winced and subconsciously replied, “Han Chai was killed by me, Yu Miaotong was captured by me ……”

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Yang Jiu to finish his words before he waved his hand and said, “Kill it.”

“No. Ye Mo you can’t kill me, the young master said that if you kill me. Luo Yue will be finished.” Yang Jiu suddenly reacted. But Ye Mo didn’t even look back at him and in a few steps had disappeared beyond the square.


When Ye Mo returned to the meeting room again. Void Yuehua had already returned, and Xu Ping was still commanding outside. Also back were Yu Miaotong, Zang Jia Yan, Huang Yianian, Li San Dao, Guo Qi, Lu Lin, Fang Nan, Fang Wei and others in addition to Shi Xiu and his wife Song Xiaoyun were also listed, even Air Force Commander Shu De Man, who had just not attended the meeting, had come over on purpose.

As political prisoners, although these people were imprisoned, Dongfang Wang obviously had no intention of killing them, so they were still considered healthy.

Although everyone knew that Ye Mo had returned, they dared to believe that this was the truth when they really saw Ye Mo enter. All stood up, to them, anything happened to Luo Yue, as long as Ye Mo came back, nothing would happen.

Although Ye Zifeng had also come to the meeting room, but looking at so many seniors being imprisoned because of him, he realised how f*cked up he was.

Ye Mo looked at these old friends who came with him to Luo Yue to make their way in the first place, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, it was lucky that he came back, if he didn’t, in the end when Luo Yue became the Dongfang family, all these people would have ended up being killed.

“Brother Zang, Sister Yu and Commander Huang I, Ye Mo, am sorry for you all, to have this happen in a place like Luo Yue, I’m really ashamed. This is our home, and to let someone else come in and do you all harm, this is my mistake ……,” Ye Mo apologized one by one with a fist, no matter what, these were all people who had done credit for Luo Yue in the first place, and yet they were put in a cell because of someone else.

However, Xu Yuehua sighed and said, “When Miaotong left, I even went to see her off, but I didn’t expect that she was imprisoned. Miaotong, I am sorry.”

Yu Miaotong had been very discouraged, but now that Ye Mo had personally returned and apologised to his face, she knew that she couldn’t blame Ye Mo for this matter. This could only mean that neither of them were political material and were a little too idealistic about the regime.

Zhan Jia Yan, however, said as if nothing had happened, “Let bygones be bygones, forget it, I think Luo Yue needs us to go and stabilise it as fast as possible now.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Good, let’s all go our separate ways first, after Luo Yue is completely stabilised, we can then discuss future matters. And Lord Yuehua City, you immediately restore Luo Yue’s transportation and communication now.”

Ye Zifeng bowed low and walked up to each of them and apologised, knowing that he was the one who had mainly caused this matter. If it wasn’t for him, there was no way for any of the Dongfang family to be arrogant in Luo Yue.

And he was able to do so because he was Ye Mo’s younger brother, not because he was the Vice City Master.

“Shi Xiu, you go and a*sist Lord Yuehua City first, and we will talk later.” Ye Mo was still very happy about Shi Xiu’s arrival, after all, Shi Xiu was his best brother.

After Ye Mo let the people return to their places, he had a more important matter to do. Although he was anxious in his heart to know where Light Snow and Luo Ying had gone to find him, he also knew that he had to take care of Luo Yue’s affairs before he could do anything else.