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HC Chapter 49

Ye Jingzhan returned to Cla*s 9 with aplomb.

Yu Jiao let out a sigh of relief, “I was just about to go look for you, where have you been?”

“I went to the toilet.”

Ye Jingzhan walked into the cla*sroom and sat next to Ye Yinyin.

When Yu Jiao looked at him, she felt that the aura of this child was too powerful and she sometimes did not dare to look him in the eye.

But Ye Jingzhan was polite and well-behaved, and his voice was so soft and sweet when he spoke that it was as if she had imagined all those auras.

During the break in the cla*s, Yu Jiao was called out by teacher Li.

Five or six teachers gathered around her and lowered their voices to admonish her.

“Although student Ye Jingzhan’s sister has autism, our school has experience in this area, so if you don’t understand anything, come and ask me.”

“Ye Yinyin is very pretty, such a beautiful child can be called the face of our school, she must be taken care of, she must not be withdrawn from school.”

“Teacher Yu, if you’re not that patient anymore, you can let student Ye Yinyin transfer to our cla*s.”


The corners of Yu Jiao’s mouth twitched, “Didn’t you guys just say that I should find an excuse to expel Ye Yinyin?”

“We were just testing you to see if you have the love you should have as a kindergarten teacher.” Teacher Li laughed dryly, “Teacher Yu, I hope you can give full play to the responsibility and love of a kindergarten teacher and bring cla*smate Ye Yinyin out of autism.”

Ye Jingzhan had evidence of their bribery, and if they let Ye Yinyin drop out of school, Ye Jingzhan would definitely make their bribery public, and by then, they would be out of money and out of decency.

It would be better to serve the two little ancestors well and let them graduate successfully, then they would be liberated.

Although Yu Jiao didn’t know why these teachers suddenly changed their attitude, it didn’t stop her from anything, she didn’t look at Ye Yinyin students with tinted gla*ses in the first place, so naturally she wouldn’t be concerned about outside voices.

After school, Ye Jingzhan held Ye Yinyin and waited for her mummy to pick her up.

The first day at kindergarten had its twists and turns, but it all worked out perfectly and both children had very calm faces.

Ye Yunla hurried over and greeted the teacher with a smile, “Teacher Yu, it’s been a hard day for you, the child is still obedient, right?”

“Don’t worry, Mama Yinyin, Ye Jingzhan is very understanding and Ye Yinyin is also very well behaved, all the children in the cla*s want to be friends with them.” Yu Jiao finished and stroked the two children’s heads, “You can go back today and review the songs and dances you learnt today with your mother, come on, say goodbye to your teacher.”

Ye Jingzhan waved his hand in a good manner.

After saying goodbye to the teacher, Ye Yunla led the two children to the car.

She said with slight surprise, “Jing’er, is this teacher in Yinyin very fond of Yinyin?”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, “Teacher Yu is very good to her sister, and her sister doesn’t reject the teacher holding her hand.”

Ye Yunla was finally relieved, just when she saw Yu Jiao touching little Yinyin’s hair, she was worried that the little girl would blacken her face, but she didn’t expect that she would actually accept it just like that.

It seemed that this kindergarten was indeed as big cousin had said, able to treat every child fairly and impartially.

Then she could finally rest a*sured.

Ye Yunla first drove to the vegetable market to buy the freshest ingredients and then made a trip to the supermarket to buy some small snacks for the children before driving back home.

Although little Yinyin has autism, she has an independent personality at heart. Once she arrived home, she sat on the carpet and played with puzzles, very quietly.

Ye Jingzhan followed Ye Yunla into the kitchen and helped wash the vegetables.

Although he was only four years old, he basically knew how to do all the household chores and usually even made lunch for his sister when Ye Yunla was busy.

As she cooked, Ye Yunla spoke to her son about what had happened at nursery today.

Just then, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated.