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HC Chapter 3

Ye Yunla didn’t even have time to grieve for her dead child as she lay on the blood-covered floor and the cramping pain in her abdomen struck again.

This pain was all too familiar, it was the same bout of pain she had just had before she gave birth ……

Her hand, touching her abdomen, felt something different.

Could it be that there was still a child in her belly ……

Ye Yunla’s eyes jerked wide.

She didn’t dare to delay any longer, and she hurriedly pushed harder as blood gushed out once again.

The tearing sensation came in bursts, and if it wasn’t for a force holding her up, Ye Yunla would have fainted.

But she knew that she couldn’t faint.

If she became unconscious, the baby in her belly would be suffocated.

She bit the tip of her tongue and broke it, which cleared her head a little ……


The faint sound of crying rang out.

A light snapped in Ye Yunla’s blood-soaked eyes.

With difficulty, she propped up her upper body to look ……

It was two children!

She had, surprisingly, given birth to quadruplets!

No wonder her belly was alarmingly large!

No wonder she was eating more and more every day!

So it was four children, how could she have had four babies ……

But, the two brothers she gave birth to earlier, are no longer there ……

If Ye Xueying had been able to get her two brothers to the hospital in time, those two babies of hers would surely have survived as well.

Ye Yunla had never hated her sister, whom she had loved for so many years, as much as she did now.

Eight months ago when she was locked up here, she always felt that because she was a disgrace to the family, she deserved it even if she was locked up.

But now she realised that it was all a conspiracy.

In order to take away her status as the heir to the Ye family, Ye Xueying had actually gone so heartless.

She would not let the Ye family go ……

Ye Yunla braced herself and crawled over to the two children.

It was a boy and a girl.

The two children were covered in blood, but they still couldn’t hide their beautiful pupils.

These were her babies, and she would guard them with her life.

Ye Yunla carefully took the children into her arms ……


A wave of heat hit her.

She looked up and saw the warehouse doorway lit up with fire.

Tongues of fire rolled into the warehouse without mercy, burning in through the cracks in the iron door, and the furniture at the doorway was tainted with sparks of fire.

“No. …… Somebody! There’s a fire! Help!”

Ye Yunla rapped on the door like a madman.

There was no response from outside.

Vaguely, it was as if she understood something.

This fire, it was man-made!

Ye Xueying had indirectly killed her child, and now, she wanted to burn her to death!

Because, most of the shares of Ye’s Group were in her hands.

As long as she was still alive, she would always be the largest shareholder of the Ye Group.

Ye Xueying’s position as the heir could not be secured either.

Therefore, she could only die.

With the haemorrhage from a difficult birth and the fire, her death became logical.

Ye Yunla was forced back into a corner by the tongues of fire, her two children sucking their fingers in her arms, oblivious to the impending danger.

“Baby, mummy won’t let anything happen to you ……”

She narrowed her eyes and twisted her head to look out the two metre high window.


The Ye family caught fire in the middle of the night.

The fire was raging, there were many flammable goods piled up in the warehouse, and when the night wind blew, the fire spread rapidly.

Although the fire engines were called in time, the fire was so big that the whole villa was burned up and goods worth several hundred million dollars were burned cleanly.

It was not until dawn that the fire went out.

The maid came over and reported, “Sir, the scene was cleared and the firemen said that someone had maliciously set the fire ……”

Ye Zhenshan, the head of the Ye family, slammed the table, “Malicious arson? Who dares to set a fire in the Ye family, simply eat the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard, go to me to investigate!”

Ye Xueying, who was standing at the side, her eyes flashed and she said softly, “Dad, now is not the time to pursue responsibility, hurry up and have someone go and see if there are any casualties, there are dozens of people up and down the Ye family, in case someone is buried in the fire ……”

The maid shook his head: “The fire started from the warehouse, no one lives there, there are no casualties.”


No casualties?!

Ye Xue Ying’s eyes widened in shock.

That b*tch Ye Yunla was living in the warehouse, the door was locked, and a fire would surely have killed the little b*tch.

How could there be no deaths?

If she had let Ye Yunla escape, then all her plans would have been disrupted.

She took a deep breath and said slowly again, “Dad, my sister is locked up in the warehouse. Last night she suddenly went into labour and begged me to take her to the hospital, but I didn’t agree …… Will my sister get annoyed and deliberately set the fire?”

“How could I give birth to such a mourning star, someone, go find it for me, make sure you get her back!”

Ye Zhenshan’s face was full of anger.

Several hundred million dollars of goods had been burnt up, and next he had to pay a billion dollars in damages for breach of contract.

If the Ye family’s family was not strong enough, they were afraid that they would have to go bankrupt on this.

And just then, the maid hurriedly came to report, “Sir, a female corpse was found in the lake a kilometre away from the Ye family, suspected to be Miss ……”

“My sister actually thought of committing suicide by jumping into the river, it’s all my fault ……”

Ye Xueying was fiercely relieved, but her face was covered with teardrops, “Sister just gave birth to two children last night without a mother, what should I do ……”

Ye Zhenshan did not have the slightest grief of his daughter’s death, his face full of shock and impatience: “What are the two wild seeds keeping, just find an orphanage and send them over, save me the trouble!”

“Dad, those two kids look a lot like Fu Beijue ……” Ye Xueying slowly said, “Sister’s wild man from eight months ago, is probably the Fu family’s ruling family, Fu Beijiu ……”

Ye Zhenshan was incredulous: “Fu Beijiu ……”

Fu family, the top of the pyramid in Hai Cheng, they Ye family only look up ……

“How many people wanted to cooperate with the Fu family but had no chance, now that Fu Beijiu’s son is in our hands, why not make use of it?”

Ye Zhenshan narrowed his eyes, “Xue’er, what do you mean?”

“I’ll take the child for a trip to the Fu family.”