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HC Chapter 41

The Fu Group shocked everyone when it made public its new project partner.

At such a stormy moment, Fu’s Group actually chose to partner with Ye’s, to the surprise of everyone.

“Ye’s share price is almost down, how could Fu’s choose such a company?”

“These two companies have never worked together before, how come they happen to be working together at this juncture? Fu’s is like fishing for Ye’s, otherwise Ye’s would have been hurt this time.”

“The Ye Group’s luck is too good!”

“The Ye family is really resourceful, they’ve even climbed on board with the Fu family.”

“Now who will dare to mess with the Ye family?”

“I can’t afford to mess with them, so I’ve slipped away!”

Within half a day, the share price of the Ye Group returned to its normal level, as if last night’s fiasco had not happened.

Looking at the news that was constantly updated online, Ye Yunla’s brows knitted tightly.

She thought that she would be able to bite off a piece of the Ye family this time, but to her surprise, the Ye family actually still had such an ace up their sleeve.

The Fu family ……

Ten Ye families are not worth one Fu family.

With the Fu family escorting her, there was no way for her to deal with Ye Xueying.

Ye Yunla let out a long sigh.

“A few years ago, there was a rumour in the circle that Fu Beijue was going to marry Ye Xueying, I always thought it was a rumour.” Xie Zhirui said in a deep voice, “So it seems that the Ye family and the Fu family still have some friendship, although not to the extent of a marriage, but at least, the Fu family is willing to pull a hand when something happens to the Ye family, this is intriguing.”

“People will run and mountains will fall, can the Ye family still rely on the Fu family for life?” The old lady Xie said indifferently, “It’s because the Fu family was righteous enough to give a hand, but it doesn’t mean that the Ye family will be able to rely on the Fu family from now on. There are some things that can’t be rushed, let’s take our time.”

Ye Yunla curled her lips and smiled, “Grandma, then we won’t think about these things for a while, first cousin, you help me clean up the living room.”

Early this morning, Ye Yunla had brought her two children to move to the Ye family’s other estate.

It was located in the centre of Hai Cheng City, an upscale neighbourhood with a market price close to six figures, a small, detached two-storey villa with an elegant and quiet environment, very suitable for living.

Ye Yunla liked the environment here, very similar to the place she lived abroad.

Ye Jingzhan was tinkering with the flowers and plants in the courtyard, and little Yinyin was sitting in the sun on a rattan chair, quiet and beautiful.

Mother and son did not have much, and it took less than an hour to pack up.

“Grandma, first cousin, don’t rush off yet, it’s just about noon, I’ll make you a lunch.” Ye Yunla said as she tied on her apron.

Old Lady Xie’s face instantly turned unpleasant: “Yara, you are my only granddaughter, you should be raised like a pearl, how can you do such menial work?”

Her old man said, turning her head and instructing, “Zhi Rui, have the Xie family’s cook come over here every day to cook three meals ……”

“Grandma, there’s really no need!” Ye Yunla was really a bit helpless, “It’s just cooking, I’ve gotten used to it these past four years, it’s nothing to me.”

“Yara, it’s really hard for you ……” Old Lady Xie took her hand, her eyes flooded with tears, “If your mother was still alive, why would you have had to work so hard ……”

“Grandma, mommy’s cooking is delicious!”

Ye Jingzhan came in just in time, interrupting Old Lady Xie’s sad memories.