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HC Chapter 45

The admission procedures for the two children were quickly completed, and at seven o’clock the next morning, Ye Yunla sent the two little ones off to kindergarten.

“Jing’er, take good care of your sister, and call mummy if anything happens, okay?”

Ye Jingzhan nodded obediently, “Mummy, you go and get busy, I’ll take care of my sister.”

Ye Yunla stroked the two children’s heads before walking away with one step and three steps back.

Only after her back disappeared at the entrance of the kindergarten did Ye Jingzhan take Little Yinyin’s hand and walk towards the kindergarten.

The two children were placed in Cla*s 9 as interns, and the teacher of Cla*s 9 was a young woman in her early twenties called Yu Jiao.

As soon as Yu Jiao saw the two such beautiful looking children, she immediately took a liking to them, “Wow, you are Ye Jingzhan, this must be your little sister Little Yinyin?”

Ye Jingzhan replied politely, “Hello teacher, my name is Ye Jingzhan, this is my younger sister Ye Yinyin, from now on we will be students of Cla*s 9, please take care of Teacher Yu.”

He spoke not too fast, not too slow, with a touch of elegance, his gaze was clear and generous, not the least bit timid.

Yu Jiao stroked the heads of the two siblings and turned to introduce them to the cla*s, “These are the two new students in our cla*s, so we can all be friends from now on.”

Everyone loves new good-looking students and the children were very enthusiastic.

At recess, the children all gathered around, but they soon realised that the new Yinyin sister could not speak.

“Ye Yinyin, I’m talking to you, why are you ignoring me?”

“Ye Yin Yin, you are so good looking, I want to be your friend, can you look at me?”

“Ye Yinyin, you’re not a mute, are you?”

As soon as those words came out, Ye Jingzhan’s face suddenly went cold.

He shielded his sister behind him and stared at the little girl who had spoken, saying coldly, “What did you just say, try saying it again?”

The children who could come to this school were all the second generation of the rich and had been raised by their parents in the palm of their hands, even the teachers did not dare to say anything serious to these children.

When she was treated coldly by Ye Jingzhan in public, the little girl said loudly in anger, “What’s wrong if I say she’s mute? We’ve been talking to her for so long and she hasn’t said a word, so what is she if not mute?”

Several little girls at the side were jealous of Ye Yinyin’s good looks and also gathered around.

“Hmph, since she can’t speak, then we’ll give her a nickname, let’s call her Mute!”

“Hahahaha, little mute, that’s a nice nickname!”

“Slightly, slightly, slightly, Ye Yinyin, Little Mute!”

Being surrounded by people calling her mute, Ye Yinyin also had no reaction.

Her big, grape-like eyes stared listlessly out of the window, as if the people and sounds around her did not exist.

Ye Jingzhan gently patted his sister’s back, then raised his eyes, a pair of cold, sharp eyes staring at the few young girls who were picking a fight.

He smiled gently, “How unfair to just give my sister a nickname, why don’t I come and give each of you one as well, from now on we can just call each other nicknames.”

He stared at the first little girl and smiled coldly, “You’re so dark, let’s call you Little Black Girl.”

The little girl was dumbfounded.

She had always known she was black, but her family was rich and no one dared to tease her about it, and this new boy actually dared to give her such a nickname!

Before she had time to resist, Ye Jingzhan had already spoken again.

“You’ve lost your front teeth, let’s call you Leaky Rat.”

“You look so fat, let’s call you Fat Girl.”