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HC Chapter 1

The night was as dark as ink.

A heart-rending sound came from the back room of the Ye family villa’s warehouse.

Ye Yunla’s face was pale, her parched lips faded of all blood.

Her towering abdomen clenched in bursts, and scarlet blood continued to gush from her lower body.

She was only eight months pregnant, how could she feel like she was going into labour ……

Was this going into premature labour?

How dangerous it would be to go into premature labour at eight months speaks for itself ……

Thinking of this, she didn’t dare to delay for a minute and crawled on her hands and knees to the door, rapping hard on it.

“Uncle Zhou, I’m in labor, please take me to the hospital, please ……”

Outside the door, there sat a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties, smoking a cigarette.

On hearing this, he said coldly, “Missy, what you have in your stomach is a wild child of unknown origin, do you think Mr. and Mrs. will send you to the hospital to make a fool of yourself? Stay honest and don’t make any noise!”

Ye Yunla’s tears fell uncontrollably.

Eight months ago, she had become the biggest laughing stock in town when a reporter had taken indecent photos of her at a hotel!

Immediately afterwards, she was found to be pregnant and her father, disgusted with her, forced her to have an abortion!

But, the second before the abortion, she suddenly rolls out of the hospital bed and flees.

She would rather die than have the baby aborted.

So, her father ordered her to be locked up in this tiny house and left to fend for herself.

She was locked up for eight whole months.

Never stepped foot out of the place.

“Uncle Zhou, please, save my child, or else people will die ……”

“Uncle Zhou, please help me ……”

The sharp pain in her abdomen came in bursts, and Ye Yunla’s pleading voice grew weaker and weaker.

But the man guarding the doorway acted as if he hadn’t heard, happily smoking one cigarette after another.

The blood gushed out of Ye Yunla’s lower body in bursts, her dress was soaked and her whole body was soaking in the blood.

Nearly desperate, she gripped the door handle and went crazy, banging on the door.

She couldn’t let the baby die in her belly, never!

“You’re crazy, what are you doing?”

Uncle Zhou at the door was furious at the noise and pulled the door open, ignoring the patches of blood as he grabbed Ye Yunla by the hair and was about to throw her back.

Just then –

“What’s going on here?”

A clear, cold voice came, and Uncle Zhou’s hand hastily stopped, turning back to him and saying respectfully, “Second Miss.”

Ye Yunla jerked her head up and looked at a figure that had walked into the warehouse.

It was Ye Xueying.

Her younger sister!

They had grown up together and were very close.

It was as if Ye Yunla had grabbed the last straw: “Xue’er, save me, save my child ……”

Ye Xue Ying hooked her lips and said in a light voice, “Uncle Zhou, this is our Ye family’s eldest young lady, why are you dragging a dead dog around like that?”

Uncle Zhou’s eyes flashed and he said even more respectfully, “Second Miss, it’s not that I overstepped, it’s that Eldest Miss is too unaware of what’s going on, she even tried to escape to the hospital. If people outside knew that the Ye family’s eldest miss was carrying a wild child, wouldn’t it affect the Ye family’s reputation, and I’m doing this for the sake of the Ye family.”

“Good, I’ll ask father to give you a pay rise later.”

Ye Xue Ying said approvingly.

She turned her head and her gaze fell on Ye Yunla’s abdomen, “Sister, the child in your belly is really lucky, when father wanted to abort you, you fought to the death to stay. Father has long said that this child, the Ye family will never care for it again. If he is born alive, he will be lucky. But if he dies, it’s just as well to give our Ye family a bit of a reputation ……”

“No, my child will not die ……”

Ye Yunla felt Ye Xueying’s unkind gaze and covered her abdomen and hurriedly stepped back.

Her body was covered in blood, her whole dress became a bloody one, even her face and hair were stained with blood and sweat, her lips were dry and cracked, her eyes were almost sobbing blood, her whole person looked like she had come out of a rubbish heap.

Looking at the former number one beauty of Hai Cheng in such a sorry state, Ye Xue Ying suddenly burst out laughing.

“Sister, do you know why you had a fling with a wild man for one night eight months ago?”

She bent down, her face full of ridicule, “That incident, I arranged it.”

“What do you mean?!” Ye Yunla froze violently.

At the same time, her abdomen clenched again and blood gushed out again.

Ye Xue Ying smiled with satisfaction, “Ever since you were little, you have been the little princess of the Ye family, holding half of the Ye Group in your hands, and you became the heir to the Ye family at your eighteenth bar mitzvah, do you know how jealous I am of you? You’re so pure and flawless and high above the rest, then I, for one, am going to make you the cousin of a man’s cousin!”

“You, you!”

Ye Yunla’s face was filled with disbelief.

She had thought of countless possibilities, but had never imagined that the event that had ruined her life had been arranged by her dearest sister.

“During the eight months you were locked up here, I have become the new heir of the Ye family, Ye Yunla, from now on, you will only be the woman with the worst reputation in Hai Cheng, a broken shoe who has borne wild seeds for wild men, your whole life, has been ruined! Hahahahaha!”

Under her stimulation, a violent cramping pain came from Ye Yunla’s abdomen, and her lower body suddenly began to tear.

Her entire body was on the verge of fainting from the pain.

“Ah ……!!!”

She couldn’t help but let out a cry of pain as her entire body fell to the ground.

Her pale face was tilted upwards, her legs instinctively opening as a large swathe of blood gushed out from beneath her.

A force squeezed at her bottom and her whole body felt like it was being torn in half ……

It was as if centuries had pa*sed, and then again it hadn’t been that long, when a baby’s cry suddenly rang out in the tiny warehouse.