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HC Chapter 11

Ye Yunla was 100% sure that that man was Fu Beijiu.

But, why did he deny it?

She recalled the scene just now and then, her face darkened.

That Mr. Fu, he wouldn’t think that she was using Little Yinyin to get close to him on purpose, would he?

Could one not be so self-absorbed?

Ye Yunla rolled her eyes in a very inelegant manner.

She looked down at her daughter in her arms, but found that little Yinyin’s big eyes were still staring straight at Fu Beijue’s car.

She was slightly surprised and said, “Little Yinyin, do you know that man just now?”

But, the little girl didn’t have any reaction to her question.

It was only when the car disappeared into the road that Little Yinyin withdrew her gaze and hugged Ye Yunara’s neck obediently.

Ye Yunla looked at the back of the driver’s hand and blamed herself very much, “I’m sorry, Little Yinyin sometimes bites when she’s anxious, let me take you to the hospital first to apply some medicine ……”

The driver waved his hand, “It’s normal for children to bite, my son often bites me too, it’s fine, Miss Ye, hurry up and get in.”

Ye Yunla let out a sigh.

She had always corrected this problem of little Yinyin, but, the effect was very little ……

The car continued to drive and soon stopped at the entrance of Xie’s Group.

Ye Yunla sent the two children into the lounge and instructed Ye Jingzhan to take good care of his sister before entering the office.

The one who brought her embedded in the chip today was Xie Zhi Rui, the first cousin of the Xie family.

The eldest cousin had gone to study abroad when he was eight years old and only returned to China once a year, so Ye Yunla had not known him very well four years ago.

But one had to admit that the eldest cousin was very superb, otherwise it would not have been possible for him to stand out among the dozen juniors of the Xie family.

“Yara, show me the code for the chip first.”

Xie Zhirui was businesslike and started talking about work as soon as they met.

Ye Yunla was not ambivalent either, as she sat in front of the computer, her plain white fingers tapping away on the keyboard with a swish of her fingers.

Soon, a page of code was knocked out of her fingertips.

Xie Zhirui was also a programming student.

As soon as he saw the string of code on the screen, he was stunned.

This cousin of his had written the most complex program in the simplest C language!

If they used this string of code to optimise the chip, their Xie Group’s products would definitely be able to dominate the market.

No wonder his father couldn’t wait to sign the contract.

“First cousin, I’ve already entered the optimisation code into the computer system, I just need to connect it to your internal ……”

Ye Yunla methodically explained things clearly, not sparing even the smallest details.

Xie Zhirui looked at her with a little more appreciation, “If this product is successful, you deserve a lot of credit.”

Ye Yunla smiled faintly, “It was only because Great Uncle and First Cousin were willing to trust me that this chip had a chance to see the light of day, wasn’t it?”

Xie Zhirui, however, shook his head.

He was sure that there were definitely quite a few companies in the shadows that were in contact with LaLa.

Without them, there would be countless other companies from the Wang and Li families who would be rushing to work with her.

Their Xie family could get this opportunity only because of the fact that Lara was the granddaughter of the Xie family ……

The two of them were about to go take another look at the samples the company had made when the secretary suddenly walked in.

“Eldest Young Master, Miss Ye has come over to talk about cooperation.”

Ye Yunla’s eyes narrowed.

Miss Ye?

Ye Xueying?

That was right, it was the Xie family that had helped the Ye Group when it was first established.

The two companies were deeply entangled.

Although four years ago the Xie family and the Ye family had an unpleasant falling out, it was not easy to divide so clearly in the shopping mall.

Ye Yunla twisted her head and asked, “First cousin, which other aspects of business does Xie’s cooperate with the Ye family now?”

“With this smart product, the Ye family wants a piece of the action and has been trying to continue working with us.” Xie Zhirui said, “But the Ye family has not been able to come up with enough sincerity, so my father is hesitant and the contract hasn’t been signed yet.”

Ye Yunla’s fingers tapped the tabletop, “First cousin, if you trust me, can you leave this matter to me?”

She raised her eyes, her pupils calm and quiet.

But Xie Zhirui could imagine what was behind this calmness.

Last night, he had already heard from his grandmother about what had happened four years ago, that the Ye family had a grudge against Lara for killing her son.

If there had been no human lives in between, the Xie family could have turned a blind eye and continued to work with the Ye family.

But now, two bloody lives were caught in the middle.

Even if he had no feelings for his cousin, he could not turn a blind eye to it.

Xie Zhirui said in a deep voice, “Lara, you are the technical entrant to this project, you have the right to decide anything, this matter is in your hands.”

“Thank you, First Cousin.”

Ye Yunla let out a sigh of relief.

And at this moment, the parlour area.

Ye Xue Ying leaned back on the sofa, her face full of impatience.

She had been waiting for twenty minutes and the Xie family hadn’t even sent someone over, how dare they just leave her hanging like that.

The Xie family! That b*tch Ye Yunla’s grandmother’s family! For the life of her, she didn’t want to have any contact with anyone from the Xie family!

But there was no way ……

She was now the heir to the Ye family, and the Ye Group was starting to go downhill again, so her starting point for anything she did had to be the company first.

If only, Fu Beijue was willing to disclose her identity.

I’m sure there would be countless people who would come up to her to butter her up.

However, Duke Fu ordered her not to tell anyone about the children, and she was not allowed to have anything to do with the Fu family.

In other words, although she had succeeded in making Duke Fu think that she was the mother of her children, she hadn’t gained any advantage from the Fu family.

She was so angry!

Ye Xue Ying was so angry that she drank her coffee in one go, when outside the door, the sound of high heels rang out.