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DYM Chapter 781

Seeing Void Moon Hua Guo Qi and the others then stood up in horror, Ye Mo waved his hand and had the video call turned off then said, “Everyone doesn’t need to worry, I’ve found the bombs and they’ve all been solved. In the future, we in Luo Yue City are going to set up a city bomb defense system and resolutely put an end to this kind of thing.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, everyone put their hearts down, how long had it been since Ye Mo came back, not even a day, and he had even solved the bombs. Each of them were secretly thankful in their hearts that it was fortunate that Ye Mo had come back, otherwise the years of hard work would have been ruined. Each of them had formed an inertia regarding Ye Mo’s ability, many impossible things seemed not impossible in Ye Mo’s hands.

Ye Mo also put his heart down, he did not hear the explosion in Luo Yue City, which means that it is not that he did not find the seven hundred and eighty first chapter Luo Yue reorganization to that bomb, but that the bomb should not be loaded in Luo Yue City for some reason, this even Dong Fang Wang did not know. As long as the sixtieth bomb was not in Luo Yue City, as for where it was, Ye Mo did not care.

Seeing that everyone had stabilised, Ye Mo looked at Void Yuehua and asked, “Sister Yuehua, where did Ye Xing go? Did he leave on his own?”

Not waiting for Void Yuehua to answer, but Ye Ling walked over to sit next to Ye Mo and then took out a letter and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “Brother Ye Xing left on his own, he left a letter for you, telling you not to worry about him. There is also the matter of Luo Ying and Sister Qing Xue, I will talk to you later.”

Ye Mo nodded, although he was now even more eager to know the whereabouts of Luo Ying and Qing Xue, he also knew that he had to finish the matter of Luo Yue before he could do so. Besides, with Luo Ying’s qualifications and cultivation for so many years, his cultivation level might be higher than even his. Even if he went out to find him, there wouldn’t be any danger.

Ye Mo didn’t open the letter, he just swept his divine sense through it and immediately understood what the reason was. Ye Xing had fully recovered his memory the year after he left, he knew where he came from, he used Luo Yue’s vast resources and spent six years building a cosmic craft that belonged to him, Chapter 781 Luo Yue reorganized and left the place.

Ye Xing told Ye Mo. His flying machine was impossible to leave the earth because there were only three or four energy crystals and the materials were not always up to scratch, although it was called a cosmic flying machine. But he was keen to use his flying machine to walk around and see if he could find out why he was here and see if he could go back. If he couldn’t go back, perhaps he would return to Luo Yue in a few years’ time.

At this time, the landline in front of Xu Yuehua suddenly rang. Void Moon Hua picked up the phone and listened to a few words. Immediately, he put down the phone and said in surprise, “The photos from our satellite showed that a violent explosion had just occurred on New Rini Island, and the explosion almost turned the entire New Rini Island upside down. The exact cause of it is something our people have gone over to investigate.”

Ye Mo nodded and was secretly shocked in his heart, the power of the bombs was really something. But so many bombs were concentrated on one small island. It was not uncommon to turn the island over. He heard from Void Moon Hua that Luo Yue had also launched its own satellite, and it looked like Luo Yue technology had progressed a lot under Ye Xing’s leadership.

Meanwhile, Dongfang Wang, who was still in Bei Sha, did not wait for the news that Luo Yue City had been bombed and then confused, but received the news that Xin Rini Island had been bombed and at the same time received the news that his speech had been broadcast live. He immediately spat out blood several times, shouted a few times at Ye Mo, and pa*sed out. He was trying to deal with Ye Mo. Even Dongfang Tang, who had a deep hatred, could cooperate, but he never thought that this would be the result.

Looking at Ye Mo nodding and calm, those who knew Ye Mo even had some clarity in their hearts, and were even more secretly shocked, but at the same time, they couldn’t believe it. Because moving Luo Yue’s bomb to New Rini Island within such a short period of time, that was almost impossible.

When Ye Mo heard the news that New Rini Island had been bombed, he was also very comfortable in his heart. This Dongfang Wang had exterminated his base, which was great.

“Now that Luo Yue needs to develop, I want to hear everyone’s opinions.” There was basically nothing left to worry about with Dongfang Wang, and for Ye Mo, the rest was the successor work of Luo Yue. As for Dongfang Wang. Ye Mo decided to go and kill him later.

Void Yuehua stood up and said, “Chairman, I have seriously failed in my duties during my time in Luo Yue City. I request to withdraw from the position of City Master.”

Ye Mo secretly nodded, Void Yuehua was indeed not very suitable to stay on top of the City Lord position anymore, but Ye Mo had thought long and hard about who to use to replace Void Yuehua.

The first point was that the person must have some political ability, and the second point was that he must be wholeheartedly devoted to Luo Yue City. As for the second point, Ye Mo did not care much about it, all the Ye Mo’s present here were at ease and were people who cared about Luo Yue City.

Ye Mo did not comment on Void Moon Hua’s withdrawal from the position of City Master, each person already understood that Ye Mo was acquiescing to Void Moon Hua’s words, so no one came out to say anything.

It was Ye Zifeng who stood up and said, “Big brother, I feel that I am not suitable to remain on top of the City Lord position either, I request to withdraw from the position of Vice City Lord.”

Ye Ling, who was sitting next to Ye Mo, also wanted to stand up and speak, Ye Mo knew what she wanted to say and patted her on the shoulder and made her sit down.

“Everyone, let’s see who is suitable to be the City Lord of Luo Yue City?” Ye Mo asked as he glanced at the people present.

All of them looked at Ye Mo, to say that the position of city lord, Ye Mo would definitely be the best person to be, but they also knew that it was unrealistic. Ye Mo was not in Luo Yue City most of the time, so it would definitely be inappropriate for him to take on the role of the city lord.

When Ye Mo saw that everyone was silent, he took the initiative to say: “I will nominate the various positions in Luo Yue City this time, and in the future, we will elect the city lord through a universal election. Apart from the city lord, the rest of the officials in various positions we will also be elected by universal suffrage.”

Ye Mo was clear that he did not have connections in Luo Yue yet, and if he did not rationalise the country’s system after he left Luo Yue, there might be similar things happening in the future.

Seeing that everyone was paying attention and listening to his words, Ye Mo then said, “The next city lord I suggest that the current naval commander, Huang Yiannian, be the one to serve.”

Although many people were a little surprised by Ye Mo’s sudden proposal for Huang Yianian to be the new city lord of Luo Yue City, they were soon relieved.

Firstly, Huang Billionian had come through various studies and battles, and had rich experience in naval battles, while Luoyue was surrounded by water on three sides, so it was still a good choice to have a naval commander as the city lord. Secondly, Huang Yanian is of that age and is a stable person, and what Luoyue needs now is to build and build again, not war. Thirdly, Huang Yilian knows Luo Yue very well and loves it. There was absolutely no problem for such a person to be the City Lord.

“Yes, Huang Yilian is instructed.” Huang Yilian received most of his education from the West, he did not like mother-in-laws, and he also wanted to work for Luo Yue. He had felt wrong about many of Void Moon Hua’s measures at the beginning, but he was only a naval commander and he was not fit to speak on many matters. And he also knew that although he was the City Lord, the supreme commander of Luo Yue should be Ye Mo. At the same time, he also knew Ye Mo, Ye Mo had no interest in great power, what Ye Mo was after, although he didn’t understand it, was definitely not this kind of ordinary power.

Ye Mo looked at Xu Ping again and said: ”Second brother is now no longer in the position of military commander and is preparing to set up the Luo Yue City Martial Preparation Institute. The Martial Security Academy requires at least a Xuan level martial artist to participate, to maintain the safety of the top bra*s of Luo Yue City. Second Brother will be the dean and Sister Yuehua will be the vice dean.”

After what happened to Dongfang Wang, Ye Mo felt that he had to be responsible for the safety and security of Luo Yue’s management, otherwise, if another expert or two came, Luo Yue City would still be in the same danger. It was China that also had the Heavenly Group provided by the Hidden Sect, and Ye Mo knew the strength of the Heavenly Group, that Luan Qingfeng and Tan Jiao were both experts above half-step Xiantian, and Tan Jiao was even a pseudo Xiantian.

The half-step Xiantian experts are like a rare bird out there, but Dongfang Wang found two of them at once, so Ye Mo felt that he had to check out that Dongfang Wang even more, what kind of skills he had to find such experts.

Ye Mo looked at Guo Qi and said, “Guo Qi is now taking over Second Brother’s position as the military commander of Luo Yue City. Li San Dao is the army commander, and the navy commander is ordered by Director Huang Cheng. The Air Force Commander remains untouched, Zang Jia Yan is the First Vice City Lord of Luo Yue, and Ye Ling is the Second Vice City Lord of Luo Yue. Yu Miaotong becomes the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luo Yue, Fang Wei continues to be the Chief of Police of Luo Yue City, Shi Xiu Ke is involved in diplomatic work as Sister Yu’s a*sistant. Shen Qian Qian’s position remains unchanged and Lu Lin’s position remains unchanged ……”

Except for Huang Yianian being appointed as the Lord of Luo Yue City by Ye Mo, which surprised everyone a little, the rest of the people were not too surprised. Having Shi Xiu take up the diplomatic job, that was Ye Mo’s intention to have Shi Xiu take over from Yu Miaotong.

After Ye Mo finished appointing people, he once again said, “Luo Yue City’s Martial Preparation Institute has the best ancient martial cultivation, and as long as everyone is interested, everyone here is allowed to enter the Martial Preparation Institute to study. However, there is also a condition that the things learnt at the Martial Academy are absolutely not allowed to be pa*sed on. And Zifeng, you also go to the Martial Preparation Institute to study for a period of time before you come out to do something.”

After the meeting, the people left one after another. Luo Yue City was countless times more efficient in this than any country, Ye Mo was the number one person in Luo Yue City, although Ye Mo said that he would be elected later, but now, whoever he appointed, that was who, no one had any objection.

Ye Mo left behind Zang Jia Yan, Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua, Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng did not leave either, while Ye Mo had someone call for Yu Erhu.

Seeing that everyone was already seated, Ye Mo took out three ‘Great Pill’ and handed them to Zang Jiayan, Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua, saying “This pill will allow you to cross the half-step to Xiantian and advance to Xiantian after taking it. I can’t do it without experts in Luo Yue City, and since I can’t be here often, I’ll leave Luo Yue City to you guys.”

“Ah ……” Void Yuehua and the others stood up in shock, looking at Ye Mo with a face of disbelief, there was actually a pill to directly advance to the Ascendant, if this got out, the whole Hidden Sect would rush into Luo Yue without fear of death.!!!