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HC Chapter 52

“Yes, sir.”

Butler Qiao hurriedly answered.

Sir usually looked cold and aloof, but he knew in his heart that the person who loved the two young masters the most in this world was Sir.

Some people said that a father’s love was like a mountain.

He would rather say that a father’s love is like the sea.

As deep and unfathomable as the sea, it is also as encompa*sing as the sea.

On the first floor, Fu Ziling sat on the balcony, a layer of watery mist gathering in his eyes.

He was very hungry, so he secretly took out a biscuit from his school bag and took two bites.

But he accidentally choked, and tears fell without warning.

“I hate daddy the most ……”

Fu Ziling yelled as she cried.

Daddy was so bad, always so mean to him, and now he was not allowed to go out, making him stay in this house all day to learn those boring knowledge.

He wanted to sneak out so badly, so badly to see Auntie Yunara, so badly to touch his sister Yinyin’s face ……

The more he thought about it, the harder it was for him to feel bad inside.


His phone watch rang.

He scanned it and it was his elder brother’s call, so frightened that he hurriedly wiped his tears away before pressing the answer button.

“Fu Ziling, you’re out of your depth, you’re actually hiding and crying all by yourself.”

Fu Ziling was startled, “Big brother, how did you know I was crying?”

“Have you forgotten, our twins are telepathic.” Fu Zi Yan said coldly, “I know every time you cry, only this time, you seem particularly sad, say it, what happened.”

Fu Zi Ling was full of embarra*sment, “I fell and my knee bled, I cried in pain.”

“Really, then I’ll ask Grandpa Qiao to come over and give you medicine.”

“No!” Fu Ziling scratched the back of his head in chagrin, “Big brother, can you not be so clever or nosy, I’m just in a bad mood crying a bit what’s wrong, do I not even have the freedom to hide and cry now?”

“No not letting you cry, I just want to know who you are crying for.” Fu Ziyan’s indifferent voice came, “If you don’t want to say, I won’t force you, that’s all, hang up.”

“Hey, wait!”

Fu Zi Ling called out.

He sat in the corner and sighed.

Who let him not even have a friend, so he had to pour his heart out to his big brother.

“Big brother, I met a woman, she is especially beautiful and gentle, I like her a lot …… But daddy has given me a break from school and won’t let me step out of the house, I can’t even go to that woman if I want to …… I’m particularly miserable now, I get up every morning at seven o’clock and start studying all kinds of knowledge, I’m being driven crazy ……”

Fu Ziyan interrupted his sickless moaning, “Who is that woman?”

“She is the woman I have fallen in love with, her eyes are particularly nice, just like the moon at night, and her voice, it really sounds good, if only she could tell me bedtime stories, I would be able to sleep extra well ……”

“I didn’t ask you to praise that woman, I asked you who that woman was and what her name was.”

“Oh, her name is Ye Yunla ……”

Fu Ziyan’s eyes narrowed sharply.

Ye Yunla!

Mother’s half-sister!

The woman who was rumoured to have died for four years, but suddenly came back from the dead a few days ago!

This woman, how could she know Fu Zi Ling?

Could it be that it was a deliberate approach?

Fu Zi Yan said coldly, “Fu Zi Ling, if you have some intelligence, stay away from that woman, she is not a good person.”