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Fortune Divination Chapter 59

The divine soul power that was born in the square of the Star Tower seemed to be endless, constantly nourishing Zhang Chu’s divine soul.

Zhang Chu comfortably closed his eyes as he felt his divine soul growing rapidly.

It was as if it had gone from a speck of dust that had been nourished into a seed. Then, the seed began to take root and grow.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhang Chu finally felt that his divine soul had grown to some sort of limit.

He opened his eyes and realised that his divine soul was solidified beyond measure, the surface of his divine soul was radiant with golden light, and was even surrounded by countless mysterious symbols.

At this moment, Zhang Chu was pleasantly surprised in his heart, “My god, now my divine soul is not only able to go out of my body, I’m afraid that it can also come out directly to hit people, right?”

One must know that the divine soul was the most mysterious and unfathomable thing in the human body, and anything that a female slightly nourished the divine soul was priceless.

And right now, Zhang Chu’s divine soul was more than just being nourished, it was simply advanced!

Being able to let the divine soul advance? To be honest, I’m afraid that many sect sect masters would not even dare to think about it!

“Worthy of being an existence that is regarded as the number one supreme treasure by the eight sects, it’s too powerful!”Zhang Chu’s heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

At the same time, Zhang Chu felt that his divine soul had grown much larger.

Originally, Zhang Chu’s divine soul could not see the boundaries of the Star Tower, but now, he could see the top of the Star Tower by tilting his head.

It was still very spectacular.

Suddenly, the dark Star Tower lit up, as if there were countless stars radiating light within.

Immediately after, the countless starlight gathered and transformed into a gigantic symbol that violently intruded within Zhang Chu’s divine soul, merging with Zhang Chu’s divine soul.

Zhang Chu instantly had a feeling that this Star Pagoda, belonged to him, as if it had transformed into a part of his body.

At the same time, countless information poured into Zhang Chu’s mind.

The Star Pagoda was divided into nine layers, and for each layer, there were countless creations and treasures.

The higher the layer, the more treasures and creations there were.

Zhang Chu’s heart stirred, wanting to see what goodies awaited him within the nine layers of the Star Tower.

At this moment, Zhang Chu’s mind was directly attracted to the first layer.

Immediately after, Zhang Chu felt a powerful fluctuation of spiritual energy, and it was as if there was an endless sea of spiritual energy here for Zhang Chu to take as much as he wished.

Zhang Chu was instantly excited.

One must know that the modern world had already been depleted of spiritual energy, and even in the most bellicose mountains, the amount of spiritual energy that could be found was pitifully small.

However, within the Star Pagoda, it was as if the spiritual energy had gathered into a sea that was endless!

Immediately after Zhang Chu’s mind moved, his divine sense touched the second layer.

Zhang Chu unexpectedly sensed a certain aura of wealth and Qi Luck, as if by entering this layer, one could possess endless wealth, Qi Luck.

Zhang Chu’s heart was astonished, the power of Qi Luck was a more mysterious and unpredictable power in the underworld, it was elusive and erratic.

However, you could never deny the existence and frighteningness of the power of qi fortune.

People with great fortune, even if they hold back at home and don’t go out, there may be beautiful women holding gold and begging for marriage.

Those whose power of qi fortune collapsed, even if they were a Daoist Ancestor of a religion, they could all fall over in the gutter and die.

“Unexpectedly, the second level of this Star Tower is actually greatly related to the power of qi fortune.”Zhang Chu was elated.

Immediately after Zhang Chu felt the third layer, at this moment, a burst of mysterious animal hissing sounds unexpectedly came from within, and Zhang Chu even sensed a strand of flood aura.

“Eh? Could it be that the third layer, holds mysterious monsters from the Flood Period? Crap, how much delicious food is in there?”Zhang Chu instantly became a little greedy, and his mouth watered.

If there were any great figures who knew how to cultivate were around, they would definitely smack Zhang Chu in the mouth and then shout out in heartache:

“Do you know how many terrifying feats the great ferociousnesses of the Flood Period possessed? Learning a set at random would be enough for you to cross the world, such a terrifying treasure trove was placed in front of you, and you even only thought of eating it!”

At this moment, Zhang Chu continued to feel the fourth layer, and at this moment, Zhang Chu felt a majestic aura, as if what was inside represented some sort of power, and once he possessed it, he could command the world.

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu felt the fifth layer, and as a result, a burst of breath that made Zhang Chu palpitate came from inside, as if just contacting it would cause Zhang Chu’s soul to fly away.

As for the back, Zhang Chu didn’t even dare to feel it, it was too majestic and terrifying, as if just a peek would kill Zhang Chu.

The higher up, the more mysterious and terrifying the Star Pagoda became, even now that Zhang Chu had become the master of the Star Pagoda, he was unable to peer into it.

The main reason was that his realm was too low, and for so many years, he had only cultivated the Sagittarius Technique, and had not cultivated his own body.

Right now, Zhang Chu could only ask the Star Pagoda in his mind what exactly the highest level of the Star Pagoda was.

The Star Tower vaguely conveyed a message to Zhang Chu: it contained the secret of the place of creation ……

“Too strong!”Zhang Chu’s heart was shocked.

This nine-layered Star Pagoda, if it could be completely fathomed by Zhang Chu, he could not even imagine what heights he would reach.

After roughly knowing the mysteries of the Star Pagoda, Zhang Chu’s heart moved and he sensed the entrance to the Star Pagoda.

On the first level, a door had opened as if it was waiting for Zhang Chu to enter.

Without hesitation, Zhang Chu’s divine soul took a step into it.

In the next second, the Star Pagoda unexpectedly moved, and it suddenly shrunk countless times, crossing the distant shores of the starry sky in an instant and directly entering within Zhang Chu’s Sea of Consciousness!

At this moment, Zhang Chu’s divine sense returned to his physical body, and the Star Pagoda settled within Zhang Chu’s sea of consciousness.

At this moment, it was still morning, and Zhang Chu and the Hot Pot were still in the barren plains as he slowly opened his eyes, and his entire essence was different.

Right now, not only was Zhang Chu’s own divine soul strength terrifying to the extreme, but also, the Star Pagoda was like an impenetrable divine soul armour that protected Zhang Chu’s divine soul.

Zhang Chu had a feeling that right now, even the most terrifying ghosts and the most powerful Divine Soul attacks would have difficulty causing any harm to his Divine Soul.

With the Star Pagoda sitting in Zhang Chu’s Sea of Consciousness, then as long as Zhang Chu’s Divine Soul did not do anything foolish and run out on its own, it would be able to remain undying forever!

The Hot Pot naturally sensed Zhang Chu’s state as well, and it suddenly shrieked in alarm, “Woof woof woof, who are you?”

Zhang Chu laughed, “Heh, Hot Pot, do you want to be stewed into a hot pot? Don’t even recognise me?”

The hot pot took several steps back, the feeling that Zhang Chu’s gave it was somewhat unfamiliar.

It tilted its head and carefully looked at Zhang Chu for a while before lowering its head and saying somewhat obediently, “Grandpa, you seem a bit different!”

Zhang Chu’s heart stirred, how did this Hot Pot fellow’s address to himself still change?

Hadn’t he been shouting brother before, why was he suddenly shouting grandpa?

At this time, Zhang Chu asked, “Where is it different?”

Hot Pot opened his mouth and said, “I feel that, Grandpa, you seem to have turned into a god, and now that I tilt my head up to look at you, I feel that it’s a bit blinding to my dog’s eyes.”

Zhang Chu understood that a being with a bit of Dao like the Hot Pot could look at people differently, it could sense the condition of a person’s divine soul.

Right now, Zhang Chu’s divine soul strength had undergone a drastic change, and the hotpot sensed the horror, naturally filling Zhang Chu with awe.

Therefore, Hot Pot did not even dare to call out Brother and directly called out Grandpa.

Zhang Chu laughed bitterly, no wonder people said that a dog’s eye view was low.

When Hot Pot had followed him before and called out to his brother, he was probably still aggrieved in his heart.

Now, seeing that Zhang Chu had become stronger, Hot Pot took the initiative to call out to Zhang Chu as Grandpa, which was also considered to be completely recognising Zhang Chu as his master.