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DYM Chapter 79-80

Chapter 79

“Light Snow, you’re well?” A surprised voice rang out at the door, Li Mu Mei and yet pushed straight in, followed by a still excited Lan Taro. Even Su Jingwen had come, along with two nurses who looked at Ning Qingxue with disbelief.

“Come in.” Ning Qingxue settled down and her face recovered a little, she was annoyed but decided not to think about it for now.

“What’s going on? Light Snow? Let me take a look at your back.” Li Mumei had seen Ning Qingxue’s injuries with his own eyes, and although he was puzzled by Ning Qingxue’s sudden recovery, the surprise in his heart showed through.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “No need to look, I can feel it myself, it’s really healed, I don’t know how it happened, yesterday ……” Originally, she wanted to say that someone might have helped her heal last night, but the words came to her mouth, but she swallowed them again.

The first thing I did was to take a look at my daughter’s clothes and see that her skin was still smooth and white, with no flaws at all. Only then did she dare to be sure that her daughter was really well. She was so excited that she was about to burst into tears again, God had blessed her daughter with overnight healing.

Two nurses excitedly came to help Ning Qingxue with a simple examination and found that Ning Qingxue’s body had actually healed. Other people didn’t know about Ning Qingxue’s injuries, but the two nurses knew exactly what was going on. They had been taking care of Ning Qingxue, so of course they knew how serious her injuries were. But they had not expected that such a serious injury would suddenly heal. To say that it was bizarre, what could be more bizarre than this, could it be a misdiagnosis?

When Ning Qingxue learnt that the doctors from the hospital were coming over, she immediately refused to be examined again. Her own health condition, she could now know better than anyone, was 100 per cent recovered, and she did not want this kind of thing to be made known to the world.

Ning Zhongfei arrived in Ninghai the same day, happier than anyone at his daughter’s sudden recovery, he only had one daughter and she was a treasure to him. But Ning Qingxue still refused her family’s request to let her leave Ninghai, she still wanted to stay here.

As for the person who came to help her with her treatment last night, Ning Qingxue thought for half a day and seemed to have only some vague impressions.

She remembered that she had tried to kill herself when she had finished recording her last words, but it seemed that her dagger had not stabbed into her throat, but into the arm of another person, and then she had pa*sed out. Could it be that the person she stabbed into was Ye Mo? Or did she miss him so much that she also thought that the person from last night was Ye Mo?

When did Ye Mo know how to heal wounds? Was there even such a great ability? Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered Ye Mo’s stall in the pedestrian street as a drifter, could it really be him? Did he really know how to heal? If it was really him, then the blood on the bed sheet should have been left by him.

Seeing her mother and the rest of the group go out, Ning Qingxue called out to Li Mumei, although she could get up now and was even in good physical condition, she did not want to go too far, lest she be noticed by all the people.

“Mumei, you help me to take the blood on this piece of cloth for a lab test.” Ning Qingxue cut off the blood on top of the bed sheet and handed it to Li Mumei. She wanted to know if this blood was the same as Ye Mo’s blood, although she couldn’t be 100% sure that this blood was Ye Mo’s even through the blood type, but at least she had a direction. If this blood was Ye Mo’s, then it would give her peace of mind to know that the person who helped her with the treatment was indeed Ye Mo and the person who looked at her body was also Ye Mo.

Li Mumei took the cloth piece but didn’t ask anything, if Ning Qingxue didn’t want to say anything, even if she asked, she wouldn’t say anything.


Last night, to Ning Qingxue’s parents perhaps Ning Qingxue’s sudden healing was the biggest thing, but to Ninghai’s major universities, and some of Ninghai’s hot-blooded youth, Shi Ying’s defeat of Park Dong Heng was the biggest thing.

However, compared to these two events, it was a murder case inside a villa that caused an earthquake in Ninghai’s official circles and senior management. Two of the victims in this murder case were heavyweights, one was Song Shaotan, the young master of the Song family, one of the five great families of China. The other one was even more frightening to say the least, as his name was Chien Shiping.

It was not unusual to be called Qian Shiping, what was unusual was that his father had a nickname of Qian Longtou. He was a man who could make the ground shake three times with the stamping of his foot. If the Yamaguchi-gumi in Japan and the Mafia in the West had great influence, then the word ‘South Green’ represented the direction of all gangs in the East.

And Chien Lung Lung was the leading boss of the ‘Southern Youth’ and Chien Shih Ping was his only son, or the only son left at the age of forty.

Chien Lung Lung was formerly known as Chien Pak Ho, a native of Tan Du in the Central Lake Province. He joined the triads at the age of eleven. He joined the triads at the age of eleven, and has been in the world** ever since. He has a regular army, but his army is really a mercenary army, stationed in Africa, and he himself lives in a luxurious manor in Africa all the time.

He no longer needs to intervene in the affairs of the ‘South Green’. The general matters are handled by his men and a report is submitted.

Not to mention ordinary people, even some small countries would not dare to offend this boss of ‘Southern Youth’, Thousand Dragon Head, but today his only son was killed in Ninghai, this is simply an earthquake.

Neither the death of Qian Shiping nor Song Shaowen is something that local officials can afford.


When Yun Bing woke up from the phone call, it was already after nine in the morning. Looking at Ye Mo, he was still asleep as he was last night, only his pale face had a hint of healthy blood, before Yun Bing put his mind at ease and hurriedly picked up the phone.

The call was from her colleague Wang Pre, just asking why she hadn’t gone to school today.

Yun Bing hurriedly asked Wang Pre to ask for leave for her, then wiped Ye Mo with a towel again, before going to prepare to cook some thin rice, in case Ye Mo woke up, he could still eat some.

Ye Mo had been in a coma since she rescued him last night, and had only opened his eyes for a while before he continued to be unconscious. Yun Bing didn’t dare to take him to the hospital, so she didn’t know what to do for a while.

Not knowing if the shadow was Ye Mo last night, Yun Bing opened her computer again to check the BBS website of Ninghai University of Science and Technology, but the news that caught her eye almost made her drop the mouse.

“Last night, a murder case happened in a private villa, six people died ……”

Wasn’t Ye Mo the one who was injured last night? Could it be that he did it? Yun Bing thought of the way Ye Mo beat Zheng Wen Qiao and that senior of hers into idiots some time ago, it was almost certain that this was Ye Mo’s doing, why was he so violent?

Yun Bing glanced back at Ye Mo with some complexity and searched for news about last night’s murder once again. Sure enough, on some small unofficial websites, she learned the truth. Last night, because two young masters of a big family had forcibly taken two girls inside the villa for lewdness. The two girls were not killed, but they were killed in the night.

Yun Bing sighed, she was already sure that this was Ye Mo’s doing. Ye Mo liked to fight this kind of injustice, the same thing happened to himself last time, only last time he didn’t kill anyone, while this time he actually did. Does he have a violent streak?

But no matter if Ye Mo was violent or not, he was the one who had saved her life, and relative to herself, he saved even more than her life in terms of reputation. Moreover, she was also on Ye Mo’s side in last night’s incident, only that Ye Mo should not have killed anyone. Killing at the drop of a hat was simply too outrageous in this society. Yun Bing was also secretly glad that she did not send Ye Mo to the hospital, if she did, I guess Ye Mo would have been exposed


Chapter 80

Yun Bing did not go out all day, not even to buy vegetables, she was always pining for when Ye Mo would wake up. She heated up a pot of congee, but Ye Mo did not have the slightest intention of waking up.

If it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s normal breathing, Yun Bing almost thought he was dying.

She had never seen a person pa*s out for such a long time before. But even if she hadn’t gone out, Yun Bing knew that Ye Mo had committed a big crime this time, and she could see the police patrolling the streets from her window.

She really couldn’t figure out what kind of person Ye Mo had killed that had caused such a big commotion

In the small courtyard where Ning Qingxue lived, apart from her parents, only Su Jingwen was there, the rest of the people had already left. After Ning Qingxue got up and washed up, she had just eaten something and was standing in front of the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ looking at it when Li Mumei hurriedly ran in.

“Qingxue, you can get up already?” Li Mumei’s surprise came from her heart as she saw Ning Qingxue looking at the small gra*s on the flower bed inside the courtyard and immediately called out in surprise.

“Well, I’m already much better, Mumei, what happened?” Ning Qingxue asked, looking at Li Mumei who was in a bit of a hurry.

Only then did Li Mumei understand what she was about to say and said hurriedly, “Qingxue, I heard that Song Shaotan was killed by someone in Ninghai last night. That person also killed five other people in addition to killing Song Shao Tan, but one seems to be even bigger than Song Shao Tan, I don’t know who it is.”

Ning Qingxue was moved in her heart and asked, “Mumei, do you know who the other people were?”

Li Mumei shook his head and said, “I don’t know either, apart from Song Shaotan, who was killed, there are a few others who have no information, I still learnt about them from a friend of mine. I know many reporters in Yanjing, so I’ll find out tomorrow when I ask them.”

What was Song Shao Tan doing in Ninghai? Was he the one who sent people to injure himself? And who dared to kill Song Shao Tan? Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of Ye Mo and immediately asked, “Mu Mei, did you get your lab report back?”

“Well, got it back.” Li Mumei handed the lab slip in her hand to Ning Qingxue, and when Ning Qingxue took a look, her face was already a little agitated.

“What’s wrong? Qingxue.” Li Mumei asked in a hurry.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “It’s nothing, I’ll go in and sit for a while, I’ll come out later.” After saying that, she went inside first.

Li Mumei watched Ning Qingxue go in, thinking that she had just recovered from her injuries and was a bit weak, but did not care.

However, Ning Qingxue was excited in her heart because the blood type on the list Li Mumei gave her was the same as Ye Mo’s blood type, both of which were type B blood. Although it was far from possible to tell that this was Ye Mo’s blood by virtue of a blood type, not to mention the fact that there were as many people with type B blood as there were cattle, Ning Qingxue was convinced that this blood was Ye Mo’s.

She seemed to feel that Ye Mo had come, and only Ye Mo knew what was inside his box, otherwise it wouldn’t be such a coincidence. That feeling coupled with the fact that the blood types were now the same made Ning Qingxue even more convinced that the person who came was Ye Mo.

If it was Ye Mo who had come, then did he have something to do with the killing of Song Shao Tan’s few people last night? If it wasn’t Ye Mo, who would have dared to touch the Song family’s people? Ye Mo even dared to kill Song Shaowen, let alone Song Shaotan, and besides, he had the motive.

Knowing that it was probably Ye Mo who came to her rescue, she finally breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, after all, she had already admitted that Ye Mo was her husband, so if her body was seen by Ye Mo, it didn’t matter.

Suddenly Ning Qingxue felt uneasy, since Ye Mo had come to Ninghai, if he had also killed Song Shaotan, wouldn’t he be in great danger now? What if he hadn’t escaped from Ninghai, then what? Ning Qingxue was actually suffering from uncertainty, hoping again that the person who came last night was not Ye Mo.

Because if it was really Ye Mo, with the Song family’s energy, it would be difficult for him to fly in Ninghai.

Ning Qingxue could not stay any longer and hurriedly walked out of the house again, only to meet up with Xu Wei who was returning.

“Ah, Qingxue, you’re already well?” Xu Wei asked in surprise, she had gone to the hospital to see Ning Qingxue and knew that she was badly injured, even the hospital had issued a deadline. But the Ning Qingxue in front of her was standing in front of her without any difference, what the hell was going on?

“Well, I’ve gotten better, maybe the hospital misdiagnosed it. It seems that my injuries aren’t very serious.” Ning Qingxue nodded and said.

Xu Wei thought with some confusion, the hospital Ning Qingxue went to was the number one hospital in Ninghai and the Hong Rui Hospital which had a certain fame in the country, how could such a serious misdiagnosis have happened? She had seen the stick land on Ning Qingxue’s back with her own eyes.

Seeing Xu Wei’s not quite daring to believe it, Ning Qingxue hurriedly changed the subject, “Why didn’t you go to work again today?”

“Ugh, you two simply sound exactly the same when you ask questions, yesterday Ye ……” Xu Wei suddenly stopped talking, she remembered that Ye Mo had told her yesterday that she should not tell Ning Qingxue about his return, and she had forgotten today.

Although Xu Wei had stopped her mouth in time, Ning Qingxue had heard it out and quickly asked, ‘What happened yesterday? Did Ye Mo come back?”

While asking the question, Ning Qingxue had already unconsciously grabbed Xu Wei’s hand.

Xu Wei looked at her hand being tightly grasped by Ning Qingxue, and knowing that she had spoken out of turn, there was no way to continue hiding it, so she could only sigh and say, “Yesterday Ye Mo came back and looked at the flower bed for half a day, and then asked me about you and he left. I guess he should have gone to the hospital to see you, what, you didn’t see him?”

Ning Qingxue suddenly let go of Xu Wei’s hand and mumbled somewhat, “Sure enough it was him, he’s fine, he came back and left again, didn’t stay ……”

“Qingxue, you go and take a rest ah, just recovered do not walk around. Xu Wei, it’s good to eat together later, my aunt and I are cooking.” Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxue standing in the doorway and walked over again.

“Qingxue, why is your face a little red? Is it still a bit feverish?” Li Mumei, however, saw that Ning Qingxue’s face seemed to be a little red and asked with some concern.

Ning Qingxue was thinking about Ye Mo’s visit last night and wondered if he had heard what she had said, thinking about that name she had called him, it was so humiliating, don’t let him hear it. But now she was 100% sure that the person who came last night was Ye Mo, and while she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, she was actually a little sweet.

Now that Li Mu Mei asked about it, she immediately remembered that since it was Ye Mo who came yesterday, then Song Shaotan must have been killed by him, and he was avenging himself. As soon as she thought about last night, Ning Qingxue remembered that Ye Mo was still on the run and immediately got nervous again.

“Qingxue ……” Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxue’s face change quickly and became even more worried.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “I’m fine, Mumei, you said you have a lot of reporters you know in Yanjing, can you ask one out to meet tonight?”

Ning Qingxue wanted to ask about last night’s case through the reporter’s mouth as a way to indirectly inquire about Ye Mo’s situation.

“Qingxue, you want to meet a reporter? Don’t you hate reporters the most?” Li Mumei said, but seeing that Ning Qingxue was a bit speechless, she immediately added, “Alright, I’ll ask about it tonight, and if there are no surprises, I should be able to get an appointment with one or two reporters.”