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HC Chapter 42

The little one lay on Old Lady Xie’s knee and said in a soft voice, “Sister only likes to eat Mommy’s cooking, in the past few days at the Xie house, sister has lost a lot of weight.”

Old Madam Xie laughed, “Then if I don’t let your mummy cook, won’t I be a villain?”

“No, I just want grandma to try mummy’s cooking too, it’s really super delicious.” Ye Jingzhan blinked, “Grandma Tai will know when she tries a bite.”

“Jing’er, you’re such a good boy!”

Old Madam Xie stroked Ye Jingzhan’s head lovingly.

At only four years old, not only could he take care of his sister, but he could also help LaLa with many work-related matters.

Such a sweet little warm boy was so appealing.

Ye Yunla was in the kitchen preparing the meal.

Both children were born prematurely, their bodies were worse than others when they were young, and they didn’t eat properly when they were old enough to eat, so she began to study cooking.

Before she was eighteen, she was a young lady with ten fingers that didn’t touch the sun. After she had two children, she started to try everything, and instead she slowly fell in love with cooking.

She loved to mix and match various ingredients to create nutritious meals, and loved to see the people she loved devouring a table full of food, which to her was the simplest form of happiness.

An hour later, five dishes and one soup were brought to the table.

There was shredded chicken and tofu for the elderly, pumpkin soup and cola chicken wings for the children’s tastes, and steamed pork ribs and shredded fish and pork in all their colours and flavours, plus a bowl of three fresh soups.

“Lara, did you really make this?” Old Lady Xie was full of disbelief, “This skill can compete with the great chefs in restaurants.”

Ye Jingzhan put a piece of bean curd into the bottom of Old Lady Xie’s bowl, “Tai Lou Lou, once you taste it, you will know that Mummy’s skill is much better than the big chefs.”

Old Madam Xie took a bite with a skeptical attitude and was even more surprised.

The taste of the chicken fused with the tofu was tender and crispy, melting in her mouth, more delicious than anything she had ever eaten before.

“La La, you’re too good too!” Xie Zhirui tasted a bite and both eyes were shocked, “The Ye family’s chef can’t even match half of your handiwork.”

Ye Yunla lost her smile, “Which is that exaggerated?”

Only the performance of the few people at the table proved that this was not an exaggeration.

Little Yinyin’s head was buried in her bowl of rice and she finished a large bowl of rice in a matter of minutes, blinking her big eyes and raising her empty bowl, meaning she wanted another bowl.

The calm and reserved Ye Jingzhan licked his lips and took the bowl and added another bowl of rice himself.

Old Lady Xie is old and has a poor appetite, usually a small bowl of rice is enough, today she also added a small bowl and a half.

A table of dishes was swept away by five people.

“Lara, you can open a restaurant with this skill, it will definitely be a hit in the city.” Xie Zhirui said from the bottom of his heart.

Ye Yunla curled her lips and smiled, “I’m not interested in opening a restaurant, but speaking of which, I’d like to ask my first cousin to do me two favours.”

After a pause, she continued, “I’m planning to open a studio and need to rent an office space, so I’d like to ask first cousin to keep an eye out for me. Also, Jing’er and Little Yinyin are both four years old and are due to start kindergarten. It’s best if they can take special children like Little Yinyin.”

Xie Zhirui nodded: “Grandma asked me to look into kindergartens before. The Golden Sun International Bilingual Kindergarten has top educational resources and most importantly, it treats every child equally.

The children’s affairs always came first in Ye Yunla’s mind, and she put off her afternoon commitments and decided to take the children over to have a look first.

And at that moment, at the entrance of Golden Sun Kindergarten, Ye Xueying got out of the car with Fu Ziling ……