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HC Chapter 59

Ye Yunla unhurriedly explained clearly the origin and destination of the fifty percent of Ye Group’s equity.

After speaking, she said indifferently, “In Mr. Fu’s opinion, is it reasonable for me to get back the equity that my mother left me?”


Fu Beijiu threw out three words indifferently.

A trace of wild joy appeared on Ye Xueying’s face.

This man, he was really thinking from her point of view!

With these words from Fu Beijue, then she would have a reason to refuse to sign the share transfer agreement, and even her grandmother would not be able to accuse her of anything.

Ye Yunla’s face went cold.

Sure enough, she should not have trusted this man, it was a waste of breath.

She was about to continue speaking when Fu Beijue’s voice had already sounded.

“Miss Ye, if I were you, I would do whatever it takes to get all the equity back.” The man’s voice carried a chilling intensity, “How can you leave half of your own mother’s inheritance to someone else?”

Ye Yunla was stunned for a moment.

What he said was unreasonable, was that what he meant?

Then wouldn’t she have misunderstood him?

“Beijue ……” Ye Xue Ying’s lips trembled, “You, I ……”

Her lips opened, but she had absolutely no idea what to say.

She had given birth to two sons for the Fu family, but Fu Beijue, however, embarra*sed her in front of this little b*tch, Ye Yunla.

This made her feel as if her face had been slapped hard a few times.

“Hehehehe!” Xu Yuying laughed dryly to ease the atmosphere, “Beijue, you don’t know, Xue’er and Yara are two good sisters, that’s why Yara is willing to give half of her shares to Xue’er, this is between their own sisters, so we won’t talk too much. Come on, come on, Beijue, keep eating, you haven’t had a few bites yet ……”

If the conversation continued, it was estimated that the other half of the shares in Xue’er’s hand would also be given up by Fu Beijue with a single word.

The old lady Ye looked at Fu Beijue with more than a hint of appreciation, her old man spoke indifferently, “Housekeeper, is the share agreement ready?”

The housekeeper went to prepare it after the old lady’s command, and was standing at the entrance of the restaurant with the documents.

Ye Xueying and Xu Yuying both glanced at each other, both seeing the reluctance in the other’s eyes.

Half of the shares, worth several hundred million dollars, were just given away, how could they be willing to do so?

If she refused to sign, her image in the eyes of Fu Beiji would be ruined.

She was going to marry into the Fu family as a young lady, this share was nothing to her!

Moreover, this little b*tch Ye Yunla may not see the sun tomorrow!

Once Ye Yunla died, the shares would still come back to her!

Thinking of this, the smile on Ye Xueying’s face finally became more sincere as she walked over and took the initiative to sign her name on the agreement.

Twenty-five percent of the shares had thus returned to Ye Yunla’s hands.

She put the share agreement away, her face unruffled, as if it was no big deal.

“You guys take your time, I’ll go in and lie down for a while.”