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DYM Chapter 778

“What?” Those present said that some people were frozen at Ye Mo’s words.

‘No chicken or dog will be left behind’? Could this be a feudal society? If this kind of practice were to reach the JCC, it might cause the JCC to voice out against Luo Yue City for the third time regarding the issue of human rights.

Hearing ‘Ye Mo’s chicken and dog’ words, Dongfang Nana and Dongfang Chong struck a cold chill, even forgetting their anger at the destruction of their dantian just now. Only then did they understand what kind of character their young master Dongfang Wang had messed with.

For the past few years, Ye Mo had been away from Luo Yue, and they had never seen him, so they thought that he was just like that. There was nothing worthy of much consideration, the reason he had made it this far and established Luo Yue City. That was because he was lucky, he happened to know some ancient martial arts and knew how to make several kinds of pills, plus he met Ye Xing, a technology fanatic.

There was nothing strange about Ye Mo’s words Xu Ping, it was normal to silence him. Xu Yuehua also did not feel anything strange, she was surprised but could still think straight.

But Ye Zifeng and Shen Qian Qian and others could not figure it out, Shen Qian Qian subconsciously said, “Brother Ye, does this have to be imprisoned first, then convicted in court, and then ……”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, relatively speaking, he was not considered a political idiot, much better than Void Moon Hua and others. How could he not understand this kind of superficial reasoning, but he came back to set up authority, this kind of authority can’t even be set up, what if he leaves Luo Yue City for a long time in the future?

This was an up-and-coming city, unlike other countries, and there was no need for him to copy those legal methods of other countries. He would use blood to warn those who coveted Luo Yue City, telling them that there was no chirpy court confrontation here, and that if you violate my bottom line, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.

But Ye Mo knew the same. What Shen Qian Qian said was not without reason, but no amount of reasoning could stop him from giving the order.

He turned his head to Void Yuehua and added, “After Second Brother kills those people, list the crimes of those who were killed in the Dongfang Family.”

Of course, Void Yuehua understood Ye Mo’s meaning, Ye Mo was killing people first and then looking for evidence of their crimes. As long as they were killed, they had to find out the evidence of their crimes. It could be said that Ye Mo’s words were almost without any reasoning. How could one kill first and find evidence later. It could also be said that Ye Mo was already extremely angry.

Ye Mo paused for a moment and then said: “Luo Yue City’s law adds another article. For traitors, as long as they pa*s my determination, they can be unconditionally exterminated.”

This was an overbearing clause, and Ye Mo believed that he would not wrong anyone, but he did not give this power to just anyone. The reason he stated this clause was not because he was much of a power lover, but to give a warning to those who had petty plots. Don’t come to Luo Yue arrogantly with the kind of chirpy international laws or petty actions, Luo Yue City has its own rules.

This warning is don’t touch his Ye Mo’s scales, if you do, it is to be killed and destroyed. Or, as long as it makes him Ye Mo suspicious, he can kill you. There was no reasoning to speak of.

The fact that someone from the Dongfang family dared to kill someone else’s family at will and raped and killed them on their doorstep, and blatantly said that they had committed suicide, had already violated his bottom line. Even if he had wronged some of the people of the Dongfang family, he still had to give an explanation to the people living in Luo Yue City.

He had created Luo Yue City to give people who liked peace and tranquillity a place to live in peace and happiness. It was not a place for some people to oppress the people, not even Ye Zifeng.

Ye Ling looked at Ye Shiva, who had been killed on the ground, with some gloom in her eyes. She didn’t like these things, but the Ye family people had to come to this quiet place in Luo Yue to cause trouble. She had long known that once her brother returned, none of these people would be able to get away, and now it seemed that this was indeed the case.

Looking at his second brother Xu Ping who got up to leave, Ye Mo and Ye Ling exchanged greetings. He was also ready to go and save Yu Miaotong and the others. The reason why he told Void Yuehua and the others that it was his fault was because he had not clearly told Void Yuehua the extent of her authority and responsibility. This caused Void Yuehua to have the wrong impression about Ye Zifeng. Thinking that Ye Zifeng was sent by himself to hold her back.

It was because of this that so many things happened to Luo Yue. It all boiled down to one sentence. It was that he had not made Void Moon Hua’s power clear.

Of course there was also the point that Void Moon Hua was suitable to be the head of the intelligence department and it was indeed a little difficult to make her the lord of a city.

“Wait, second brother.” Ye Mo seemed to have suddenly remembered something as he fiercely called out to Xu Ping who was about to go out. The thing that suddenly came to his mind was that he felt as if there was something he hadn’t thought of.

“What is it, third brother.” Xu Ping never bothered to doubt Ye Mo’s words, if Ye Mo said he would kill all then he would kill all.

It was Void Yuehua and the others who also looked at Ye Mo, wondering why Ye Mo had suddenly called out to Xu Ping. Since Ye Mo came in, he was decisive in killing and never hesitated. What was needed at this time was momentum, why did he let that Xu Ping wait?

Ye Mo calmed down, the matter was provoked by Dongfang Wang, with Dongfang Wang’s talent, there was no way he could not calculate the failure. With Dongfang Wang’s way of doing things, he must have grabbed a bottom card before he dared to do so. Even if he was already 100 per cent sure of victory, he would still have a bottom card. The purpose of this bottom card was to negotiate with himself after his plan had failed.

The people of the Dongfang family were all demons, each as cunning as a fox, if he underestimated them, it would definitely be him, Ye Mo, and his Luo Yue City that would suffer in the end.

Then what was Dongfang Wang’s bottom card?

“Second brother, don’t go and alarm anyone for now, wait for me to think about it. Everyone sit down.” Ye Mo also sat down and rubbed his head.

No, he had shown his face in front of Yuan Gong’s shop after he came in, could this matter of his return have leaked out?

Ye Mo knew that in his haste, he couldn’t think of anything. He casually took out a few pieces of material to refine a few communication talismans and handed one to Xu Ping and Vu Yuehua and the others, before saying to Vu Ping, “Second brother, you immediately go take over the army first now, then blockade Luo Yue and don’t allow a single bird from Luo Yue to fly out. After you have blockaded Luo Yue City, then go to the Dongfang Family and end it all in one pot. If anything happens, you use the communication talisman to contact me. Also, if you control everything, you can go and rescue Sister Yu and the others instead of me.”

He knew that without knowing the other party’s cards clearly, all he could do was to be quick, and quicker, so quick that no one else knew. Originally he should have gone to save them himself, but he had to find out what Dongfang Wang’s next move was. The communication talisman he had refined was at most just a way to transmit information within a hundred miles, something that was useless in the cultivation world, but now it was of great use.

“Yes.” Xu Ping went out with big steps and soon disappeared at the door.

Ye Mo looked at Void Yuehua again and said, “Sister Yuehua, immediately pa*s it down with the highest order from the city lord’s office, immediately shut down all transportation in Luo Yue City, and until the next order, no flights or cruise ships will be allowed to move in Luo Yue City. This is one, the second most important, immediately shut down all telephone communication and internet communication in Luo Yue City, the same no communication will be allowed to be opened until the next order. And turn on Luo Yue’s jamming system, forbid any signal source to go out, we will use this communication charm for contact.”

“Yes, Chairman.” Void Yuehua knew that Ye Mo must have discovered something important, and did not feel any strange about Ye Mo taking out such a magical thing as a communication talisman.

“Right, Sister Yuehua, I asked you to check this place in Xi Tang before, do you have any news?” Ye Mo thought of Dongfang Wang and immediately asked.

Void Yuehua shook her head, “I didn’t find out, but in the late Sui Tang Dynasty, there was a Great Western Tang power in the area of Jingping, but that power was quickly disintegrated. Later on, there were also very few introductions about the Great Western Tang, and almost none could be found.”

Ye Mo knew that if it was that simple to be found out, the Western Tang would not still exist today.

As Ye Mo’s orders went down, Void Moon Hua’s and Xu Ping’s orders were sent down one by one. Luo Yue City was once again unsettled, some people were taken away and even some of the management of the various departments of Luo Yue City were not spared.

And more importantly, Luo Yue City’s external transportation and communication networks were now in trouble, and those who were sensitive knew that something big seemed to have happened in Luo Yue City.


Ye Mo, however, after everyone had gone to do something, he took control of Dongfang Nana and Dongfang Chong, and the result of his questioning was that both of them were sent by Dongfang Wang, but they were also just Dongfang Wang’s pawns, and did not know what Dongfang Wang’s next step was.

The only gain was that Ye Mo learnt from Nana Dongfang about one of Dongfang Wang’s lair, New Rini Island. This was a private island that Dongfang Wang had obtained five years ago and then cultivated his army and forces here.

Ye Mo also sighed in his heart, he didn’t know if Dongfang Wang had any savings in the past, but to have so much money to acquire an island in just a few years, this guy’s ability was not really covered. If that Dongfang Wang only wanted to revive his Xi Tang, it would be fine, but if he wanted to take advantage of Luo Yue’s head, then don’t blame him for not being polite.

New Rini Island is nearly six square kilometres, and I don’t know how Dongfang Wang got it. But whether Dongfang Wang was on this New Rini Island or not, Ye Mo had already decided to destroy this island.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and Xu Ping moved quickly, he had already taken control of the army. Ye Mo nodded, Xu Ping was after all the number one man in the military department, plus his cultivation at the peak of the earth level. After Ye Shiva, an outsider, died, controlling the army that originally belonged to him this would not take any effort at all.

A few gunshots and explosions were heard, Xu Ping still encountered some guys who were not afraid of death, and Ye Mo had some admiration for this Dongfang Wang in his heart. He actually took advantage of his absence in Luo Yue to come up with such a move.

The sound of the explosion suddenly made Ye Mo’s heart startle, an explosion, why hadn’t he thought of it? If he was Dongfang Wang, the only way to let the fish die was to have Luo Yue destroyed, and with Luo Yue’s tight air defense, it was almost impossible to achieve the goal through missiles. The only way was to place the bomb in Luo Yue first and then detonate it.

If the bomb was already in Luo Yue, and the person who detonated it was also in Luo Yue, these measures of his would be completely for the blind, there was no point in doing so.