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HC Chapter 51

Ye Yunla held the phone and sighed mentally.

She should visit her grandmother, for reasons of reason and sense, after four years of disappearance, she always had to give her grandmother an explanation.

Only, she didn’t know if her grandmother would still protect her like she did before ……

“Mommy, the vegetables in the pot are mushy.”

Ye Jingzhan reminded, wrinkling his little nose.

Ye Yunla hurriedly put her phone down and started cooking in earnest.

Half an hour later, the three dishes and one soup were ready.

When little Yinyin smelled the scent, she sat down at the table with her short legs, looking like she was waiting to be fed.

Ye Jingzhan smiled, “Mummy, look at how cute her sister looks.”

Ye Yunla gave the little girl a bowl of soup and said with a smile, “Good Yinyin, eat quickly, eat more to become a big beauty.”

Little Yinyin’s head was buried in the bowl of rice and she ate with a big mouthful.

The table was quickly swept away under the frenzied eating of the two little ones ……


The Fu family.

The long dining table was filled with delicious delicacies.

There were only two people sitting at the large table, Fu Beijue and Fu Ziling.

Both father and son were sitting opposite each other, both of them with very unpleasant faces, and the whole restaurant was entering the cold winter months as a result.

Fu Ziling threw away his chopsticks and said unhappily with pursed lips, “I’m not eating.”

He dragged his chair away and was about to leave.

“Who gave you permission to leave?” Fu Beijiu spoke coldly, “There is no rule of picking out food in the Fu family, sit down and finish your meal before you can leave.”

Fu Ziling straightened his back stubbornly, “So Daddy, I don’t even have the freedom to eat now, do I?”

After dropping out of kindergarten, he had been locked up in the Fu family for a whole day, with seven or eight teachers taking turns to teach him all sorts of things, he was really being driven crazy.

It was hard to wait until mealtime, but it turned out that there was a table full of dishes, none of which he loved.

He would rather be hungry than eat these things!

Fu Beijue stood up and walked to him with long legs, his voice cold, “Freedom is not an indifferent indulgence, you can eat whatever you want after dinner, I won’t care about you.”

This was already considered a compromise on his part.

But, Fu Ziling obviously didn’t realise this, he lifted his small chin and yelled with red eyes, “Daddy, you’re really too much! I don’t like you at all! I don’t want to eat with you anymore!”

After yelling, he stomped upstairs and closed the door behind him.

Fu Beijiu pinched his brow.

He was also tough and rebellious, but even so, he had never been this disobedient as a child.

Was it because Fu Ziyan was too obedient that he seemed extraordinarily stubborn?

Fu Beijiu sat down on the sofa with a headache.

He had never even had such a headache when dealing with a ten billion dollar project.

“Sir.” Butler Qiao respectfully walked over, “Today’s dishes are on the sweet side, it’s normal for the young master not to like them, why don’t we do this, I’ll get some more cooks to come over and make meals for the young master in different ways, there’s always a taste that will suit the young master’s appetite.”

Fu Beijiu said in a cold voice: “Since he was born, the Fu family has changed at least a hundred cooks, and none of them have satisfied him.”

It was obvious that Fu Ziling was deliberately working against him.

Deliberately coming to challenge his bottom line.

Butler Qiao sighed: “Sir, the young master is in his growth period, how can he not eat?”

Fu Beijiu’s face was black with anger.

He sank a breath and said, “If the domestic cooks don’t work, then find foreign ones, spend as much money as you like.”