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HC Chapter 58

Ye Xue Ying hastily denied it.

She gave Ye Yunla a fierce glare, hoping that this b*tch would have the sense to hurry up and leave!

However, she was destined to be disappointed.

Ye Yunla laughed softly.

She could see that the Ye family had really climbed up to the Fu family, but it seemed that Duke Fu didn’t like Ye Xue Ying very much.

She just didn’t know why Fu Beijue, who clearly didn’t like Ye Xueying, had to stay here and surround himself with the Ye family.

But all this had nothing to do with her.

All she needed to know was that the Ye family must have a face in front of Fu Beijue.

She hooked her lips and spoke, “Mr. Fu, we were just discussing the matter of Ye Group’s shares, Mr. Fu can just be a witness.”

Duke Fu seemed to be interested: “Oh, what kind of witness?”

“LaLa!” Xu Yuying angrily interrupted Ye Yunla, “This is our Ye family’s family matter, there’s no need to say it out for outsiders to laugh at.”

But Old Mrs. Ye suddenly spoke up, “Beijue is also half of the Ye family, it’s okay for him to know.”

Half of the Ye family?

What did she mean by that?

Ye Yunla was clearly frozen for a moment.

She looked up and saw that Ye Xueying’s eyes were almost growing on Fu Beijue’s body.

It was hard to believe that the Ye family and the Fu family had set up a marriage contract?

No wonder the Fu family stepped in a few days ago when the Ye family’s share price was about to drop, it turned out that there was this layer of relationship.

Ye Yunla lowered her eyes without moving, and said in a light voice: “Mr. Fu is a member of the Ye family, so he can’t be a witness to this.”

The fiancé of Ye Xueying will naturally be on Ye Xueying’s side, so there is no need for her to make an enemy of herself by saying what is right and wrong.

However, Fu Beijue was very interested in this matter.

He tapped his long fingers on the tabletop and said indifferently, “Old Madam’s words are biased, I, Fu Beijue, have never been a member of the Ye family, isn’t this clear to Second Miss Ye?”

Ye Xue Ying’s face turned white.

She had been with Fu Beijue for so long, and he had never called her Miss Ye.

This sound of Second Miss Ye made her panic and realise that Ye Yunla was back, that this little b*tch was the real woman who had had that night with Fu Beijue.

And she, one day, would be recognized through her mask and then disgusted.


She would not allow that to happen!

Ye Xue Ying’s lips trembled as she forced a smile: “Grandma, it’s not what you think between Beijue and I. Don’t say any of these things in the future.”

Old Mrs. Ye pursed her pale lips.

In her mind, if her granddaughter had given birth to someone, then the other party must marry her granddaughter.

But the Fu family was too powerful, and she didn’t have any ability to make Fu Beijue responsible for Xue’er.

She had also advised Xue’er to give up, but Xue’er was unwilling.

Then she was too lazy to care more.

Fu Beijue leaned back in his chair, “Alright Miss Ye, you can continue.”

Ye Yunla was completely confused as to what this man meant.

Tonight was the Ye family’s private banquet, yet Fu Beijue had appeared here, which could only mean that he had a good personal relationship with the Ye family.

If he had a good personal relationship, why did he frequently make Ye Xue Ying lose face?

Is it possible that this is the usual habit of Fu Beijue and Ye Xueying to get along with each other?

Forget it, there was no point in thinking about it, it had nothing to do with her.

Ye Yunla pursed her scarlet lips and said, “Mr. Fu must have heard about me, I died four years ago ……”