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HC Chapter 6

The Xie family is situated in the Lakeside Villa.

It was elegantly landscaped and very secluded, a typical wealthy area.

The maid respectfully led the way in front as Ye Yunla led the two children inside.

“Yara, you’re finally back ……”

Old Lady Xie had been waiting at the entrance of the villa for a long time, and when she saw Ye Yunla walk in, she was in a trance as if she had seen her daughter who had died early.

Her bitter daughter’s red-headedness had been lost, and her bitter granddaughter’s fate was also ill-fated ……

“Grandmother ……”

Ye Yunla crouched on Old Lady Xie’s shoulder, her heart at peace for a moment.

If there was anyone else in this world she cared about, it was only her grandmother ……

She lived abroad in a very, very small town, and even so, Grandmother had sent someone to find her and often persuaded her to come back.

But she knew that most of the Xie family, apart from her grandmother, did not welcome her, so she delayed again and again ……

“This is Jing’er and Yinyin, isn’t it? They’re so good-looking.”

Old Lady Xie bent down and touched the two children’s faces.

A smile appeared on Ye Jingzhan’s face, “Grandma.”

Ye Yinyin, on the other hand, took a step back warily, a pretty face filled with indifference.

Knowing the situation of the two children, Old Lady Xie sighed, “I’ve contacted the doctor and will send Yinyin over in a few days to have a look.”

Ye Yunla didn’t have any hope at all, but she nodded, held the children, and followed Old Lady Xie towards the villa.

The Xie family were all gathered in the living room.

This was the Xie family’s ancestral home, and those who could live here were all first cousins, that is, Ye Yunla’s own aunt and uncle, as well as her cousins.

“Mum, what on earth does Grandma want us to do when she asks us to come home today?”

Xie Siqi said with some impatience.

She was Ye Yunla’s eldest cousin, twenty-eight years old this year, and had married out long ago, yet today she was instructed by her grandmother to make sure she came back for a trip.

The Xie family’s eldest aunt took a sip of tea and said, “The old lady is a long time old, so she has asked us to come back so solemnly, I feel that it should be about the will.”

“A will?”

Xie Siqi’s eyes lit up.

She was called back home as a married daughter, did it mean that she had a part in the Xie family’s will?

It wasn’t just her, the other few houses in the living room had also moved their minds.

No one was unconcerned about the will.

However, just as they were each contemplating how much money they would get, several figures walked in through the door.

Walking beside Old Lady Xie was a young, beautiful woman.

The woman was dressed in jeans and a shirt, her hair casually combed behind her head, just such a simple outfit that could make people feel stunning.

It was hard to find a second person in Haicheng, especially with that clean and elegant temperament.

Xie Siqi suddenly felt that this woman looked somewhat familiar.

“Yara, several of your aunts and uncles are here, hurry up and say hello to them.”

Old Lady Xie gave Ye Yunla a push.

On Ye Yunla’s face was a subdued and calm smile, “Great uncle, great aunt, second uncle, second aunt ……”

For each of the elders, she gave a greeting.

The living room, however, was uncharacteristically quiet.

“La La? Ye Yunla?” Xie Siqi was filled with disbelief, “Didn’t you, you, die four years ago?”

“Nonsense!” Old Lady Xie’s face was stern, “Lara has always been alive and well, she didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself, so I haven’t told you about it.”

Everyone in the Xie family was so shocked that their eyes were staring out.

Who could not be surprised when someone who had been dead for four years suddenly appeared?

But looking at this look on the old lady’s face, it was clear that she had known for a long time that Ye Yunla was not dead and had hidden it so tightly!

The Xie family’s grand aunt’s gaze fell on the two children: “Lara, you wouldn’t have given birth to two wild sons again, would you?”

The word “b*****d” made Ye Yunla’s breath suddenly turn cold.

She raised her eyes and said nonchalantly, “Eldest Aunt, back then you were pregnant with your eldest cousin before you married into the Xie family, so am I right in saying that your eldest cousin is also a wild child?”

“You!” The Xie family’s great aunt’s eyes were on fire with anger, “Uneducated thing!”

Back then, she had been ridiculed for a long time for her unmarried pregnancy, which was considered very out of the ordinary in the gentry circle.

Xie Siqi was also furious: “Ye Yunla, in our Xie family’s territory, you actually dare to scold me, who gave you the guts?”

“That’s enough!”

Old Madam Xie shouted angrily, and the surrounding area instantly quietened down.

Her old man’s pale eyes panned over everyone in the living room, “If I hear anyone scold LaLa’s two children again, don’t blame me for being unkind to her!”

The younger members of the Xie family shrank back, but at the same time, their eyes were full of resignation.

Ye Yunla’s mother was the only young lady in the Xie family, she was doted on from a young age, and later married out, and took 20 million from the Xie family to set up a company for the Ye family, Old Lady Xie loved this daughter like the apple of her eye, and whatever good things the Xie family had were given to this daughter, until later when Ye Yunla’s mother died ……

The people thought that the old lady would die down, but to their surprise, Ye Yunla became the next one to be pampered.

During these four years, there was no telling how many goodies the old lady had given to Ye Yunla ……

The people’s eyes were red with jealousy.

How could Ye Yunla not know what these people were thinking, she hooked her lips up in a smile.