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DYM Chapter 782

Even though they knew that whatever Ye Mo did, it was normal and they didn’t need to be surprised, they were still surprised by the ‘Great Peel Pill’.

For Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua, the position of City Lord of Luo Yue City was nothing, what they were after was the Ancient Martial Supreme Spirit. But now that they were able to directly advance to the Ascendant, this was too shocking.

As far as they knew, there was not a single Xiantian master in the entire ancient martial arts world either. Tan Jiao had just advanced to Pseudo-Ancestor when he was defeated by Ye Mo, so no one else knew about it. And Ren Pingchuan had just advanced to Xiantian and was killed by Ye Mo, so no one knew that either.

If Ye Mo was able to let people advance to Xiantian at will, what cultivation level should he himself be? It was after the three of them walked out in a daze that they were still thinking nonsense. But when they thought that it was because of Ye Mo that they were able to advance to the Earth level, they could understand a little.

Only Void Yuehua felt a lot of emotions in her heart. When Ye Mo said that he could let her advance to the Xiantian level, she thought it was just a casual remark, but now it seemed that what he said was actually true.

When the three of them had gone out, Ye Zifeng was about to stand up and say something to Ye Mo, but Ye Ling immediately pulled Ye Zifeng down. She knew what Ye Zifeng was going to say, but she also knew what Ye Mo meant.

Dongfang Chong had already been killed by Ye Mo, and what Dongfang Nana had done in Luo Yue was definitely not exempt from death, so it was simply untimely for the second brother to ask for mercy at this time. If big brother Ye Mo was a ruthless politician, second brother would definitely not be sitting here right now, and asking for mercy would be useless.

Instead, Ye Mo looked at Ye Zifeng and said, “I don’t think you can know anything at all about what the Dongfang family came to Luo Yue to do. And I think you know in your heart if Dongfang Nana likes you or not. I want you to have a preparation before you go to study at the Martial Preparation Institute.”

“Big brother, please let Nana go, she is innocent, she was forced to come here by the Dongfang family, and that Dongfang Xuzhen is not her real brother ……,” Ye Zifeng’s eyes were red. Of course he knew that his elder brother Ye Mo had developed a murderous intent towards Dongfang Nana.

Ye Mo sneered, “Zifeng, you know in your heart whether she is innocent or not. With my eyes, I could tell with one glance that that Dongfang Nana was not only not innocent, but also deserved to die. Are you going to go to the Martial Preparation Institute soon and keep Dongfang Nana to continue betraying our Luo Yue?”

“Big brother. I am willing to take Nana away from Luo Yue, please let Nana go.” Ye Zifeng spoke in a forlorn tone. It was obvious that Nana Dongfang’s status in his heart trumped everything else.

Ye Mo let out a secret sigh, although Ye Zifeng was not his own brother, he did not look outside of Ye Zifeng at all. He was not yet capable of being reckless, power was not important to him at all, that was why he was not willing to remain in control of Luo Yue City, and likewise not willing to have Ye Zifeng in power in Luo Yue City.

It was absolutely impossible for Nana Dongfang to stay in Luo Yue City, but Ye Zifeng was obviously deeply in love with her. It was also impossible to get Ye Zifeng to give up that woman, let alone kill her in front of Ye Zifeng.

At the same time, Ye Mo thought of Luo Ying and Light Snow and Xiao Yun’s position in his heart, and no matter which one he was asked to give up, it was also impossible.

Imagine if they did something wrong one day, could he kill them with his own hands? Ye Mo knew that with his character he would never kill his own women with his own hands, and he would never watch his women being killed. He was not a selfless person, but a man of nature.

Why ask Ye Zifeng to do what he could not do himself?

Ye Mo gave a secret sigh and did not continue.

Ye Ling’s eyes were bleak for a while, she knew that what her elder brother meant was that he had tacitly approved of Ye Zifeng leaving Luo Yue. However, she was a little hurt in her heart. In her mind, it would be best if big brother came back, and then found his sister-in-law, and the family all stayed together. But she wasn’t a child anymore, and she knew that this was not a family affair, and that everyone else could see their every move.

“Second brother, let’s go out first.” Ye Ling pulled Ye Zifeng out.

Ye Mo knew that Ye Ling understood what he meant, she should be persuading Ye Zifeng to take Dongfang Nana and leave Luo Yue. Ye Mo knew. He no longer had the means to kill Nana Dongfang, although he knew that woman was hypocritical. But love no one could explain clearly, what Ye Zifeng was in love with was Dongfang Nana. He only had Nana Dongfang in his eyes. So in his eyes, no matter what Dongfang Nana did, it was the right thing to do.

If that was not the case. With Ye Zifeng’s shrewdness, he wouldn’t have ended up being confused even after being used.

Asking Ye Mo to kill Ye Zifeng and then kill Nana Dongfang was something he couldn’t do, he hadn’t even thought about it. He couldn’t even disregard Ye Zifeng’s thoughts and just kill Nana Dongfang.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of Mu Xiaoyun, with Mu Xiaoyun’s nature, that is, if he killed and set fire to himself, I guess the only thing in her eyes was that he was her husband. The only difference should be that I’m afraid I won’t do anything that Mu Xiaoyun doesn’t like.

I only hope that Ye Zifeng takes Dongfang Nana not to return to the Yanjing Ye family, but to set up her own business. With Dongfang Nana’s nature, returning to the Yanjing Ye family would probably not be a good thing.

“Master, there must be a way before the car reaches the mountain, it is better not to think about these things instead.” Yu Erhu, the only one who remained inside the meeting room, looked at the pensive Ye Mo and took the initiative to comfort him.

Ye Mo came back to his senses and smiled faintly, “Erhu, you are right, there will be a road before the car reaches the mountain, why do you need to think so much. By the way, I will call you over to test your spiritual roots.”

Saying that, Ye Mo took out the instrument for testing spiritual roots and placed it in front of Erhu and said, “Stick your hand in, then try to transport some internal qi.”

“Okay.” Yu Erhu’s hand held the testing instrument and transported some internal qi into it, and soon three rays of light lit up above the testing instrument.

“Three spiritual roots of earth, wood and fire.” Ye Mo frowned and looked at the three spiritual roots, honestly the three spiritual roots were not good, and the bright aura of Yu Erhu’s three spiritual roots was even weaker. In other words, within the three lineage spirit roots, his spirit roots were also considered poor.

The testing instrument in his hand was given by Yun Ziyi. It was good enough to test whether there were spirit roots or not, but it could only test what kind of spirit roots, but it was hard to test the quality of the spirit roots, only the brightness of the light could be seen.

“Master, what are the three spiritual roots of earth, wood and fire?” Yu Erhu asked.

Ye Mo, however, did not hide but said directly, “What I cultivate is very complicated, in fact, I have not taught you anything in all the years you have been with me, at best, you are just a named disciple. Pill-making is just one of my many means, and as for Ancient Martial Arts, it is even less of a thing that I learn. The thing I cultivate is called Cultivation, and Cultivation is a very boring thing, but if you cultivate it to the extreme, it is far better than Ancient Martial Arts, so I ask if you are interested in learning it?”

Yu Erhu immediately said, “Master, I am willing.”

“Good.” Ye Mo nodded, “Remember, the things I cultivate must never be pa*sed on. I took in a disciple before this, although you studied with me earlier than him, but technically speaking, he is the first disciple I taught to learn my cultivation.”

“Master, I don’t care about being the first disciple, I just need to follow Master and learn to cultivate. However, what if Xiao Zhen sees me cultivating?” Although Yu Erhu didn’t learn much from Ye Mo, he knew that what Master cultivated was unusual, so he wasn’t too surprised when he heard about cultivation.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Xiao Zhen is your wife, if she is willing, you can teach her, just be careful to keep it a secret. Remember, the technique I’m going to teach you is the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’ ……”

After saying that, Ye Mo began to pa*s on the ‘Hongmeng Creation Duel’ pre-foundation building technique to Yu Erhu. Although this gong method was not created by him, it was the highest gong method he could take out. If he wanted to teach it, he had to teach the best, and with Erhu’s ability, he could only accept the pre-foundation building technique.

By the time Ye Mo finished imparting it and Yu Erhu left with some pills, Ye Ling had already returned.

“Ye Ling, you should let Zi Feng stay, just don’t get involved in Luo Yue’s affairs in the future, do some business.” Ye Mo looked at Ye Ling’s sad face and still couldn’t help but say something.

Ye Ling shook her head, “Second brother feels sorry for you, I told him, but he insisted on leaving Luo Yue City.”

Looking at Ye Mo with the same somewhat gloomy look, Ye Ling suddenly spread her face and smiled, “Brother you don’t need to worry about Second Brother, he brought enough money for him to start his own business again, with Second Brother’s intelligence and wisdom, if Nana Dongfang is willing to live a good life, they will definitely live a good life. Besides, I also think it’s better for Second Brother to leave Luo Yue.”

Ye Mo nodded and put these things aside before asking, “Do you know where your sister-in-law and Bei Wei and the girls have gone?”

Ye Ling’s eyes reddened, “Sister-in-law and Bei Wei and the girls can both cultivate, it’s me who can’t. They can both fly, so they went to look for you and left me alone in Luo Yue.”

“Can you contact them?” Ye Mo felt a little guilty, it had been a day since he returned to Luo Yue before he had time to ask about Luo Ying and the girls.

Ye Ling shook her head, “When I first went out, I was still able to contact them, but now it’s been almost two years since I was able to contact them. If it wasn’t for Luo Yue’s recent affairs, I wouldn’t dare to suddenly walk away, I’d have gone to look for them.”

“Do you know where they have gone?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

Ye Ling shook her head and said, “I’m just guessing, when I was with Bei Wei and Sister Luo Ying in the past, Sister Luo Ying said that you might go to the small world. And sister Fei Luo knew where the small world was. Some time ago, sister Fei Luo became more and more disappointed with Luo Yue, so she left Luo Yue City alone and went to look for Luo Ying and Light Snow and the girls. But Fay Lok’s phone number, I can’t get through today either.”

“Not good.” When Ye Mo heard this, he suddenly stood up. When he himself came out of the small world, the formation outside suddenly loosened, and at that time he knew that someone had broken the formation. Later when he came out, the formation outside had indeed been broken once and locked.

Thus, it seemed that that formation was 100% broken by Luo Ying and the girls. Ye Mo felt a kind of sarcasm, he had just come out and they had gone in, what was this all about?

But the next moment, a cold sweat immediately broke out behind Ye Mo’s back, of course he knew the viciousness of that formation in the Hengduan Mountain Range. With Luo Ying’s cultivation level at the Qi cultivation stage, going to break the formation was simply an act of seeking death.