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DYM Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

Yun Bing rubbed her tired eyes, a little out of breath. Ever since what happened eight years ago, she had been reluctant to return to Yanjing. Her boyfriend had also parted ways with her because of that incident, while the person who had violated her was still at large in Yanjing, and even seven-year-old Tingting had been taken away from her by their family by force.

The reason why she hadn’t slept all night today was because her boyfriend back then, Feng Rong, had returned from America. Eight years ago, after that incident, Feng Rong had never been seen again, and only later did she learn that he had gone to America. She was really sad back then, that he had left without saying goodbye when she needed him most.

But today he actually came back and begged her to go back to Yanjing. An open electronic letter in front of the computer was sent by none other than Feng Rong. He told her that he didn’t even know about her back then because the next day, he was inexplicably sent to America by his family. Then he could never contact her again, and now the first thing he does when he comes back is to look for her, and the email address he only found out from someone else after he returned to Yanjing.

He told Yun Bing that no matter what happened, he would not mind, and that he, Feng Rong, still loved Yun Bing.

When Yun Bing saw that letter from Feng Rong, his first reaction was to delete the letter. But when Yun Bing saw the love between Feng Rong’s words and the innocence of her first love back then, Yun Bing hesitated a little. She was afraid of the person who had violated her back then. If Feng Rong really still loved her, he could take her to America and maybe she could get away from that dream demon.

Last time, if she hadn’t learnt that she had misunderstood Ye Mo, she might have gone to Yanjing. Because she felt a bit guilty that Ye Mo had saved her, Yun Bing had always wanted to say thank you to Ye Mo face to face, but unfortunately, she had never met him.

Although last time Su Jingwen told her that Ye Mo had offended a big shot and could not show his face. But Yun Bing always fantasised that she could meet him once in Ninghai, otherwise it would be her leaving Ninghai and there would definitely be some uneasiness in her heart. In fact, there was another reason that made her hesitate to move, and perhaps she didn’t even want to think about it, and that was that she had some vague fear of Yanjing at the bottom of her heart.

Now that Feng Rong has returned, should she go back or not? Although she resented Feng Rong back then, since he said he didn’t know, and the first thing he did when he came back was to look for her, it gave Yun Bing a feeling of being missed for the first time.

For many years, she had even become a forgotten corner. Although her cold and icy personality had reduced a lot of trouble for her, every time she came home to a cold house, it always made her feel a little lonely, and she would even miss the insignificant things she had done when she first fell in love.

But did Feng Rong really not know about what happened back then? Even if he didn’t know, didn’t his family tell him, and he hadn’t contacted himself for eight years, so why was that? Yun Bing suddenly did not want to think about this question.

After thinking about it for a long time, Yun Bing sighed, she still decided to go back to Yanjing to have a look, after all Ting Ting was still there somewhere, although she was scared of that man, sometimes hiding was not always the best way. She opened a document and prepared to write a letter for Su Jingwen to pa*s on to Ye Mo.

Yun Bing had just opened a document when one of the latest news popped up in the bottom right corner. Yun Bing casually clicked it off, but the photo in her eyes gave her a familiar feeling. Although it was blurry, Yun Bing felt that she was familiar with this photo.

She felt that this person really looked like Ye Mo, only that his face was not very clear in the photo.

There was also the fact that the name on it was however not Ye Mo, but Shi Ying.

Although Yun Bing didn’t care much about things at school, she had heard a bit about the ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo. She had already pa*sed the age of cynicism and just paid attention to it and forget about it, but she didn’t expect that a Shi Ying had appeared in Ninghai, and the news still said that she had defeated Park Dong Heng in one move.

Originally, Yun Bing had read this news and let it go, but this Shi Ying even had a slight resemblance to Ye Mo. Yun Bing immediately logged onto the BBS website of Ninghai University of Science and Technology, and only at this time did she understand what was lively. Looking at the time, it was already after 4am, but Ninghai University of Science and Technology’s BBS was surprisingly full of people.

The first top post had already been clicked a million times, and there were already thousands of replies below.

The title of the post was eye-catching, ‘Shi Ying, our handsome man’, and the replies below the post were almost a few more after a refresh.

“I’m on the couch, okay, I admit I worship Master Shadow to death, I promise, I’m really not a f**got.” —Picking the sh*t bucket into the cafeteria.

“I’m pretty sure Brother Shi Ying is the number one master in Ninghai, and it’s nice to have a bench.” —Sitting in a grave smoking loneliness.

“Wow, I can’t believe I have a floor. I’ll tell you what, I have Brother Shi Ying’s autograph, I envy you all.” —Water.

“I’m already satisfied with having a place to stand. Division shadow, I really love you, what am I going to do in the future ah ……” — Who is changing my tombstone markings.

“Who took that video, how dare they make our handsome divisional shadow look like this. Seriously against it.” — Getting around in his trunks.


There were surprisingly several thousand replies below. Yun Bing didn’t read them one by one, but directly clicked on the top video.

The scene of Ye Mo and Park Dong Heng’s fight immediately came out, obviously it was filmed in high definition, the image of Park Dong Heng was clear, but Ye Mo’s face was always a bit blurry. The fight scene was very short, just a few glances, and Park Dong Heng had already been kicked out.

Yun Bing stared at the video in a daze, although it was not long, she felt that this person was Ye Mo, but why was Ye Mo’s face blurred in the same shot? And all the other scenes were clear?

Looking at the time it was already 4:40am, but Yun Bing couldn’t sit still, what if it was Ye Mo and she had missed it. Thinking of this, Yun Bing hurriedly went downstairs and drove directly to Ninghai University of Science and Technology.

In the early morning hours, although there were still cars coming and going on the road, but there were not many, and Yun Bing also took a shortcut, the road is not even half a day to meet a person, so Yun Bing car drove very fast. A stumbling figure on the side of the road almost hit Yun Bing’s car, but Yun Bing saw in the rear view mirror that the figure seemed to have fallen to the ground after her car had pa*sed.

Although she was sure that her car had not touched the person, Yun Bing reversed her car and rolled up the window to ask, “Are you alright?”

The man who had fallen to the ground did not answer, and Yun Bing saw some blood on the man through the dim street light.

Fearing that he had hit someone, Yun Bing hurriedly got out of the car and helped the person lying on the ground up. However, when she saw the man’s face clearly through the dim street light, Yun Bing was shocked that the man lying in her arms was Ye Mo.

How had he gotten like this? The clothes on his back had been torn, a deep, bone-chilling blood mark trailing long, and his face was also very pale. At this moment, Ye Mo’s eyes were closed and he had clearly fallen into a coma.

Yun Bing’s heart tightened, although she didn’t know how Ye Mo could be like this, but Yun Bing knew that Ye Mo’s situation was very dangerous. She hurriedly dragged Ye Mo to the car. Yun Bing’s first reaction was to take Ye Mo to the hospital immediately, but Su Jingwen’s words rang in her ears once again, Ye Mo had offended a big shot, he had nowhere to hide but to flee out of Ninghai.

If he was sent to the hospital now, would that big shot find out?


Chapter 78

Yun Bing was exhausted and sweating before she got Ye Mo into the room with her on her back. Luckily, it was around five o’clock at this time, which basically belonged to the darkest period of time before dawn, and no one was up so early in the neighborhood yet, so no one noticed.

Although she didn’t know what kind of bigwig Ye Mo had offended as Su Jingwen said, she decided to park the car inside the garage in order to prevent others from suspecting her. After carefully closing the door, she parked the car inside the garage first before Yun Bing came back to help Ye Mo onto the bed. She reached out and touched Ye Mo’s nose, which still seemed to be warm, so Yun Bing was relieved that he should have temporarily pa*sed out.

After making a basin of hot water, Yun Bing planned to scrub Ye Mo’s body all over. When she had taken off all of Ye Mo’s clothes, she finally looked at his shorts and still didn’t have the heart to help him take them off. She didn’t even dare to look at them and took a towel to cover Ye Mo’s shorts before she dared to help him scrub his body.

The wound on Ye Mo’s back looked shocking, Yun Bing didn’t dare to imagine what kind of person could have used something to make such a deep wound. However, although Ye Mo’s wound was deep, his muscles were exceptionally strong. If Yun Bing had not seen Ye Mo’s strong muscles with her own eyes, she would not have believed that Ye Mo, who looked quiet on the surface, had such a muscular body, and looked so symmetrical and fit.

Yun Bing felt her face redden a little, and her hands were trembling a little as she helped Ye Mo scrub. She had never had the experience of facing a man topless before, and even eight years ago when she was violated, she was still drugged and in a coma.

But the family was surprisingly fearful of the power of that family, who had dared not allow themselves to abort the child after they had only said one word. She didn’t blame her family, because her family really couldn’t afford to mess with that family, and even now when she thinks about it Yun Bing feels a bit shaky, she was really afraid of that person. That’s why she had been hiding in Ninghai, just not even willing to return to Yanjing for the Chinese New Year.

Ye Mo knew the moment he fell into a coma that it was not good, and with a strong will he managed to wake himself up. The person he saw when he opened his eyes was surprisingly Yun Bing. Although he did not feel good about Yun Bing either, being here with Yun Bing was many times better than falling into the hands of the Song family.

With a relieved heart, Ye Mo closed his eyes again and pa*sed out, but his body was already slowly starting to run through his true essence to recover his body which was exhausted and even injured to the core.

“You’re awake?” Yun Bing, who was dazed with a towel in her hand, immediately called out in surprise when she saw Ye Mo open his eyes, but she then realized that Ye Mo was unconscious once again. Yun Bing hurriedly carried the water away and returned to the room to help Ye Mo cover up the quilt before she breathed a sigh of relief.

Since he had woken up once, it meant that there should be nothing more wrong with him. Yun Bing, who had not slept all night and was equally exhausted, fell asleep against the side of Ye Mo’s bed.


When Ning Qingxue opened her eyes but found that it was already dawn, she lay unmoving. Was it already in heaven now? There was no pain in her body, and she was even incredibly comfortable. Ning Qingxue breathed a sigh of relief, finally she was free from the pain of that endless abyss, she just didn’t know if Ye Mo was doing well now.

But soon Ning Qingxue felt that something was wrong, she found that she was still lying on this bed of Ye Mo’s and the things in the room were all arranged as they were, nothing was different.

What was going on? Ning Qingxue bit the tip of her tongue, a painful sensation came through, did she not die? Inwardly panicked, Ning Qingxue sat up haughtily, she was once again amazed to find that her injuries had healed without a cure, she felt no discomfort in her body, she was even full of energy and spirituality.

The small box, Ning Qingxue grabbed the box as soon as she could, not a single thing was missing inside, all of them were there. Huh, that’s not right, she clearly remembered that she finally picked up the dagger to kill herself last night, how come the dagger was still inside the case now, could it be that she had a memory problem? That was definitely not possible.

Ning Qingxue carefully checked everything in the box again and found that there was a medicine bottle with two heart protection pills missing. Ning Qingxue was suddenly a little scared, she had been injured so badly, how could she have healed overnight? Besides, she clearly remembered holding the knife in her hand ready to kill herself, but then she seemed to have even stabbed it in, but how could she be fine now and not even have a single wound?

And why was it that she still had the pain and didn’t look like she had died at all? Ning Qingxue turned her head to look on her own bed sheet and there were indeed a few drops of blood, but there were no more bleeding wounds on her own body, so where had this blood come from?

“Mum.” Ning Qingxue had just opened her mouth to call out when the door to the room was opened and Ning Qingxue’s mother, Lan Taro, hurriedly pushed the door in.

“Qingxue, are you alright.” She hadn’t even come in yet, but her voice had already come out. It was amazing that she hadn’t even woken up until seven or eight o’clock in the morning, and Blue Taro could barely forgive herself for her blunder.

“Ah, Light Snow, why are you sitting up? You, how come your face looks so healthy? You’re already well? Qingxue, you’ve really gotten better ……” Lan Taro had completely forgotten how Ning Qingxue could have gotten better in one night when she was so badly injured, and in her eyes, it was only right that her daughter’s injuries got better. As for the process, it has been automatically ignored by her.

When Ning Qingxue saw her mother, Lan Taro, she finally understood that she was neither dreaming nor dead, but truly well. But how she was well, she did not understand.

It was only when Lan Taro finished speaking and took Ning Qingxue’s hand that she remembered how her daughter could have gotten better for no reason. The injuries she had sustained were extremely serious. Thinking about this, Lan Taro immediately asked, “Qingxue, what’s wrong with you? How did you get better for no reason?”

Ning Qingxue shook her head, she didn’t understand either. Last night she had a vague feeling that someone had come to heal her, but who else could heal herself in one night with such serious injuries?

“Mum, I want to be alone to think about what’s going on?” Ning Qingxue suddenly said.

Lan Taro was incomparably excited at this moment, to her daughter getting well was bizarre but she would rather believe it was an ancestral blessing than to think it was impossible. When she saw her daughter say this, she looked carefully at her daughter’s back, and only after she had finished did she say with a sigh of relief, “I’ll go and make some porridge for you, you can rest for a while and don’t move around.”

Only when her mother had gone out did Ning Qingxue continue to frown and think hard. She was not as optimistic as her mother, her injuries had definitely been treated by someone, but who was so capable? But who was so powerful that they had healed all of her injuries while she was asleep, knowing that these were injuries that even Hong Rui Hospital could not treat.

Suddenly Ning Qingxue tensed up, since someone had helped her heal her injuries last night, did they have to take off her blouse? Ning Qingxue hurriedly undid her blouse and looked at it, and sure enough, her face immediately turned a little pale. Her blouse had indeed been undone, and even the buttons of her bra were actually wrongly fastened.

Since that person could see her back, it meant that her front chest had also been looked at, who was this? Ning Qingxue suddenly felt her body tremble a little. She would rather die than endure her body being looked at by someone she didn’t even know.

Ning Qingxue fixed her gaze on the drops of blood on the bed, it was not her own blood, then whose could it be? Could it be the one who had come to help her heal last night?