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HC Chapter 46

Ye Jingzhan’s voice was cold and his aura was in full swing, leaving the children present with no half-hearted resistance.

Basically, all the children who had mocked Little Yinyin had been given nicknames.

Ye Jingzhan never liked to use someone’s appearance to attack them, but, these people shouldn’t have mocked Little Yinyin.

If they dared to mock Little Yinyin, they should also feel what it was like to be mocked by others.

Sure enough, after Ye Jingzhan finished giving the four or five little girls nicknames, the male students in the cla*s all shouted out with laughter.

“Little black girl! Leaky rat! Fat girl! That’s what we’ll be calling you from now on!”

The little girls cried out in outright anger.

The cla*sroom resounded with cries.

Yu Jiao came at the sound of it and the four little girls cried and cried and went to complain.

“Teacher, Ye Jingzhan gave us nicknames!”

“Teacher, Ye Jingzhan mocked me for being fat, woo woo ……”

Yu Jiao was slightly dismayed.

Ye Jingzhan, the kid, looked like he was well brought up, he shouldn’t do such an a*shole thing, right?

“Teacher, they said that giving nicknames could improve their relationship, so they gave Little Yinyin a nickname of mute, and I gave them each one out of courtesy.” Ye Jingzhan said indifferently, “The other children around can testify to this.”

The boys around nodded together, “Yes, they were the ones who called Ye Yinyin little mute first, that’s why Ye Jingzhan gave them the nickname.”

When it came down to it, what was there that Yu Jiao didn’t understand.

Yesterday she had known that two transfer students would be coming to her cla*s, and one of them was an autistic child.

She swore to Ye Jingzhan’s mother that she would take good care of Ye Yinyin, only to have such a mess on the first day.

Yu Jiao took a tissue to wipe the tears of the several girls who were crying in anger and said sternly, “Now you know it’s not nice to be called by a nickname, right?”

Several girls were crying, “I know …… I know.”

“If you continue to call Ye Yinyin mute, then the cla*s can continue to call you by your nicknames as well, I won’t care about this matter.” Yu Jiao spoke indifferently, “If you want the cla*s to stop shouting your nicknames, then you have to promise that you won’t mock Little Yinyin in the future, can you do that?”

Four or five year old girls are at the age when they love beauty the most.

No little girl could stand to be called dark and fat.

As soon as Yu Jiao’s words fell, several little girls nodded together, and even held hands and walked up to Little Yinyin: “Sorry Ye Yinyin, we shouldn’t have laughed at you, can you forgive us?”

Little Yinyin did not respond.

Ye Jingzhan spoke, “I shouldn’t have taken your nicknames for your appearance either, I’m sorry.”

The little girls immediately laughed, “It’s alright, we did wrong first, Ye Jingzhan, can we be friends with you, and with your sister?”

“Of course you can.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded blandly.

He didn’t need friends, but his sister did.

If these people were sincere about Little Yinyin, he would also sincerely accept them into his and Little Yinyin’s world.

Yu Jiao was finally relieved to see the children playing together in harmony.

She turned to go to the office to fetch teaching equipment, and just as she walked in, she heard voices talking from the office and mentioning the names of the two transfer students today ……