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HC Chapter 14

The air was slightly chilly on an early spring morning.

Ye Yunla left the two children in the personal care of Old Lady Xie before setting off for the cemetery.

She had just left the house when Ye Jingzhan’s voice rang out behind her, “Mummy, you must be careful when you go out today.”

The small child was frowning tightly, his eyes full of worry.

For some reason, he always had a bad feeling in his heart.

Ye Yunla smiled faintly at him, “It’s alright, Mommy will be back after she’s busy.”

She didn’t tell Jing’er that she was going to the cemetery.

The matter about the two children was a secret she had buried deepest in her heart.

She didn’t want Jing’er to know that he had two brothers who had died just after they were born ……

Ye Yunla drove the car that Old Lady Xie had arranged for her and set off all the way towards the cemetery.

The cemetery was located in the most remote suburb of Hai Cheng, and she drove for over an hour before arriving at her destination. Just as she got out of the car, she saw Ye Xue Ying walking towards her in a long black dress.

“Sister, you’re finally here ……”

Ye Xueying’s face was sad to the core, but in Ye Yunla’s eyes, it was extremely pretentious.

She coldly pursed her lips, “Lead the way.”

“Sister, did you come alone?” Ye Xue Ying asked slowly.

“What about otherwise?”

Ye Yunla asked icily in return.

She had left Haicheng for four years, and all the connections she once had had had been broken.

Now the only person who still protected her was her grandmother, so how could she possibly let her grandmother come to such a place to wallow in grief?

Ye Xueying hid the calculation in her eyes extremely well and sighed, “Hey, sister, we always thought you were dead, so we also erected a tombstone for you, right alongside those two children’s tombstones …… Dad has been in tears every day since you left, last night I told dad you were still alive and he was overjoyed ……”

“Is that so? If you’re happy, why didn’t you come with you to see me today?”

Ye Yunla poked Ye Xueying’s lie without mercy.

Ye Xueying’s face stiffened, but she still looked like a sister with deep love: “Last night dad was too excited and his blood pressure suddenly rose, so he went to the hospital early this morning for a health checkup …… The reason why dad didn’t come over today was because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions at the sight of his sister. Sister, when we finish sweeping the tomb, I’ll take you to the hospital to see dad.”

Ye Yunla had no response to her una*sailable words.

Ye Xue Ying, however, did not feel the least bit embarra*sed as she spoke while leading the way, and the two soon walked along the main road into the cemetery.

Ye Xue Ying did not stop at the main area, her voice was low as she said, “According to our rules in Hai Cheng, babies less than a month old cannot be buried in the cemetery, Dad had to find a lot of connections to find a feng shui spot in the cemetery, it’s over there in the corner, sister, let’s go over there.”

She took the lead and walked towards the front.

Ye Yunla followed with a cold face.

The two of them, however, were getting further and further out of the way. The corner over here was full of weeds, and one look showed that no one usually came over at all.

And Ye Xue Ying was still walking towards a more remote place.

“Stop.” Ye Yunla stopped in her tracks, a pair of cold eyes covered with coldness, “Where are you taking me?”

Ye Xue Ying was still smiling, “To clean the graves of the two children.”

“This is out of the scope of the cemetery.” Ye Yunla sneered, “What exactly do you want, you might as well say it straight, I don’t have time to beat around the bush with you.”

“I really don’t want to …… Maybe it’s because I haven’t been here for too long, I can’t remember the way, sister, don’t worry, let’s take our time and find it, we’ll definitely find it.” Ye Xue Ying secretly gritted her teeth, this little b*tch, why didn’t she follow her cards?

Ye Yunla’s eyes were filled with impatience.

She had long since ceased to be the same Miss Ye, so how could she not see that Ye Xue Ying had ulterior motives?

She was only trying to find the tombstones of her two children as soon as possible.

But it was obvious that Ye Xueying would not let her have her way.

If that was the case, then there was no point in wasting time here.

Ye Yunla turned around and left.

“Sister, why are you leaving?” Ye Xue Ying panicked, “I remembered, the two children’s tombstones are just ahead, less than a hundred metres ……”

However, Ye Yunla’s steps didn’t stop.

She could ask the staff at the cemetery, or she could ask the Xie family to check for her, why bother with a disgusting person like Ye Xueying ……

Ye Xueying gritted her teeth in hatred.

All the arrangements have been made and must not be lost.

She narrowed her eyes and beckoned coldly.

Ye Yunla had just taken a few steps out when she heard a rustling in her ears, what seemed to be the sound of walking.

It was clear that there was no one along the way, so why were there suddenly a dozen more footsteps?

Could it be that it was arranged by Ye Xueying?

Thinking about it, four years ago Ye Xueying could burn her to death with a fire, and five years later she could do the same thing again to kill her ……

If not, why would Ye Xueying be so kind as to bring her to the cemetery?

Almost instantly, Ye Yunara turned around violently, stepped forward quickly and grabbed Ye Xueying’s delicate neck.