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HC Chapter 4

Four years later.

The well-dressed man pounced on her and pinned her down hard.

Her clothes were torn and every inch of her body was plundered with abandon, and she could not resist a single bit ……

She wanted very much to see the man’s face, but the mist was so thick that the man’s face was very blurred and all she could see was a pair of eyes.

It was a pair of hawk-like sharp eyes, even when doing the most intimate things, there was no half a ripple in the eyes ……

That kind of look made Ye Yunla feel frightened.

Her heart suddenly missed a beat, and then, fiercely opened her eyes.

“Mommy, did you have a nightmare?”

A soft voice sounded in her ears.

It was only then that Ye Yunla was shocked to realise that she had had a dream like that on the plane.

In the dream, it was a scene from the night of her 18th Bar Mitzvah five years ago, when she was set up by Ye Xueying ……

After all these years, she had long since let go of that incident, so she really didn’t know why she was still dreaming about that man ……

When she met her son’s clear eyes, she felt a little blush: “Mommy is fine, just a little tired from the long flight.”

Ye Jingzhan poured a cup of warm water and handed it over, “Mommy, some water will make you feel better.”

Immediately afterwards, he took out a soft cushion and placed it on Ye Yunla’s back, “This will be more comfortable.”

Ye Yunla’s heart melted as she gave her son a kiss on the cheek, “Jing’er, Mummy’s greatest good fortune is to have you two babies.”

She looked over at the little girl who was sitting on the other side, sleeping quietly, and a satisfied smile spread across her face.

Four years ago, she had fought to the death to escape the fire and finally found a chance of survival.

When her two children were born prematurely, their lives were in danger and the hospital gave her several critical care notices.

Jing was saved when she was better, but little Yinyin was given up for treatment by the doctors.

She had no choice but to take the child abroad to seek medical treatment.

Later, little Yinyin’s life was saved, but…

As she thought about it, the little girl opened her eyes.

Her eyes were beautiful, dark and bright, like watery grapes or stars in the night.

But, if you look closely, you will see that these beautiful eyes have no sparkle.

Ye Yunla suppressed the regret and loss in her heart and smiled softly, “Little Yinyin, you’re awake, do you want milk or plain water?”

However, there was no response.

The little girl stared blankly at the white clouds outside the plane window, the usual indifference and detachment on her face.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips.

Little Yinyin’s autism was getting worse and worse.

This was one of the reasons why she had suddenly chosen to return to China.

“Sister, I’ve brewed milk for you, here, take the handle and drink it like this, yes, don’t get your clothes dirty.”

Ye Jingzhan handed the milk to little Yinyin, very patiently teaching his sister to drink the milk, even if there was no response, he still kept talking.

Ye Yunla stroked her son’s head.

The greatest blessing in life was to have a son like Jing’er.

Without Jing’er, she really didn’t know if she could have lasted these four years ……

“Mommy, if you keep rubbing my hair, my hair will be messed up.” Ye Jingzhan complained discontentedly.

Ye Yunla laughed out loud, “How old are you brat and you’re already stinking of beauty.”

As mother and son laughed and chatted, time flew by and the plane soon arrived in Haicheng.

Ye Yunla led the children to get their suitcases.


There was a commotion from the front.

A four or five year old boy rushed towards her in a panic and then threw himself into her arms.

It was a cool kid, wearing a duck-tongue hat, a jacket and little leather shoes, a young master of a powerful family.

Not wanting to cause trouble, Ye Yunla took a step back after holding the child steady.

However, the child pulled on her hand.

“Someone is catching me, if you help me, I can promise you a condition.”

Fu Ziling looked at the woman in front of her and lifted her delicate chin and said with an aura.

“Who is arresting you?”

Ye Yunla asked slowly, as she looked into the child’s eyes, not knowing why, her heart felt like it had suddenly been stung by something, some sour pain.

Fu Ziling was about to answer when a group of people behind her gathered around.

“Little Young Master, you can’t run away again, Sir is very angry!”

“Little Young Master, come back with us!”

A few bodyguards begged bitterly.

Fu Ziling turned around and hid behind Ye Yunla, clutching the back hem of Ye Yunla’s shirt tightly.

“Don’t pull my mommy’s clothes!” Ye Jingzhan came over and pushed Fu Ziling away.

As soon as Fu Ziling was pushed out, he was caught by a couple of bodyguards: “Young master, stop it, sir will be here soon, if you run away again, the consequences will be very serious ……”

Fu Ziling was held by the bodyguards and could not move.

He looked towards Ye Yunla, not knowing why, he wanted to see this woman again later.

His thin pink lips pursed, “Woman, what’s your name?”

“What does it have to do with you?” Ye Jingzhan spoke coldly as he took Ye Yunla’s hand, “Mummy, our luggage is out.”

Ye Yunla gave the unfamiliar child a glance before leading the two children left and right to get their suitcases, her back quickly disappearing into the crowd.

The second young master of the Fu family, who had always been stubborn and unruly, had red eyes.

He pursed his lips and said, “I can go back with you, but, you must find out everything about that woman for me within three days.”