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HC Chapter 43

Golden Sun is an aristocratic kindergarten, built like a castle.

Ye Xue Ying led Fu Ziling inside, but was fiercely shaken off by Fu Ziling.

A hint of grimness rose up between her eyebrows, then was suppressed with difficulty: “Little Ling Ling, this is your daddy’s decision, why are you getting angry with me?”

“Which one of your eyes saw me sulking?” Fu Ziling coldly snorted, “I just don’t want you to touch me.”


Ye Xue Ying was so angry that she almost lost her temper.

She took a deep breath, “You better behave yourself and don’t cause trouble, otherwise I can’t explain to your daddy.”

“It’s just a suspension procedure, what can I get into?” Fu Ziling was full of impatience, “Hurry up and sign inside, I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Then you’d better wait obediently, if you dare to run away, your daddy won’t let you off.”

Ye Xue Ying turned around on her high heels, the anger in her heart kept bubbling upwards.

She should have strangled this little b*****d Fu Ziling to death in the first place.

She had raised him to give her a hard time!

Fu Ziling sat on the steps outside the school building, his face full of displeasure.

After the suspension procedure was completed, then it would not be so easy for him to leave the Fu family’s door again.

He used to think that kindergarten was childish and that singing and dancing every day was boring as hell, so he would sneak out to play every time he attended cla*s.

But, rather than being locked up in Fu’s house, he would rather be singing and dancing with these childish kids every day ……

Fu Ziling was bored when he saw a car pull up in front of the kindergarten and a group of four people walked down.

His eyes lit up violently.

It was Auntie Yunara!

And little sister Yinyin!

But who was the boy holding Yinyin’s little hand?

Fu Ziling’s eyes narrowed.

He remembered that when he was at the airport a few days ago, it seemed that this was the boy who had pushed him out of the way and called out for Auntie Yunara’s mummy.

So, this boy was Auntie Yunara’s son, and Little Yinyin’s real brother!

For some reason, Fu Ziling’s heart was uncomfortable.

This discomfort made him exude cold air all over his body.

The line of four people in the distance did not notice his figure.

Ye Yunla led the two children into the kindergarten and whispered, “Jing’er, you stay with your sister to familiarise yourself with the kindergarten while we go in first and have a chat with the teacher.”

The teacher had to be informed in detail about Little Yinyin’s condition, and if she was willing to accept it, then they could talk about what happened next.

Ye Yunla and Xie Zhirui went into the teacher’s office.

They were greeted by a young female teacher: “Mr Xie, Miss Ye, hello, I’ve already heard about the child’s condition from Mr Xie. Autism is actually a very common condition, and our kindergarten has enrolled many such students. If an autistic child is sent to a special school, it will make the child realise that he or she is sick and in turn close themselves off more and more.”

“But if the child is sent to a normal kindergarten, under the influence of normal, active children, the autistic child will slowly become willing to engage with everyone and slowly make the condition less severe …… Our school has experience in this area, so parents can rest a*sured ……”

The young female teacher covered all aspects of the problem, leaving the last bit of worry for Ye Yunla gone.


Ye Jingzhan took little Yinyin for a ride on the swings.

The little girl was wearing a puffy princess dress and the swing swung up high, her skirt flying in the wind.

A hint of a smile, if any, emerged from the corners of her lips as well.

Little Yinyin was so pretty when she smiled.

Fu Ziling hid behind a tree and stared greedily at Little Yinyin’s smiling face.

If only this was his real sister, he could take her with him openly ……

His dark azure eyes gave a beat as he suddenly thought of something and turned and ran away.

Ye Jingzhan’s gaze swept to his back, and a cold smile floated to the corners of his mouth.