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HC Chapter 2

Ye Yunla sucked in a breath of cold air in pain.

She looked up beneath her and lifted her blood-stained skirt away to see the two children.

The children were covered in blood and water, crying out in tears as they clenched their little fists.

These were her children.

They were twins.

Ye Yunla could not yet rejoice.

The child, however, suddenly stopped crying.

The two little faces turned blue and purple.

“Child, don’t be afraid, mommy is here ……”

Her heart clenched and she crawled over, just about to hug the child, when suddenly, a foot came over and stepped hard on the back of her hand.

“Sister, you’re really something, you actually gave birth to twins.”

Ye Xue Ying’s eyes were full of grimness as she looked at the child.

“It’s a pity that these two wild seeds seem to be short-lived ghosts, they lived for only a few seconds before they went to their deaths.”

“Don’t you talk nonsense! My children are not dead!”

Ye Yunla’s heart almost exploded as she reached out to reach the children, to touch their faces, to gently pat their little bottoms, but before she could touch their soft bodies, a maid walked in and with a cold face picked up the two children on the floor.

“Second Miss, what should we do with these two dead babies?”

Ye Xue Ying didn’t care at all if the two children were dead or alive, if they were dead, she would feel especially painful watching Ye Yunla grieve.

Of course, even if the two children were alive, it would be nothing, with two wild children of unknown origins, Ye Yunla would never be able to turn over a new leaf in her life.

Ye Xue Ying’s gaze inadvertently fell on the two children.

Then she froze.

This pair of twins, they simply looked identical, their little faces were skinny and skin covered with bones due to prolonged malnutrition, and the lines of their faces were showing through.

These two faces made her inexplicably think of the great devil king of Haicheng, Fu Beijue, who only had his hands in the sky.

Immediately afterwards, she thought that the day after Ye Yunla’s accident, the Fu family seemed to be looking for a woman all over the city ……

The person who had an affair with Ye Yunla, the little b*tch, was Fu Beijue?

God ……

Ye Xueying’s eyes widened in shock.

Not a word could be said.

“Xue’er, we are close sisters, please send the children to the hospital, they are not dead yet, they are still alive …… The doctor will definitely be able to save them!” Ye Yunla grabbed the hem of Ye Xueying’s clothes and begged hoarsely, “I promise you whatever you want, I can give you the shares, I don’t want the identity of the heir to the Ye family, Xue’er, as long as you can save the children’s lives ……”

Ye Xue Ying withdrew her divine thoughts and lifted her foot to kick Ye Yunla away.

She said coldly, “The two feral seeds are dead, it’s useless to send them to the hospital. Someone, carry the wild seeds out and bury them in a random place.”


Ye Yunla’s heart and soul split, and she hurriedly crawled after her to go out.

But she was kicked over by Ye Xueying: “Sister, you’ve just given birth, you should rest, look at you, you’re still bleeding. If you bleed profusely, father won’t agree to send you to the hospital, so you’ll have to fend for yourself.”

She finished and slammed the door shut.

“No! Xue’er! Ye Xueying! You can’t do this! Give me back my baby!!!”

Ye Yunla gripped the bars of the iron gate, hissing and roaring.

Her eyes were filled with grief, blood swirling around, and endless hatred welled up in the depths of her clear, cold pupils.

If her child died, Ye Xueying was the murderer!

Perhaps her eyes were too sharp, and Ye Xueying was actually hardened by the stare and shivered.

Animals with dead cubs were still able to take revenge, if Ye Yunla survived, then she would definitely have another formidable enemy in the future ……

Moreover, the shares of Ye’s group were still in that little b*tch’s hands.

If the little b*tch hooks up with Fu Beijue in the future, then everything she has planned is all over ……

Ye Xueying turned her head and looked grimly at the person guarding the door, “Uncle Zhou, there are honored guests coming to the Ye family these days, you go to the front yard and get busy, don’t bother here.”


Just after giving birth, the baby died, both physically and mentally suffered heavy trauma, Ye Yunla must be bleeding profusely!

A woman bleeding out in childbirth is a death sentence!

Sister, I originally did not intend to take your life, but who let you sleep with the most noble man in Haicheng ……

The same is true, I have to give you a ride.

Ye Xueying picked up a large lock and locked the iron door.

She had just gone to the door when the maid came in a hurry: “Second Miss, the two wild sons are not dead, they are crying again, do we have to bury them ……”

Ye Xueying’s eyes faintly stared.

The little wild seeds are really lucky, they didn’t die ……

If these twins were Fu Beijue’s sons, they would be the only grandchildren of the Fu family in this generation ……

As the mother of the Fu family bloodline, Ye Yunla was afraid that she would become the most honored woman in Haicheng ……

Therefore, Ye Yunla absolutely cannot live!

She had to add another fire!

Ye Xue Ying raised her hand to carry the two dying children over and said coldly, “No one is allowed to say anything about what happened tonight.”

The maid hurriedly nodded her head.

And at that moment, the smell of blood in the warehouse was getting stronger and stronger ……