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DYM Chapter 83-84

Chapter 83

It was already noon when Ye Mo ran through another cycle of days, and he felt that the injuries in his body had all gone and his whole body was full of vitality. Even his cultivation level had advanced some more, and one step further would be the peak of the second level of Qi cultivation. Although he hadn’t reached the peak of the second layer, Ye Mo knew that in this place where spiritual qi was scarce, to be able to make such a slight progress was already remarkable, and he wasn’t disappointed.

Looking around him, Yun Bing was already up, and she was not in her room, it looked like she should have gone out. Ye Mo got up, saw the toothpaste and toothbrush prepared by Yun Bing in the bathroom, and washed his face by the way.

“Ring the bell.” The doorbell rang and Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out, the person standing at the door was surprisingly not Yun Bing, but a girl in her twenties. However, looking about the same age as Yun Bing, she was not as pretty as Yun Bing, but her figure was voluptuous. In Ye Mo’s impression, among the women he knew, the one with the most voluptuous figure was Wen Dong, but the girl’s chest in front of him was even bigger than Wen Dong.

If she didn’t look like a young woman, Ye Mo would have thought that this girl was already married. However, he had little experience with women, so it was normal for him to look wrong.

A strange girl came to Yun Bing’s house, not to mention that Yun Bing was not at home, even if Yun Bing was at home, Ye Mo would have told her not to open the door. After all, he was in a state of flight right now.

The girl outside the door waited for a while, not waiting for the door, but muttered to herself, “Sister Bing is not at school, and not at home, where could she go?”

Then Ye Mo swept her around and Ye Mo was finally relieved, he didn’t want this woman to come in. However, Ye Mo turned his eyes and got a little depressed again, because he saw Yun Bing coming back, carrying many things in her hand, there was a bag, but the bag was not his.

“Ah, Sister Bing, where have you been? I found you here from school and finally found you.” The girl immediately shouted out in delight as soon as she saw Yun Bing.

“He Li, what brings you here? When did you come to Ninghai?” Yun Bing immediately replied, but Ye Mo soon saw that Yun Bing’s face had become a little nervous, so it seemed that she was also aware of her situation.

“Of course I came to find you for something, open the door, go inside and I will talk to you.” He Li said immediately.

Yun Bing stood at the door with some hesitation but did not open the door.

“What’s wrong, Sister Bing, you’re not going to let me talk to you here, are you? Did I come all this way and not even let me come and sit at home. It’s not like you’re hiding a man at home, why don’t you dare to open the door?” When He Li saw that Yun Bing was hesitant to take the key out, he then said jokingly.

Yun Bing’s face flushed, but she stammered a bit and said, “That, He Li why don’t we go outside and talk about it. I have someone at home, at home ……”

“Ah, Sister Bing, you have a boyfriend? That’s all the more reason for me to go in and take a look. I want to see exactly what kind of person can capture your heart that is a thousand miles away.” He Li immediately shouted out in even more surprise.

Yun Bing once again hesitated for a long time, she was not someone who did not know what was important, although He Li was a good sister, but Ye Mo’s identity was after all different. Thinking of this, she gritted her teeth and said, “He Li, why don’t I bring him to you next time, he is now naked at home, without clothes, I ……”

After looking at Yun Bing for a long time, He Li said as if he had found an alien, “Sister Bing, I really didn’t expect you to be so open, even sleeping together, who is this guy to take such a big advantage of you? No, tell him to put his clothes back on, I’m going to check it out.”

“But the clothes were all torn last night.” In her eagerness, Yun Bing could find no more good excuses.

He Li’s eyes widened again and looked Yun Bing up and down for a while before he panted and said, “Sister Bing, you guys are amazing, it doesn’t take long to take off a dress, right, you guys can’t even take that long, that scene, my goodness ……”

Yun Bing’s face turned red, but she had no way to explain.

“Well, for the sake of your tender face, I won’t go in and disturb you guys from making out. I just came to tell you some news, Feng Rong is back and he’s asking around for news about you, but I see that this Feng Rong can’t be trusted. Because I know he is the same news and he has to ask around for a few people, you have to be careful with him. I’m here for the press conference, so I won’t talk to you much longer. Next time remember to bring me your little mistress to see ah.” He Li really turned around and left after saying that.

Yun Bing looked at He Li’s disappearing back, and only then did she breathe a sigh of relief, finally she had tricked her away, at the cost of revealing to herself the Sl*tty and crazy that did not exist.

Yun Bing opened the door and looked at Ye Mo standing in the doorway, so frightened that she hurriedly closed the door behind her. Nervously, she said, “You’re still not well, why are you up?”

Ye Mo said somewhat gratefully, “Teacher Yun, thank you for earlier.”

“You heard it all?” Immediately after Yun Bing finished speaking, she thought that it must have been Ye Mo who heard it just now while standing at the door. But immediately, she thought of what she had said and her face turned a bit abnormal again, wondering what Ye Mo would think of her.

“Well, I heard everything, it’s hard for Teacher Yun, if I have the chance, I will definitely come back to repay Teacher Yun’s kindness, I’ve already bothered you for two days.” Ye Mo said with some shame, he was a man who respected him a foot, he had to respect others a foot, and was clear in his grudges, repaying revenge for revenge and kindness for kindness.

“I didn’t help you with anything either, from now on you shouldn’t call me teacher Yun, I feel a bit awkward ……” Yun Bing thought of what she and Ye Mo had slept together, all slept together, although nothing was done, but this teacher was indeed a bit awkward to call.

However, Yun Bing seemed to think of something else and immediately said with some surprise, “What did you mean by what you just said? Are you going to leave?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, I’ve been disturbing you for many days, you saved me, I can’t stay here with you anymore, it’s hurting you, I’m better now, I need to go, by the way, did you help go look at my bag?”

“No, I can’t let you go ……” Yun Bing said halfway, saw Ye Mo’s surprised face and immediately blushed and hurriedly said, “I mean it’s dangerous outside now, everywhere is checking you out, you going out is send you to your death.”

Ye Mo’s heart was warmed, Yun Bing was a typical woman who was cold on the outside and hot on the inside, she had only helped her in pa*sing and she had already helped back so much that she didn’t even care about her reputation.

“Sister Bing, I know you are doing it for my own good, in fact I am sure of my escape, don’t worry about it.” However, Ye Mo changed his mouth to change Teacher Yun to Sister Bing.

Seeing Ye Mo change his tone, Yun Bing’s face eased up a bit and was silent for a moment before saying, “Ye Mo, you can stay another night, in fact, I actually sleep a lot better with you at home, last night that is. You can even help me out, can you?”

Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing with some disbelief, her face was somewhat flushed and she actually had an amazingly seductive beauty, he knew that Yun Bing was afraid that he would be caught immediately after he went out.

Seeing that Ye Mo looked at himself for a long time without saying anything, the red on Yun Bing’s face faded and turned a little white, she was about to speak when Ye Mo spoke, “Alright, Sister Bing, I think you’re right, I’ll just leave tomorrow at dawn, maybe that’s the safest time.”

Seeing Ye Mo agree to himself, Yun Bing’s face immediately showed surprise, and she hurriedly picked up the bag in her hand like a little girl pleasing an adult, “All your things are in here, I also bought a lot of food back, I’ll make it for you later, so you can replenish your body.”


Chapter 84

Ning Qingxue didn’t like ‘Starbucks’ and had never gone to Starbucks for coffee, that so-called North American style she hated somewhat, and the taste of the pastries inside she didn’t like either.

But today, she had to walk into Starbucks. It was because that journalist friend of Su Jingwen’s in Yanjing’s liked Starbucks coffee the most.

“Mumei, Qingxue, come this way.” As soon as Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei arrived, Su Jingwen called out from beside a table by the window. Next to her was a tall, good-looking woman.

“Let me introduce to you, this is my friend Xiao Lei, the most famous reporter in Yanjing right now, she is always on the front line and gets her hands on the first-hand news. Xiao Lei, this is my friends Mu Mei and Qingxue.” Seeing Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei coming over, Su Jingwen stood up and introduced them on both sides.

“Hello, Qingxue and Mumei. I’ve heard a lot about Ning Qingxue, the number one beauty in Yanjing, so I’m really ashamed of myself when I see her today, huh?” Xiao Lei also stood up and shook hands with the two.

“Big reporter Xiao, I’ve heard about it too, last time I even saw inside your blog that you’ve been to the border stream snake’s insight, I didn’t expect to meet you in Ninghai so soon, what an honor.” Li Mumei had a wider range of contacts than Ning Qingxue, and soon became familiar with Xiao Lei.

Xiao Lei said with a faint smile, “If it wasn’t for someone saving me that time, maybe I would have returned without a life.” After saying that, Xiao Lei also looked at Ning Qingxue, she naturally knew that Ning Qingxue once had a fiancé named Ye Mo, and the person who saved her was also named Ye Mo. However, Xiao Lei would not think that these two Ye Mo’s were the same person, because the gap between them was just too big.

What kind of person was Ning Qingxue’s fiancé, I guess there was no one in the whole Yanjing who didn’t know, how could it be the same Ye Mo of the flowing snake.

“What would you guys like to drink?” Su Jingwen was the proprietor today.

Li Mumei didn’t care much about coffee either, and casually ordered a ‘latte’.

“I’ll just make it whatever.” Ning Qingxue didn’t like coffee, today she mainly came to inquire about Ye Mo’s news, as for what to drink, she didn’t care at all.

Su Jingwen’s table had four women sitting at it, and one was more beautiful than the other, attracting the attention of the entire cafe for a while. This made Ning Qingxue a little uncomfortable.

“Xiao Lei, I’ve heard of you too, and I really admire your journalistic spirit.” Although Ning Qingxue had never been to Yanjing, the more famous journalist Xiao Lei, she had still heard of her.

Although Li Mumei didn’t know why Ning Qingxue was concerned about the case the night before last, she thought it should be related to the Song family’s side. So she took the initiative to help Ning Qingxue and asked, “Xiao Lei, I heard Jingwen say that you came here this time to cover that case in Ninghai, how is that case going now?”

Li Mu Mei only asked casually, and Xiao Lei didn’t care much, thinking she was just looking for a topic she was more familiar with to chat about. After taking a sip of coffee, she said, “Actually, the murderer hasn’t been caught yet, but the victim’s family supposedly already knows who the murderer is, but there’s just no definite evidence, the murderer is very cunning and destroyed all the cameras before going in.”

Ning Qingxue heard that the murderer was not caught seems to be relieved heart general, the first time a sip of coffee, there is a faint milk taste, taste some smooth, suddenly Ning Qingxue feel this coffee is also good, less bitter.

“Song Shao Tan was killed, I guess the Song family is going crazy this time, this surname Song is indeed too arrogant, no wonder someone wants to make a move, it looks like one should not be too arrogant.” Li Mu Mei had no sympathy at all for Song Shao Tan being killed, and the words he said were not hidden.

Xiao Lei, however, shook her head and said, “Actually, the most crazy thing this time is probably not the Song family, although the Song family is crazy, there are many people in the Song family. What caused more craziness should be the other person who was killed, his name is Qian Shiping.”

“Qian Shiping?” Both Ning Qingxue and Su Jingwen had never heard of this name and were a little surprised. What kind of person was it that was even crazier than the Song family in Xiao Lei’s mouth?

“Who is Qian Shiping?” Although Su Jingwen was curious, she could not ask it out, but Ning Qingxue had to ask it out because it was related to Ye Mo’s safety.

Seemingly a little surprised by Ning Qingxue’s eagerness, Su Jingwen glanced at Ning Qingxue, in her eyes, Ning Qingxue should be far less curious about such matters than others. But now she was acting even more curious than herself, which was indeed odd.

Although Xiao Lei had heard of Ning Qingxue, she did not know her character very well, instead she explained directly, “The name Qian Shiping is nothing, the main thing is his old man, Qian Baihe. Because Thousand White Cranes however also has a name of Thousand Dragon Heads ……”

“Thousand Dragon Head?” Ning Qingxue felt that this name was somewhat familiar, but couldn’t remember who it was.

“Thousand Dragon Head is, however, the Eastern Black. He has so much energy that it is said that even if a needle fell out of the ocean, he might be able to find it. Now that his only son has been killed, do you think he can stop with his energy? So this matter has become a bit too big, and now we still don’t know the reaction of the Thousand Dragons ……”

Before Xiao Lei could finish her words, the coffee that Ning Qingxue had just picked up in her hand ‘snapped’ and landed on top of the table once again, instantly splashing all over the table. Although she didn’t know ‘Nan Qing’, it didn’t mean that she didn’t know ‘Nan Qing’, she just didn’t expect that Ye Mo had offended such a powerful person, Ning Qing Xue’s heart suddenly became uneasy.

“Qingxue, what’s wrong with you?” Li Mumei saw this and quickly asked with concern, she thought that Ning Qingxue’s injuries had not completely healed.

Su Jingwen also saw that something was wrong with Ning Qingxue, her face was not as normal as when she first arrived, so she quickly changed the subject and said, “Let’s not talk about this, the topic is too depressing. Xiao Lei, let’s talk about what you saw last time you were in the border stream snake, I want to go and have some fun too.”

Xiao Lei’s eyes that were originally paying attention to Ning Qingxue were indeed immediately attracted to Su Jingwen, and when she heard Su Jingwen’s words, she quickly waved her hand and said, “Jingwen, you must not go to the flowing snake, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo saving me last time, I would have been dead long ago.”

“Ye Mo?” Li Mumei, Ning Qingxue and Su Jingwen all said the name almost simultaneously.

After Xiao Lei said it, she immediately knew that she had made a slip of the tongue and quickly said, “It’s Ye Mo, but not the one from Qingxue …… I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention for a moment, the person who saved me at the beginning was also named Ye Mo.”

Ning Qingxue came back to her senses, but smiled and said, “It’s okay, I don’t care, Xiao Lei, can you tell us what’s going on?”

Xiao Lei saw that Ning Qingxue had calmed down instead, so she began to tell what she had met in the flowing snake, “…… To be honest, I really didn’t expect Wang Qianjun to be that kind of person, offering 50,000 yuan to throw me down, he escaped alone by himself and actually left me still to a group of desperate of tough bandits ……”

“Ah, I did not in your ** see this thing ah, then you later how to do?” Li Mumei also tensed up when she heard this.

Xiao Lei’s eyes suddenly became somewhat obsessed as she murmured, “At that time he was like a Prince Charming coming from the sky and knocking all of the several thugs unconscious. The way he flew up was really too handsome, that leg flew up and swept out, I have never forgotten it in my life …… I have never seen someone with such a high martial arts either, I thought these were all scenes on TV, but I really met it that day, it even appeared to me… …”

Listening to Xiao Lei’s narrative, even Su Jingwen and Li Mumei felt a sense of nervousness and yearning, but Ning Qingxue felt more and more that that person was the same Ye Mo that she was thinking about