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HC Chapter 10

Ye Yunla was going to Xie’s Group this time to embed the chip she had developed into Xie’s Group’s product program.

The driver was driving in the front and she and the two children were sitting in the back seat.

“Jing’er, later on you and your sister will play in the lounge, and Mummy will take you back when she’s done, okay?”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, “Mummy, I won’t let my sister be bullied, so don’t worry and go to work.”

“So good.”

Ye Yunla stroked his head and gave her daughter another kiss on the cheek.

The little girl’s pretty face was soft and marshmallow-like, and she couldn’t resist pinching it a little.

“Mummy, why are you sneakily bullying your sister!”

Ye Jingzhan hurriedly spoke out to stop it.

Ye Yunla was a little vain: “Cough cough, little Yinyin is just too cute and adorable, I couldn’t resist ……”


The car braked sharply.

The three people in the back seat fell forward at the same time.

Then, there was a thud.

“Sorry Miss Ye, it seems to have hit the car in front, I’ll go down and deal with it.”

The driver said with an apologetic face, then pushed the door open and got out.

Ye Yunla checked the two little ones, both were fine ……

However, the always dull little Yinyin suddenly gripped the car door handle and pushed hard.

The door was pushed open a crack.

“Little Yinyin, this is the main road, you can’t open the door oh.” Ye Yunla smoothly closed the car door again.

Yet the little girl pushed it open again.

Before Ye Yunla could react, Little Yinyin ran out of the car with a cat’s back.

The car that had been hit in front of her slowly walked down with a man.

This was a man with a powerful aura, wrapped in a black suit, with a straight and slender figure and a cold brow.

The driver of the Ye family did not know this man, but, it did not prevent him from feeling the other party’s powerful aura.

The aura on this man was simply more intimidating than the aura of Xie Heng, the head of the Xie family.

The driver trembled and said, “I, we are fully responsible, this gentleman, you ……”

Fu Beijiu’s face was full of frost.

He always had a driver to drive when he traveled, but today the driver was seriously ill, so he could only drive himself.

He didn’t expect to be rear-ended just after he left the house.

He was impatient to deal with this kind of thing, but he had to.

He was about to speak when a pink and tender glutinous rice ball suddenly rushed straight this way and dived headlong into his arms.

Fu Beijiu’s whole body was instantly bad.

He had a very, very serious cleanliness fetish.

Most of all, he hated strangers touching.

He took a violent step back, trying to avoid this child.

But, when he took a step back, the pink dumpling followed and took a step forward, and also hugged his leg.

His face darkened and sank: “Let go.”

Two words that made the temperature around him drop in vain, like the cold winter months.

The driver was so frightened that his heart stopped and he hurriedly moved over, “Miss Yinyin, let go ……”

He wanted to hold the child, however, little Yinyin was simply unwilling to be touched, turned her head and bit the back of the driver’s hand.

It instantly bled.

Fu Beijue’s face became even darker, this child from an unknown source, actually had such strong aggressive power!

He raised his hand and grabbed the back collar of the child.

Little Yinyin was picked up.

Four eyes met.

The little girl’s eyes were wide open, her pupils dark and bright, like stars in a dark night.

She was topped with fluffy hair, like a fluffy kitten.

Such a child made Fu Beijiu’s cold, hard heart soften.

He spoke in a low voice: “Who are you?”

Perhaps his voice was so cold and hard that the little girl actually shrank her neck in fear.

For a second, Fu Beijiu was chagrined.

Before he knew why he was annoyed, a white hand suddenly reached out and snatched the glutinous rice dumpling out of the air.

His hand was empty, and he felt empty inside.

“This gentleman, I apologise on behalf of my daughter, if she has offended you in any way, please do not bother with her for the sake of her being a child.”

Ye Yunla shielded little Yinyin in her arms and slowly said to the man in front of her.

She was really surprised.

Her daughter, who had always avoided strangers like snakes and scorpions, had taken the initiative to hug a man’s thigh.

She wondered why this was.

But, this man was cold and stern, and he was not to be messed with at first glance.

Moreover, she even vaguely felt that this man looked familiar, as if, she had seen him somewhere ……


A light flashed in Ye Yunla’s head and she said in surprise, “May I ask if you are Mr. Fu?”

Fu Beijue suddenly sneered.

In the past, it was all kinds of women who tried to jump on him.

Today, it was interesting that this woman had sent a child to approach him.

He spoke coldly, “No.”

After saying that, he pulled open the door and returned to the driver’s seat, driving away.

Ye Yunla narrowed her eyes.

Although she had left Haicheng for four years, she would never misremember this man.

Back then, she was known as the number one beauty in Haicheng, while Fu Beijue, on the other hand, was known as the number one noble son in Haicheng.

Many netizens combined photos of the two of them together, jokingly calling them the golden boy and girl of the gentry circle ……

Although the two have never met, she has seen his photo too many times, it is hard not to recognize him ……