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HC Chapter 39

After Ye Zhanshan’s press conference, the public opinion on the internet really improved a bit.

The share price, which had been plummeting, slowly began to pick up as well.

Everything seemed to be moving in a good direction ……


Not even half an hour later, a video broke the false calm.

Netizens who had been eating melons and not participating in the discussion couldn’t help but get down and voice their opinions.

“My God, what an age it is, to actually buy a murder, this is too audacious!”

“Those people are obviously Ye Xueying’s bodyguards, the purpose is to kill Ye Yunara, right!”

“Luckily, Ye Yunla was resourceful and caught Ye Xueying as a hostage in time, otherwise she would have definitely died in the cemetery.”

“If you can do this to your own blood relatives, wouldn’t it be even more vicious to deal with your competitors in the mall?”

“Ye’s Group has grown so big, it must have used a lot of sinister methods, let the people above investigate Ye’s Group properly, they will definitely find out a lot of shocking things!”

“I also support a thorough investigation of Ye’s!”


Ye Xue Ying was so angry that her internal organs exploded.

Hadn’t she sent someone to destroy the surveillance of the cemetery a long time ago, so why did this b*tch Ye Yunla still find it?

But angry as she was, the online public opinion still had to be dealt with.

Otherwise, if it continued to fester like this, Ye’s Group’s share price would definitely fall to a halt.

“Xue’er, no matter how much money it costs, this surveillance video must be deleted!” Xu Yuying gritted her teeth and said, “You are going to marry into the Fu family as a young lady in the future, having this video around will affect your image too much!”

The video could clearly see Ye Xueying’s face, and netizens were saying that it was Ye Xueying who had gotten her bodyguards to kill Ye Yunla.

These remarks sketched Ye Xueying as a vicious sister.

Her features twisted in anger: “Fine, I’ll find someone to delete all the videos.”

She spent ten million dollars and got the biggest studio in China that dealt with this aspect of business to do it.


Half an hour later, ten million dollars was returned to her account in the original way.

“Sorry Miss Ye, this video has been added with one hundred and eight pa*swords, we can’t delete it at all.”

Ye Xueying slammed the quilt in her hand on the whisper in anger and coldly said, “Then who can delete it?”

“We can only ask a hacker to do it, there is nothing we can do anyway.”

The phone was hung up and Ye Xue Ying’s face turned blue.

This was clearly Ye Yunla’s intention!

The more she didn’t let her delete it, the more she had to delete it cleanly!



Just as well, Fu Ziyan was a master hacker!

Ye Xueying took her phone and dialed the transatlantic number, and again, this time it was the secretary who answered the phone.

“Sorry Miss Ye, the Young Master is at ……”

“I don’t care what the Young Master is doing, you tell him to come and answer my call right now immediately, or else, when he returns to China, he will never see me again.”

Her voice, dripping with boundless anger.

The secretary, stunned, sank a breath and said, “Yes, Miss Ye, please wait a moment.”