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DYM Chapter 85-86

Chapter 85

“Xiao Lei, you’re so pretty, he didn’t want to get to know you?” Li Mumei immediately got gossipy.

Xiao Lei shook her head and said with some bitterness, “Seriously, at that moment, I really had my heart set on him, it must have been love at first sight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t his Cinderella, he didn’t give any chance to me at all, he didn’t even give me his phone number ……”

Su Jingwen ‘puffed’ out a laugh, “Xiao Da reporter, to have a body, to have a face, look at this xiōng front xiōng device, I am afraid, still afraid of not finding a prince who likes you.”

Seeing Su Jingwen’s joke, Xiao Lei surprisingly did not laugh back in the past, but once again shook her head and said, “You guys don’t understand how I felt at that time, at my most helpless time, he came down from the sky to save me. I’m not reading too many fairy tales, it’s true. Maybe you haven’t experienced it, you can’t feel what I was feeling. On the other hand, he was so handsome, maybe it’s not called handsome, what is it called, I can’t say ……”

Xiao Lei’s mood was surprisingly low.

“Xiao Lei, can you tell us what he looks like and tell us about it?” Ning Qingxue suddenly asked with some trembling, several people were each thinking their own thoughts and surprisingly did not pay attention to Ning Qingxue’s tone.

“He looked to be in his twenties, wearing an ordinary light blue sè shirt, with good skin and a somewhat quiet look. He had soft eyes and looked very comfortable …… a little less than 5’8″, not really very handsome, but his face was well-defined and really durable, and he smiled with confidence, as if the sky was falling and he didn’t care. Well, the bridge of his nose is tǐng straight and his teeth are very white …… By the way, I have a photo of him ……”

It took half a day of talking before Xiao Lei remembered that it wasn’t more intuitive to take out a photo.

“You quickly take it out ……” Li Mumei but immediately said, Xiao Lei described half a day, but several people still do not have any intuitive impression, to say the only intuitive sense, is his height.

Xiao Lei had already pulled out a delicate small mirror from her bag, she handed it out and laughed somewhat self-deprecatingly, “The photo is here, I secretly took it down last time, I am now unrequitedly in love.”

But even if she didn’t say it, a few people could see from Xiao Lei’s tone of voice and this exquisite little mirror that she did have some of those thoughts, otherwise how could this mirror be made so exquisite.

Ning Qingxue took the mirror trembling and just looked at it, her hand shook and the mirror fell down again, fortunately it was caught by Su Jingwen next to her.

Seeing that Ning Qingxue had made this mistake twice in a row, Li Mumei asked with some concern, “Qingxue, are you really alright? Why don’t we go back early?”

Ning Qingxue nodded and before she could say anything, Su Jingwen exclaimed in surprise, “It’s really Ye Mo ……”

“His name was originally Ye Mo ……” Xiao Lei suddenly felt something was wrong halfway through her sentence, she looked at Su Jingwen in surprise, what do you mean it was really Ye Mo?

Li Mumei took the mirror and said with the same surprise, “Qingxue, it’s really him, how did he run away to the flowing snake?”

Xiao Lei seemed to feel that something was wrong and looked at Su Jingwen somewhat inquiringly.

Su Jingwen said with a bitter smile, “Actually, he is Light Snow’s current husband Ye Mo, I just don’t know how he ran away to the Flowing Serpent.”

“Light Snow’s husband?” Xiao Lei repeated, an unnamable feeling surging up, causing her face to heat up a little. But then she said, “Didn’t you say that Light Snow had already broken off her engagement with him?”

Su Jingwen glanced at Xiao Lei and said, “Xiao Lei, no wonder you didn’t know that although the marriage was broken off, Qing Xue later married Ye Mo, but the wedding was held in a very low profile. At that time you should have been in Tibet, I guess you went to the flowing snake as soon as you came back, so you might not have heard about this matter. Now Light Snow and Ye Mo are still married and not divorced.”

The reason Su Jingwen said this was to point out that Ye Mo was still Ning Qingxue’s husband now, so that Xiao Lei would pay a little attention when she spoke. However, she was euphemizing, Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo’s marriage was not only low-key, but it was simply the same as if it had not been held ah, just receiving a marriage certificate.

“Ah ……” Xiao Lei looked at Ning Qingxue with some complexity, not expecting that the man she had a crush on, and a treasured photo of, would be the husband of the woman she was now sitting with over coffee.

“That, I’m sorry, Qingxue, I really didn’t know that Ye Mo was your husband, I heard about him because he was a, was a ……” Xiao Lei felt embarra*sed, and at the same time a deep disappointment and resentment welled up in her heart.

She didn’t understand why the Ye Mo she knew would be Ning Qingxue’s husband, if that Ye Mo was really the waste material that the Ye family had thrown out, how could he be so powerful and still so calm? Even if he was that wastrel Ye Mo, how could a woman like Ning Qingxue be married to him?


Yun Bing had cooked a table full of dishes, Ye Mo hadn’t had a proper meal for a few days, she was afraid that it would affect his health. So today she went out and deliberately bought quite a few dishes back.

With one more person, it was like a lot more life in the house. Yun Bing suddenly felt a lot happier, and if she wasn’t worried about what Ye Mo had committed, maybe she would have been even happier. At this moment, she felt like she wasn’t heartless ice, and she didn’t want to be heartless ice, maybe the reason why she was like this was because she had never had anyone to make her truly happy all these years.

Ye Mo hadn’t actually done anything, but there was a feeling about him that she could rely on, perhaps because there wasn’t a man in the family. Although she knew she was wrong to think this way, she couldn’t stop her subconscious from thinking it. She even thought more than once that it would have been nice if Ye Mo hadn’t committed the crime.

He was an outcast abandoned by his family, his fiancée had broken off her engagement with him, and he had the kind of body problems that were hard to talk about, but Yun Bing even secretly thought in the back of her mind that she didn’t mind all that. She liked the feeling of sleeping next to Ye Mo, it was soothing and relaxing. But she also knew that she could only think about such thoughts, she didn’t dare to really say them at all, or even think about them openly and honestly.

She was an unclean woman now, and she was still so much older than Ye Mo, and besides there were many other worldly eyes that would look at her. Alas, Yun Bing sighed and once again thought that no matter what, it would have been better if Ye Mo hadn’t committed any crimes, and that he was so good that perhaps only he knew it.

After dinner, Ye Mo however wanted to go to bed early as he knew he had to run away in the evening and get a good night’s sleep to refresh himself. For Yun Bing to have brought back all his things, he felt in his heart that the seeds of the ‘Heart Gra*s’ and the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ were both hard to see and not something that could be found just by trying to find them, so these two things were precious to him.

“You sleep in the chuáng at night, and I’ll sleep on the sofa.” Although Yun Bing liked the feeling of sleeping next to Ye Mo, she was also a little afraid that she would wake up hugging Ye Mo again, but at night she didn’t dare to continue áng to sleep.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “I man I’ll sleep on the couch, you sleep in the chuáng.”

“No, your body is still not well, how can you sleep on the sofa.” Yun Bing immediately denied Ye Mo’s suggestion.

“Alright then, we’ll both sleep on the chuáng, wasn’t that the case last night.” Ye Mo, however, did not care whether he slept with Yun Bing or not, he only had feelings for Yun Bing and nothing else.

“Mmm ……” Yun Bing surprisingly agreed without saying anything.


Chapter 86

It was already 1am when Ye Mo woke up, a perfect time for him to leave Ninghai.

Looking at Yun Bing, he didn’t know when he had squeezed into his arms again. The corners of Yun Bing’s mouth still had some smiles on it and her face was a little red, not knowing if she had dreamt of something good again.

Although previously within Ye Mo’s impression, Yun Bing was a cold, icy and still unapproachable woman, but now after Ye Mo had spent a few days with her, his view of Yun Bing had changed somewhat. Although she was nearly thirty years old, Ye Mo felt that she was not as old and spicy as Xu Wei.

She completely hid her true nature with her icy cold and emotionless pretty face, but in fact, from the bottom of her heart, she was still like an unmarried young girl who craved warmth and protection. This can be seen from the way she squeezes into her side every time she sleeps.

Yun Bing did not sleep in her clothes this evening, as she did yesterday, but wore a nightgown instead. However, her arms around Ye Mo squeezed the two ma*ses on her chest into some distortion, revealing half of the amazing snowy whiteness from the neckline. Even the red bean-like dots could be seen somewhat clearly, and she was surprisingly not wearing a bra.

Although Ye Mo had never experienced human beings, it didn’t mean he didn’t know anything about these, and he felt his mouth was a little dry. It was hard for Ye Mo to relate this woman sleeping next to him to that cold and heartless teacher, one was so understanding and the other was so cold and heartless.

Ye Mo breathed out, perhaps this was her way of protecting herself. Carefully removing Yun Bing’s hand and helping her to cover up the quilt again, Ye Mo then got out of bed.

After thinking about it, he took out a piece of paper and a pen and simply left her a message before he changed his clothes, put on his bag and leapt straight out from the balcony. Although Yun Bing lived on the fourth floor, Ye Mo was able to land on the balcony on the first floor first, then jumped from the first floor, and soon disappeared into the pale night.

Although Ninghai was already full of barriers, it wasn’t much of a hardship for Ye Mo. He didn’t even need to take a car, the ‘Cloud Shadow Step’ would not be slower than a car when unfolded, and was even more agile.

Two hours later, Ye Mo was already far away from Ninghai, and it was already three o’clock in the morning. Ye Mo thought twice, his identity had been exposed, and he had no way to get a real ID card, the ID card that Wen Dong had helped him with was fine to use, but the name on it was also Ye Mo, this would definitely not work. He should have known better than to change his name.

Ye Mo stood at the intersection of three roads, he wanted to stop a car, no matter where he was going, the farther he left first, the better, if he kept using ‘Cloud Shadow Step’ he couldn’t afford it.

However, there were not many cars coming and going on the road, the occasional ones pa*sing by were some big trucks, and there were only a few private cars. Although Ye Mo stopped for a long time, none of the cars stopped.

If the car still could not be stopped, he decided to find a big truck and go up quietly by himself.

What surprised Ye Mo was that the car stopped. Ye Mo was about to go up and thank him when he heard a woman in the car say, “Xuemin, why do you have to stop in the middle of the night for a person of unknown origin? Besides, we’re being chased ourselves, what if he’s also from Huang Ji?”

“Tong Tong, there are people out there who don’t have difficulties, and we also have this car because of the help of others. Besides, it’s only been half a day since we got this car, so Huang Ji can’t possibly know about it, so how could he be one of his people? Besides, he’s only one person, do you distrust your man that much.” This time it was a man, around thirty years old, who spoke, and when he saw that Ye Mo had already come over, he turned his head and called out, “Come up here, friend, and open the door yourself.”

The woman, however, rolled her eyes at the man and muttered without saying anything else.

Although the pair had only a few words of conversation, Ye Mo had roughly understood the situation, these two were also offended and running away, similar to him. Only this man was somewhat gregarious and warm-hearted, he was still in difficulties himself and still took the initiative to help others. Ye Mo was instantly impressed with this man.

“My name is Wu Xuemin, this is my girlfriend Yu Miaotong, I don’t know where my friend wants to go?” Wu Xuemin immediately introduced himself when he saw Ye Mo get into the car.

Ye Mo gave a grateful fist and said, “My name is Ye Mo, I don’t have a particular place to go, I just want to take a ride for a while.” He was grateful to Wu Xuemin for being a man and did not hide his name.

The woman had dropped her heart when she saw that Ye Mo was quiet and gentle, but now when she heard what Ye Mo said, she immediately became wary again. There was something wrong with a man stopping a car and saying he didn’t have a place he wanted to go.

When Wu Xuemin heard Ye Mo’s words, he was also a bit surprised and looked at Ye Mo for a while. No matter how he looked, Ye Mo did not look like someone who could be a threat to him.

As soon as Ye Mo saw this situation, he knew that these two people had suspicions about him, and he had no intention of hiding it, besides, the other party was also running away. He could only smile bitterly and said, “Because I have offended someone, and the offended one is a big person, so I fled in the night, and now what I want is to flee as far as possible, as long as you guys bring me to a remote place and put me down before dawn, I will be grateful.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wu Xuemin was relieved, the power in this world was always grasped in the hands of a small group of people. When some small people offended someone, there was no good way out except to flee far away. Although he was also in the midst of fleeing, he did feel some sympathy for Ye Mo, nodded his head and stopped talking, just started the car and left quickly.

Ye Mo sat on top of the back seat of the car, he could feel that Wu Xuemin was a practitioner, but his skills could only be described as average compared to him, slightly better than Fang Yucheng, I guess, but only slightly better. He just didn’t know what kind of man that Huang Ji was that he was talking about that made him run away with a woman.

The woman did look very pleasing to men, with a fitted dress wrapped around her body, allowing her exquisite curves to show through. She is sitting on top of the pa*senger side, but her eyes are always focused on Wu Xuemin, so she can see that Wu Xuemin is very important in her heart.

He is a very sturdy-looking man with thick eyebrows and a military temperament. Yet Ye Mo was sure that he had definitely been a soldier, because Ye Mo sensed in his body an aura similar to Guo Qi’s. However, there was also a humongous and murderous aura on his body, but it was not all that Guo Qi had, indicating that he had done no ordinary work after coming out of the army.

“What kind of person did Brother Ye offend?” Wu Xuemin seemed to feel that the atmosphere in the car was a bit dull and took the initiative to ask.

“It’s an official of not a small rank, I offended this person and had to run away. Thanks to Brother Wu this time.” Although Ye Mo had a good feeling about Wu Xuemin, but after all, he had just met him, there was no need to empty his heart.

“Alas …… this world ……,” Wu Xuemin sighed and did not continue. After a while before saying, “I am to the Reckless River, bring you under the Reckless River, you see how. Reckless River is near the sea and also very close to Hong Kong, whether you smuggle yourself to somewhere else or go to Hong Kong there is a way.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Alright, then we will go to Mumujiang, thanks a lot Brother Wu.”

Wu Xuemin smiled and said, “It’s inevitable that there will be difficulties when you go out, that’s all I can help you with, the rest is up to you.”