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Fortune Divination Chapter 58

The competition that had nearly turned into a pool of stagnant water had suddenly turned fiery.

Zhang Chu saw that a certain fellow who possessed eight golden symbols unexpectedly suddenly lit up a black symbol as well!

“Nima, you people really are all animals!”Zhang Chu was anxious as he cursed.

Some of the people who hadn’t guessed a way out yet shouted at Zhang Chu:

“That most unqualified one, quickly tell us the truth of the matter, if you don’t tell us, someone else will take away the Star Tower!”

“That’s right, from my observation, you are definitely not getting the Star Pagoda, quickly tell us the truth so that we can help you catch up.”

In reality, these people who had yet to figure out what was going on with the black symbols were also anxious and wanted to stimulate Zhang Chu to speak out.

However, Zhang Chu was not stupid, so how could he help them.

At this moment, Zhang Chu himself was nervous enough, and he could only pray right now that Shangguan Qingxue’s speed would be one step faster than those few people who had insight into the truth.

Right at this moment, Zhang Chu suddenly saw that the star beams of the two people who possessed the nine golden symbols also dimmed at the same time.

Obviously, these two people had also thought of it and were preparing to obtain the black symbols!

Zhang Chu’s scalp went numb as he exclaimed in his heart, “Nima ah, it’s over, it’s over, the two of them only need one symbol to obtain Star Tower recognition ah ……”

“Shangguan Qingxue, Shangguan Qingxue, cheer up, must cheer up!”Zhang Chu kept praying in his heart.

Right at this moment, a mysterious force suddenly fluctuated in the air above Zhang Chu’s head!

“It’s coming!”Zhang Chu was instantly overjoyed, he laughed out loud, and in this wilderness, he opened his arms to welcome the descent of this power.

In an instant, this power instantly drilled into Zhang Chu’s mind!

Immediately after, in Zhang Chu’s mind, the tenth symbol, lit up with a golden glow!

“It’s done!”Zhang Chu was excited in his heart.

He closed his eyes, and his divine soul completely sank into the Sea of Consciousness, waiting for the Star Pagoda to recognise him.

Zhang Chu saw that the five golden symbols and the five black symbols rotated around each other.

Immediately after, the Star Pagoda, which was billions of miles away, gently shook, and a massive force directly pulled Zhang Chu’s divine soul over.

Zhang Chu felt as if his divine soul had crossed billions of miles in a single step and directly landed under the Star Tower.

This Star Tower stood on an infinite square, which seemed to be poured with iron, the ground was flat, cold, cold and ghostly, boundless, and could not be seen to end.

The entire Star Tower was also ridiculously large, and when Zhang Chu stood in front of the Star Tower, he felt like he was standing in front of a city wall that could not be seen, and no matter if he looked to the left and right or towards the top, he could not see the end.

It was so spectacular and majestic that it made Zhang Chu feel a sense of suffocation.

At this moment, Zhang Chu lowered his head and glanced at the plaza beneath his feet, the ground was unexpectedly inscribed with countless mysterious runes.

At this moment, these Mysterious Runes were brightening and flickering for a while, and those Mysterious Ripples were like iron wires that were about to be burnt red, wanting to glow, but it was difficult to activate them for a while.

“Perhaps it is because it has gone through too many long years, it is a bit difficult to activate this recognition procedure.”Zhang Chu thought in his heart.

And right at that moment, Zhang Chu suddenly sensed that there was another divine soul in the distance that was being pulled over by the same force.

“Scratch that, it seems that someone got the symbols almost at the same time as me and is also being pulled over.”Zhang Chu thought in his heart.

How could Zhang Chu allow someone to snatch the treasure from him!

Thus, Zhang Chu’s divine soul pulled back.

That divine soul had just landed, and Zhang Chu was able to see her appearance, a girl with a petite figure and a face like a full moon, cute and pretty.

Zhang Chu didn’t even think about it and directly kicked over with a big foot, “Go you!”

Bang, Zhang Chu kicked at this little beauty’s face, directly sending the little beauty flying.

Although it was only a Divine Soul strike, Zhang Chu felt that the kick was very sturdy, and a battle within the Divine Soul Space felt surprisingly similar to the outside world.

How could that little beauty think that someone would sneak attack her, before she could even wait to be happy, she felt that she was kicked in the face.

The outrageous thing was that she didn’t wait to react, her divine soul was actually sent straight back.

This little beauty felt as if her divine soul was a leather ball that had just crossed billions of miles to reach its destination, only to be kicked back and returned to her body the next moment.

In the back mountain of a certain mysterious mountain gate, the little beauty with a petite and delicate figure and a face like a full moon violently opened her eyes, and she was so angry that she wanted to scratch the wall:

“Pissed off, pissed off, how dare you kick me in the face, I’ll remember you, I’ll remember what you look like!”

“Son of a b*tch, got the Star Tower’s approval half a second before me, right? You wait for me, I won’t let you go!”

After saying that, this little beauty used her finger to quickly draw a face on the ground.

Upon closer inspection, it was actually identical to Zhang Chu!

At this moment, the little beauty gritted her teeth, “You wait for me, I will definitely find you son of a b*tch, and then, I will personally pull out the hairs on your body, one by one, and feed them to the ants!”

In front of the little beauty, several thousand blurred souls knelt there, all trembling in fear ……

Zhang Chu didn’t know that his appearance had already been memorised.

At the moment, he was still standing on this boundless square, vigilantly looking at the sky.

He had already kicked away two beauties, one kicked in the face and the other kicked in the arse.

He didn’t know who the beauty who was kicked in the face was, however, the one who he kicked in the buttocks, he could hear it, it was the voice of the ripe sister, Gu Nai Nai ……

At this moment, Zhang Chu stood in the square with a tiger’s face, as if he was a tiger cub protecting his food, resolutely not allowing anyone to arrive.

Suddenly, the light at the top of the Star Tower went out.

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu felt that the Star Beam connecting the Star Tower to the others disappeared in an instant ……

“Hahaha, it’s finally over!”Zhang Chu was overjoyed in his heart.

On the other hand, within the eight Xuan Clans, there were people gnashing their teeth:

“Hateful, just who obtained the Star Tower?”

“I hate it, just half a step away, I’ll be able to light up the last symbol, the heavens have been unfair to me!”

“The Star Pagoda is the highest treasure of the Xuan Sect, how could it fall into someone else’s hands? Find out for me, no matter who it falls into the hands of, it must be snatched!”

On the other hand, the little beauty who had drawn Zhang Chu’s appearance had a movement in her heart, and after looking deeply at Zhang Chu’s portrait for a few moments, she used her foot to erase that portrait.

Immediately after, this little beauty revealed a pair of pretty little tiger teeth, “Hmph, little thief, I’ve memorised your appearance, no one will be able to snatch you from me!”


Regardless of how ruthless others were, it had nothing to do with Zhang Chu anymore.

Right now, Zhang Chu was in the Star Tower’s mysterious square, and his divine soul began to communicate with the Star Tower.

At this moment, countless mysterious symbols lit up on the ground of the square.

Those symbols flashed with golden light, and runic light shot up to the sky. Immediately after, the countless mysterious symbols surrounded Zhang Chu, transforming into the most innate divine soul power, nourishing Zhang Chu’s divine soul.

Zhang Chu suddenly had a feeling that his divine soul, as if it was a dried up sponge, was empty.

And those Origin Divine Soul powers, as if they were Immortal Spirit Liquid, began to madly surge into Zhang Chu’s Divine Soul, replenishing and strengthening Zhang Chu’s Divine Soul.