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HC Chapter 48

Ye Jingzhan said unhurriedly, “A teacher who talks about students behind their backs is also not qualified to teach.”

The older teacher was going mad, this was the first time someone dared to lecture her to her face, and the other person was a four or five year old child.

Some of the other teachers present recognised it, “Teacher Li, he seems to be a transfer student from Cla*s 9, it seems to be called …… Ye Jingzhan, yes, that’s him!”

Only then did Teacher Li react to why this child had suddenly barged into the office, it turned out to be because he had heard them talking about the autistic child.

“Ye Yinyin is my sister, I forbid you to talk about her.” Ye Jingzhan lifted his chin, his eyes piercingly cold, “Next time I hear it, then I’ll have to make a trip to the Education Bureau.”

A few adults, hardened by such a look in his eyes, took a step back.

When he realised that he was actually intimidated by a four-year-old child, Teacher Li became even more furious: “Coming into a teacher’s office at such a young age to cause trouble, you really have no upbringing at all, I’ll call your guardian now and ask her to come and take you back!”

“Before you call, Mr Li, let’s listen to my set of figures first.”

Ye Jingzhan jumped down from his chair.

He casually picked up chalk and wrote a few numbers on a small blackboard.

“Teacher Li has been a teacher for eighteen years, and in those eighteen years of teaching, his personal a*sets have multiplied countless times, so I looked it up out of curiosity. Only then did I find out that it turned out that Teacher Li would receive red envelopes from parents every year, the smallest red envelope was ten thousand yuan and the highest was two hundred thousand yuan.” Ye Jingzhan coldly hooked his lips, “For so many years, the amount of red envelopes added up to more than four and a half million, according to the law, all these money are obtained through illegal means, the amount is huge and may well constitute a criminal offence.”

Ms. Li’s face turned pale in this instant.

She wiggled her lips and said, “You, you are talking nonsense!”

“Since Teacher Li thinks I’m talking nonsense, then, I’ll submit the evidence I found to the Education Bureau, I believe the Education Bureau will look into it.”

Hearing Ye Jingzhan’s words, Teacher Li was so angry that he almost fainted.

The other people in the office, on their own, took a step back and stayed far away from Teacher Li, as if she was some kind of plague.

Ye Jingzhan smiled contemptuously, “You guys don’t have to pretend, I’ve checked, although the amount of bribes you took wasn’t as much as Teacher Li’s, but as long as it goes to the Education Bureau, you all won’t be able to work in the education industry again in the future.”

The teachers in the room all changed their faces in unison.

Five or six of them looked at each other, all seeing the panic in each other’s eyes.

It was the default rule of the profession for teachers to receive red envelopes, and everyone knew it by heart.

This is one of the most expensive kindergartens in the city, and their monthly salaries are five or six times higher than those of other kindergartens.

The younger teacher took a deep breath and said, “Ye, teachers receive red envelopes to rea*sure parents, this is a hidden rule in every kindergarten, there is nothing to gain if you make a big deal out of it.”

“I don’t need any benefits, I just want to make people who look down on my sister pay the price.” Ye Jingzhan said coldly, “Of course I know that receiving red envelopes is a normal thing, but once this normal thing is poked and prodded, everyone involved will be punished, you don’t want to make too much of a scene, then you must agree to my three conditions.”

A few teachers had their hands on them, so they dared to say no. They had to nod their heads with their necks strained.

“Firstly, no more comments about my sister behind my back.”

“Secondly, no one will look at my sister in a different way.”

“Thirdly, if any children mock my sister, you must teach them well.”