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HC Chapter 13

With Ye Yunla back alive, Ye Xueying had long forgotten the purpose of her coming over to Xie’s Group.

Her entire body left Xie’s in a hurry and without a clue.

In the lounge on the ground floor, Ye Jingzhan’s gaze fell on Ye Xueying’s back.

This woman, Mummy’s half-sister, was the one who had forced Mummy to leave the country four years ago.

Ye Xueying, the heir to the Ye family?


Ye Jingzhan laughed contemptuously.

He turned his eyes to a computer sitting in the lounge and walked over to it.

Little Yinyin was sitting on the carpet reading a picture book, not even noticing where her brother was going, she was completely immersed in her own world.

Ye Jingzhan turned the computer on, although the configuration was a bit low, there was no problem at all in doing a little action.

His long, slender fingers crackled on the keyboard as the computer screen turned blue and lines of code appeared.

Mum was a master at writing code.

He, on the other hand, was a master at cracking codes, or hackers as they were commonly known.

He had easily broken Ye’s group’s website.

He made a copy of all the customer information on the website and then, using a foreign domain address, made it public on a website.

Immediately afterwards, he slightly modified a symbol.

The official website of the Ye Group, collapsed!

In the Internet era, a large group’s official website collapsed, the impact on the company’s image was huge.

Before the Ye Group’s official website could be repaired in time, the bad news came from overseas –

All customer lists leaked!

Within half an hour, the share price of the Ye Group dropped ten points.

Ye Jingzhan watched the news on the internet with aplomb, a cold smile gradually rising to the corners of his mouth.

This was just a small lesson.

If he dared to mess with his mommy again, he would make the Ye family pay a bigger price.


A fluffy head came over.

Ye Jingzhan twisted his head and saw little Yinyin had somehow come up to his side.

Her sister’s eyes were large and watery, like a clear spring.

At this moment, those eyes were staring intently at the computer screen.

Ye Jingzhan did not understand what was so interesting about the financial news, and he was about to turn off the computer screen.

Instead, his hand was pressed by a soft little paw.

Little Yinyin pushed his hand away and moved his head closer to the computer screen.

Only then did Ye Jingzhan notice that the news had become an automatic rotation, and what appeared on the screen at that moment was a cold face.

This man …… It seems to be the same one that we just met on the main road ……

My sister seems to be extra interested in this man ……

“Little Yinyin, do you know him?”

Ye Jingzhan asked slowly.

But, there was no response.

The little girl’s hand was picking at the computer screen, as if she wanted to pick this man off.

Ye Jingzhan’s cold eyes narrowed.

He quickly cut off the man’s photo and entered it into the search bar, and soon, all the information about the man came out.

Fu Beijue, twenty-eight years old, president of the Fu Group.

He was certain that Little Yinyin could never know a man like that.

Then why would Little Yinyin involuntarily approach a strange man?


In a flash of lightning, Ye Jingzhan’s mind floated to the doctor’s words.

–Autistic children will reject all strangers, except their own blood family members ……

Could it be that this man is…

This, too, is too incredible!

It’s not that Ye Jingzhan didn’t ask about daddy, but his mommy changed the subject every time, and then he didn’t ask again.

He had always a*sumed that daddy was dead.

But now ……

Ye Jingzhan took a closer look at the man’s face and found that his sister’s eyes and mouth, resembled this man.

If it was really what he thought it was, then a paternity test would be necessary.

The news about Ye’s group was rolling like a snowball.

Ye Zhenshan was anxiously handling the company’s affairs: “It’s obvious that someone is behind this, a bunch of you losers, you can’t even find out who the other party is, the company has raised a bunch of you rice buckets for nothing!”

The people in the meeting room were shivering, not even daring to breathe.

“Dad, don’t be angry, now we should think about how to solve ……” Ye Xueying spoke up, “The technical department step up time to repair the official website, the customer service department contact major customers for appeasement work, and the public relations department hurry ……”

She explained things down in an orderly manner, and the people in the conference room went about their business.

Ye Xueying looked at the furious Ye Zhenshan and said in a slow voice, “Dad, do you know why this kind of thing suddenly happened to Ye Group?”


“Ye Yunla is back.”

“What did you say?!” Ye Zhenshan jerked up, “Didn’t that Death Star die a long time ago?”

“I went to Xie’s Group today and saw my sister, she’s still alive and well.” Ye Xueying bit her lip, “She also said that she would take back everything that belonged to her one by one, and that the leak of customer information today was most likely done by her sister …… Dad, what I am most worried about now is that my sister knows that the two children are still alive …… Sister is the mother of the children, the children deserve to go back to her ……”

“But, the two children are also the bloodline of the Fu family, if we let Fu Beijue know that our Ye family has lied to him for four whole years, dad, what do you think the consequences will be?”

Ye Zhenshan took a deep breath.

In the past few years, he had relied on the fact that he was the grandfather of the Fu family’s prince and had gone to the Fu Group from time to time to find his presence, but, Fu Beijue had never given him a good look.

If Duke Fu knew that it was all a trick.

Then he would be finished!

The Ye Group, too, would be finished!

“Dad, I’ve thought of a way to get rid of this once and for all, but I need your help ……”