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HC Chapter 38

Ye Xueying let out a sigh of relief.

She was going to be the young lady of the Fu family in the future, and didn’t want to get involved with this crap at all.

Since her father was willing to step in, she wouldn’t get involved in this mess.

The Ye family moved quickly, and by six o’clock the next morning, the press conference was ready.

Ye Zhenshan appeared in front of the camera with the appearance of a doting father. He had not slept all night and his face was haggard and hardscrabble, gaining the sympathy of some of the people before he even opened his mouth.

“Lara is my own daughter, my first child, and my love for her cannot be said in a couple of words …… Five years ago, she made a big mistake and I was so furious that I locked her up for a few months to reflect on it, which was indeed my fault …… But, if you all think about this from the perspective of a father, you can understand ……”

“Later, she set fire to the Ye family, causing the Ye Group to lose more than a billion …… But all these things are nothing in front of her death …… For these four years, I always thought she was dead, and I even erected a tombstone for her, and went to visit her grave every year …… I didn’t hear a word about her coming back alive this time, if I’d known that LaLa was still alive, I would have thrown an even bigger welcome party for her ……”

“LaLa, I know you have some misunderstandings about daddy, but, daddy really loves you …… You come home, come back …… All the things that belong to you will be transferred to your name ……”

At the end of the sentence, Ye Zhenshan was in tears.

The lopsided public opinion on the internet instantly split into two factions.

Ye Yunla became a capricious, rebellious and unaware young lady, while Ye Zhenshan became a doting father who worried about his daughter in every way.

Ye Jingzhan sat in front of his computer screen, the corners of his mouth curled up in a cold smile.

Ye Zhenshan, this old thing, could really pull off saying so many shameless words.

“Jing’er, can you pull up the surveillance of the suburban cemetery?” Ye Yunla sat on the side and opened her mouth to ask in a quiet voice.

Ye Jingzhan twisted his head: “Mommy, what’s the point of looking for the surveillance of the cemetery?”

“Just find it, I have my own use for it.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, his long fingers crackling on the computer keyboard, and soon, a piece of surveillance was locked by him.

He clicked on the surveillance and when the footage began to play, his entire face instantly faded away from all blood.

Mum had actually been chased!

And she had jumped into the river!

No wonder Mummy came back all wet that day.

Ye Jingzhan clenched his fists to death.

He had to, had to be strong, he couldn’t allow Mummy to be in this kind of danger again.

“Jing’er, it’s okay.” Ye Yunla hugged him, “Mummy has learnt taekwondo, no one can do anything to Mummy, just put your heart back in your stomach.”

Because of his single-parent family and the fact that his sister was autistic, Jing’er had endured more than other children from a young age.

Ye Yunla knew that this child had a heavy heart and that some things had to be said clearly. She patted his back gently and said in a soft voice, “Don’t worry about Mummy, Mummy is an adult now and will definitely protect herself.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded his head forcefully, not daring to show any more difference.

He cut off the surveillance video, put it into the hard drive and handed it to Mummy.

Ye Yunla’s eyes were cold.

Ye Zhenshan dared to shamelessly say such things, so she, then, would use this surveillance video to ruthlessly smack him in the face.