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Fortune Divination Chapter 47

“I’m not a stray dog, I’m a dog fairy!”Hot Pot said.

Zhang Chu bristled, “God damn dog fairy, this is the first time I’ve heard that something that has become a fairy has to rush to funerals all day long to eat and drink.”

“I don’t just rush to funerals, some times some rural wedding feasts and birthday feasts, I also rush to them, and I can also dilly-dally with the good food.”Hotpot corrected.

“Good guy, you can dabble in all the red and white events, you’re almost catching up with those street skaters in the village.”Zhang Chu admired.

While walking, Hot Pot lamented, “Actually, I used to have a warm home.”

“But later, I ended up wandering the streets because I pursued freedom and dignity, because I rebelled against the injustice of fate… My whole life, I have fought for freedom, and I will not bow down to the heavens!”

At this moment, Hot Pot looked like an expert.

Zhang Chu shouted with a black face, “Speak dog!”

Hot Pot: “Woof woof woof!”

“Speak human!”Zhang Chu shouted again with a black face.

Only then did the hot pot tell what had happened to it.

It turned out that the original owner of the hot pot was a beautiful widow from the countryside, and after the hot pot grew up a little, that widow always wanted the hot pot to sleep in her bedroom.

Even, also often on the hot pot to move feet.

The hot pot vowed not to obey, every time to run out, it does not like to live in the bedroom, it likes to live in the kennel.

Later, the widow got angry and said that keeping the hot pot was of no use at all, so she replaced it with a big grouse to keep it and kicked it out.

After being kicked out, Hotpot lived a hard life for a while, not having enough to eat and always freezing and starving.

Then once, it heard the sound of a suona, so it went to gather around and found that someone had died and held a funeral, and after the funeral, a pile of delicious offerings was left at the graveyard.

After that, the hot pot learnt to be smart, once it heard the sound of the suona, it immediately ran there and dabbled with the food and drink at the graveyard.

Gradually, Hot Pot had some Taoist skills and had been mingling until now.

After hearing all this, Zhang Chu instantly nodded, “Not bad, not bad, in the future, you’ll follow me around, but wherever there’s a bite of meat for me to eat, there’ll be a bowl for you to brush.”

Hot Pot instantly said happily, “Great, thank you big brother!”

One person and one dog, walking in the wilderness of the countryside, the hot pot followed behind Zhang Chu, the setting sun shone on their bodies, the picture was harmonious and natural.

Soon, Zhang Chu brought the hot pot back to that small courtyard of Zhou Yunling.

Although that painting had been destroyed, the gold that had once been collected from that painting should still be here, and now that these were unowned items, Zhang Chu could not afford to waste them.

The hot pot stood in the small courtyard, its nose constantly sniffing around, and soon it spoke, “Woof woof woof, this is the old home of that painting!”

“The nose works quite well.”Zhang Chu praised.

The Hot Pot immediately said proudly, “Of course, my nose can tell which widow’s house has a man in it within three kilometres.”

Zhang Chu instantly gave Hot Pot a thumbs up, “Bullskin!”

At this moment, Zhang Chu’s heart stirred, since the Hot Pot’s nose was so powerful, it might be possible that it could help him find those gold bars that had been hidden away.

So Zhang Chu said, “Hot Pot, see if you can find the gold here!”

The hot pot immediately shrugged its nose and carefully sniffed the smell of this small courtyard.

After a few breaths, Hot Pot suddenly took big strides towards the hut, and Zhang Chu hurriedly followed.

Soon, the hotpot came to the earth bed inside the hut, and with its nose pressed against the pillow position of the earth bed, it woofed a few times, “Brother, over here!”

Sure enough, Zhang Chu found a hole in the earthen bed with a blackened wooden box inside.

The wooden box was taken out, and after opening it, it was discovered that there were four dozen yellow 100 gram gold bars inside!

“Wealthy!”Zhang Chu’s heart was excited, and at this moment, he couldn’t wait to hug the hot pot and kiss it a few times.

The hot pot also felt Zhang Chu’s excitement, and it couldn’t help but say, “Brother, since we’ve made a fortune, let’s go have a good meal.”

Zhang Chu didn’t even think about it and directly said, “Alright, I’ll treat you to a hotpot at night.”

Hotpot’s expression froze, followed by Hotpot hastily shaking his head:

“Forget it brother, you should still be thrifty in life, save all the money, in case you have a son in the future, this money, give it to our nephew to go to a female college student.”

When Zhang Chu heard this, he immediately felt that Hot Pot was a good dog.

See, he is not married yet, this big dog is like a housekeeper, calculating the future days, such a loyal dog, where to find?

After getting that wooden box, Zhang Chu immediately took the hot pot back to his own small shop.

It was already afternoon, and Shangguan Qingxue had long been waiting for Zhang Chu within his small shop, she had the key to Zhang Chu’s small shop.

As soon as Zhang Chu returned, Shangguan Qingxue instantly saw the big dog, she was astonished, “Where did you get a dog?”

Zhang Chu laughed, “Picked it up, this dog is very smart, it’s called Hot Pot!”

After Zhang Chu finished speaking, Hot Pot directly ran to Shangguan Qingxue’s leg and used its neck to rub against Shangguan Qingxue’s thigh.

Shangguan Qingxue didn’t know that this big dog was smart enough, she immediately smiled and said, “It looks quite resourceful!”

Saying this, she also touched the hot pot’s head, which slightly closed its eyes with a cosy look on its face.

Zhang Chu shouted with a dark face, “Colourful dog, stay away from her!”

After Zhang Chu shouted, the hot pot immediately lowered its head and hurriedly ran to the side and got down, making an aggrieved expression.

“Wow, it’s really smart!”Shangguan Qingxue exclaimed in astonishment, feeling incredible about the fact that the hotpot could understand Zhang Chu’s words.

Of course, the hotpot was very self-conscious, and it would not just open its mouth to speak except in front of Zhang Chu.

At this time, Zhang Chu stopped looking at the big dog and asked Shangguan Qingxue, “Are things done?”

Shangguan Qingxue immediately straightened her complexion and nodded, “The matter of Zhou Yunling as well as those two black-clothed dead soldiers has been resolved cleanly.”

“Tough.”Zhang Chu said.

But immediately after that, Shangguan Qingxue said, “But be careful, I can only guarantee that the court side will not look into this matter.”

“However, with the Zhou Family’s death, they definitely won’t let it go.”

“Especially Zhou Chong of the Zhou Family, you must be careful of this person, he is very protective, moreover, he should be able to guess that it was us who made the move.”

Zhang Chu then laughed, “I don’t care what Zhou Chong Li Chong or Linghu Chong is, if he doesn’t mess with me, I’m half interested in him.”

“But if he dares to mess with me, I don’t mind making him disappear from the world.”

Shangguan Qingxue nodded, “Alright, it’s good that you know there is such a person.”

Then, Shangguan Qingxue’s face slightly reddened, “In that case, this matter is considered to be completely over, your payment ……”

“I want it now!”Zhang Chu said.

Shangguan Qingxue’s expression froze, “Now??”

Zhang Chu nodded, “That’s right, now, come, kowtow to me.”

“You …… you hate it!”Shangguan Qingxue stomped her feet, although there was no one in Zhang Chu’s shop right now, his shop was on the street after all, and it was still open.

Even if she hid inside the counter and outsiders couldn’t see it, it was still exciting enough that Shangguan Qingxue couldn’t accept it for a while.

But looking at Zhang Chu’s eager expression, Shangguan Qingxue was vaguely a little moved again.

Since it was going to come sooner or later, where was it not the same?

Being careful inside the counter, it shouldn’t be seen.

Besides, this matter has completely ended, Shangguan Qingxue completely relaxed, she also wants to release some pressure it ……